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I just got the Amulet of Yendor. I was making my way up to the first dungeon level to enter the planes. When i tried to go up the stairs, it asked me if i was sure, the usual. I realised something was wrong. Looking in my invent. I noticed my Amulet of Yendor missing. I most likely had it stolen by the Wizard at some point and killed him without taking it. What can I do? I have no idea where it could be as I killed him heaps. I'm a tourist, and this is my first time getting to even the castle. Please help me find an easy solution!

Try to remember what level it happened on. That's about all you can do. There's no way to detect what level it's on. One thing you could do is get a covetous monsters to follow you down every level, e.g. the wizard of yendor. If the amulet is on the level, he'll teleport straight to it and pick it up, then helpfully teleport back to you. Good luck. -- Qazmlpok 15:32, June 28, 2010 (UTC)