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New player looking to begin my (probably years long) quest to ascend without using the wiki. I've read the actual Wikipedia page on NetHack, the guidebook, and one NetHackWiki page on the Lichen (i was wondering if that was some form of a lich)

I'm a super noob. To the point where I have to keep the guidebook open to see how to move (J is up...right?) I really have no experience with anything like this besides Pixel Dungeon, which is a more self explanatory version of Rogue and NetHack, for IOS and Android I believe.

I'll check in periodically with status updates and any discoveries I've made.

Oh right, okay. I'm currently playing Rogue, Human, and Male as my main setup. I know, cliche, but I love being a rogue. For now, until I get pretty used to the game, I'll be sticking with him. I will branch out eventually though.

Anyways, that's pretty much it. Tips will not be appreciated (unless it's something I ask for because I'm incredibly dumb and the solution is incredibly simple)

ThatsMyJam (talk) 23:58, 21 November 2017 (UTC)ThatsMyJam

(week 1) Made it to level 7 today. Died by getting two shotted from full health by something with a wand that I couldn't see. Oh well. Also started using the search/identify tool more. Also learned that lawful altars will tell you if an item is cursed or not if you drop something on it.

(week 2) Still haven't made it past the gnomish mines. Always get buttfucked by like 4 or 5 hobbits and gnomes at the same time. Rogue's throwing daggers are handy. Still can't figure out how to use the 500 bows and arrows that drop from the enemies in the mine. Oh well. Back to the guidebook.

(week 3) Didn't play that much. Nothing new.

(week 4) Alright so I guess a horn is like a wand. I improvised and it shot a bolt of fire and killed me instantly. Oh well. I still haven't made it past the 7th level (of the dungeon) but that's alright. Back to the grind I suppose