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From a role-playing perspective, it is really interesting that soldiers are Chaotic. It seems at first somewhat inconsistent with the conceptualization of alignments in the alignment article on this wiki: if Chaotic players/creatures are those that "prefer individual action" in "contrast to the lawful characters' like of social settings and orderly group activity," the a disciplined, rank-conscious army acting toward a common single-minded purpose should be almost a paradigmatic case of Lawful behavior. How then can we conceive of these guys as Chaotics? Personally, I like to think of them as fitting a particular negative stereotype of soldiers that you see sometimes in movies about the Vietnam War. More directly relevant to Nethack, the encyclopedia entry is helpful - it explains that the Army has been "trained by the Wizard [of Yendor] himself"; I suspect he finds a perverse sort of humor in instructing his mercenaries with such a self-contradictory system of internal morality. Fyr (talk) 18:08, 15 January 2018 (UTC)