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I tried to play SLASH'EM (windows version, latest stable) with big tiles, but the only tileset that gets displayed on my screen is the tiny one (the 16x16? the same default tileset of nethack btw). This is way too hard to play on a 1920x1080 resolution. Editing of the default.nh file didnt work, and the GTK port-vulture is isometric, so confusing. I dont know what to do anymore to change those bloody tiles, so if someone knows something, please let me know.


-- 00:24, 6 April 2012 (UTC)

A belated reply, but when you say "didn't work", what happened? The larger tiles didn't display? As a bit of self-promotion, I made an alternate SLASH'EM tile-set which can be seen here: [1]. If you or anyone shows enough interest, I can supply a double-sized version.

--Geoduck 06:34, 26 April 2012 (UTC)

I'm sure this fellow gave up, but in case other people are trying to find this out later - if you just use the windows exe then tiles have the problems he described. you need to ~also~ get the MS-Windows 'GTK plug-in windowing interface', and to google up the most current version of hte GTK runtime environment. Then you can use all the PNG files that come with that windows exe file (or the version of 'absurd' this guy made. [2] (or just save it as a BMP and set "OPTIONS=tile_file:<absurd>.bmp,tile_width:<x>,tile_height:<y>"), dealing with the loss of the nifty 'transparency' feature but skipping the annoying GTK thing entirely)

Aerach PS: Great tiles btw Geoduck. They're not pretty, but they're superbly informative.