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Hi I've never played a role that depends on summoned creatures before. I just started my 5th or 6th acid mage game. In one of the previous games I learned the hard way that my acid spheres will attack shopkeepers and anger them. This game I came by a store and closed the door so my spheres could not enter. After I left one sphere entered the store and attacked the storekeeper. As I was already outside the store I summoned several more and killed the storekeeper. I assumed that I would suffer the penalty for murder. However, shortly afterwards I was surronded and about to die. As I had no other option I prayed assuming it would not work. However my god healed me and was well pleased. Did I miss something or is it not murder if one of your sphere murders a human for you?Ndwolfwood 04:16, 22 September 2014 (UTC)

"The freezing sphere explodes! The gnome is covered in frost! The gnome is killed! The gods will probably not appreciate this..." Current Attributes: You have transgressed. Your alignment is -36. Your luck is zero. You can not safely pray.
This was done with a neutral gnomish Courier as my player character, so it apparently counts as murder but doesn't lower the character's luck. As long as your alignment record was highly positive to begin with, everything should be fine. Source: Mon.c, function xkilled(). Murdering a tame monster causes "You hear the rumble of distant thunder..." and a -50 alignment penalty while murdering a peaceful monster causes "The gods will probably not appreciate this..." and a -15 alignment penalty. In vanilla those penalties are even lower. So, killing shopkeepers by repeatedly casting spheres may actually be a viable strategy if you don't need the shopkeeper's services. --Bluescreenofdeath (talk) 10:28, 22 September 2014 (UTC)

I only get that if I am in line of sight with the shopkeeper. If I can't see him when the acid summon kills him then it appears I don't suffer any penalty.

"You hear an explosion in the distance. You murderer! The gods will probably not appreciate this..." You have transgressed. You carry 2 sins. You are unlucky. You can not safely pray.
Testing character was a neutral nymphian Warrior, and the monster that got killed by my sphere was a peaceful human who definitely wasn't in my line of sight. Maybe you're playing a chaotic character that doesn't receive penalties for murder (or at least no messages)? --Bluescreenofdeath (talk) 06:33, 23 September 2014 (UTC)

My charecter is chaotic. There is the difference. Thanks