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I was playing version 3.4.3 and got attacked by a warhorse on dungeon level 8. Tamed it by throwing a pear at it and carried on my merry way... only for it to polymorph into a warg seconds later (no, there was NOT a polymorph trap on the floor, and I didn't zap any wands at it either). It proceeded to become a titan, en ettin, a balrog, a lich, a sewer rat, a gridbug, a dragon, and several other creatures in quite quick succession before becoming a shocking sphere and exploding. :( RIP.

Has this happened to any of you before? And what could be the cause? It was as if it had eaten a ring of polymorph but I didn't know pets could do that...

You accenentialy tamed a chameleon --Catullus (talk) 21:27, 12 April 2016 (UTC)