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I noticed almost all of the monster articles for Gehennom-only monsters have "appears only in Gehennom" under Frequency in the sidebar. I like this a lot, seems like an appropriate place for it.

I noticed these: salamander, hell hound, hell hound pup, arch-lich, master lich, disenchanter, fire vortex, steam vortex do not.

I was about to move "appears only in Gehennom" up from the attributes at the bottom of the sidebar to under Frequency to match the others when I realized that it wasn't mere text, but a flag, "hell=1". Suddenly I'm reconsidering what needs to be done. Changing a flag created for a purpose doesn't seem very appropriate, if anything you'd think it needs to be set on all of the other Gehennom monsters, even though I think the information is better suited under Frequency.

Any suggestions? Putting it in both places seems messy, yet I rather like thinking of the attribute listing as verbatim from source, but I'm not sure it lives up to this.

Swin 07:16, 30 May 2011 (UTC)