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Hey everyone! So about a year ago I was playing UnNethack on my kindle fire and using the built in Nevanda tileset, which I grew to love. Now I'm trying to use the same tileset on a HP Probook 11 G2, and having a bit of trouble getting the Nevanda ( tiles to work. I followed the instructions exactly. I opened the defaults.nh file in notepad, added the "OPTIONS=tile_file:nevanda_3.6.0_x32.bmp,tile_width:32,tile_height:32" line,and made sure that it wasn't led by a "#". I converted the tileset to a bitmap image, then made sure the filename was "nevanda_3.6.0_x32.bmp" in order to match them so that it would find the right file. From my end it looks exactly as it should, but when I run nethack, it greets me with a message saying, "Cannot load tiles from file. Reverting back to default." and then proceeds normally, starting a game, but using the default tiles, which I personally don't like. Help would be VERY much appreciated! Thanks!! ——Ezshack (talk) 03:20, 2 February 2018 (UTC)