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If you have items that should never be in your bag of holding, assign them the same letters for capital and lower case. As a Tourist, I was carrying out a sacrifice-fest at an altar, with X - a bag of tricks available for unlimited recharges with the PYEC. I also had Z - a wand of cancellation.

You kill the gnome lord! There is a potion of levitation here. x - a potion of levitation. a What do you want to use or apply? h What do you want to do with the bag of holding? s (stash one item) X You are blasted by a magical explosion!

Next time, I'll use x and X for the two items that need to stay out of the bag.

The game isn't lost, because a lot of my stuff was outside the bag by this point; I had so many blank scrolls and potions of holy water that I left most of them in stash, my spellbooks are in stash, and there is another bag of holding in Sokoban. But it will take a long time to recover many of the lost items; my potions of levitation, boots of water walking, most of my wands, and all of my teleportation scrolls are lost. Grabiner (talk) 03:00, 26 April 2018 (UTC)

I do the same thing for other things as well, and it is smart playing. For a vegetarian/vegan, my lizard corpse is always a 'X'. In SLASH'EM, my Hand of Vecna is always 'Z'. For a pacifist, my wielded cream pie's are 'Z', so as to stop 'a'pplying them to my face! I go a step further with reducing magical bag explosions by naming my BoH and wands of cancellation with a few '! ! ! ! ! ! ! !' at the end. When I am going through my inventory, the exclamation points remind me to be careful! --User (talk) 05:21, 26 April 2018 (UTC)