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So I decided to try out polypiling the weird amount of rings of adornment and amulets of ESP I found in this run, because I was missing levitation and reflection. But I ended up getting 5 rings of polymorph control and 4 amulets of magical breathing, so I thought, what they hell, maybe I give polymorphing into a metallivore a try?

But I realized there are a couple things that aren't clear to me from the wiki right now.

1 - Can you gain polymorph control as an intrinsic if you're still wearing the ring you used to transform into a xorn, or should you take it off before you start eating the spares?

2 - Related, are there unique messages for gaining intrinsic polymorph control or magical breathing? Will I know if it worked?

1) That would work just fine; having a property extrinsically doesn't prevent you from getting it intrinsically.
2) The message is "Magic spreads through your body as you digest the <item>." if it worked. You just need to remember what you just ate.
--Darth l33t (talk) 14:15, 1 December 2022 (UTC)