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I have stumbled across a frusrating mystery "bag" that I can't seem to ID.

1) I have two types of bags (2 of 1, and just one mystery bag). One of each type are blessed.

2) I "applied" both and they were not bags of tricks (and I can put items in them)

3) I named the first "ordinary" and found another of the same type (also found named "ordinary") lending credence to it being ordinary because it also seems common in the mazes.

4) I found a new "bag", applied it, not "tricks", named it "x" until further notice.

5) I am "burdened", dropped everything, picked up till "burdened" and put an item alternately in each and there was no change ... so neither are "holding"

6) One must be an ordinary bag and one an "oilskin sack". How do I tell which is oilskin without shop access (it's a long way back ... and man do I need "holding"!).

I would assume the new one, being less common must be oilskin, but ... any way to positively ID without "identify"?

|Jump in water while holding only the one you think is oilskin, with a blankable scroll. Make sure not to drown. Aitherion (talk) 22:16, 28 October 2013 (UTC)

You could put junk potions / scrolls into the suspected bags and go for a swim. (Don't worry: it's safe if you aren't burdened, there is adjacent land you can crawl to, no monsters moving onto the land, and your armor won't take damage.) If the items inside one of the bags take water damage, then it's a sack. On the flip side, there is no big difference between oilskin and sacks. There might be no need to tell them apart. -Tjr (talk) 06:53, 29 October 2013 (UTC)