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So after coming here to figure out how I got the see-invisible intrinsic last game (think it was throne squatting), I've noticed under the invisible items article that those things get a +3 to-hit, long as the target cannot see invisible.

What surprised me was that I hadn't already seen this mentioned around general strategy-related articles, as the added to-hit on invisible weapons sounds like a real boon to early / early-mid game characters.

While invisible item generation is very rare, wands of make invisible & the potions are not, so it wouldn't be an uncommon thing to make use of.

I'm thinking as long as you don't plan on leaving your favoured melee weapons lying around or let them get stolen, you don't even need the intrinsic to capitalise pretty much risk-free? For ranged weapons you might want to hold out for the intrinsic first, but afterwards making your stack of daggers etc invisible would be a matter of course.

If I'm missing some obvious disadvantage then please feel free to correct me :) -- 13:12, 18 September 2015 (UTC)

Edit..seems they can maybe 'trap' monsters too:

"Monsters will not pick up invisible objects if they cannot see invisible, however this does not prevent them from moving to the item. The result is that they stand on top of the item trying to pick it up but failing to do so because they cannot see it."

I've just messed around in wizard mode quickly and having a gnome attack me while it stood on an invisible piece of glass, then moving away to a knights-move distance, seemed to permanently freeze the gnome as long as I stood there. Not sure on the exact conditions to trigger but there could be some worthwhile applications if thit can lock down some of the stronger enemies (maybe E-word ignoring ones).

-- 13:45, 18 September 2015 (UTC)