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Let's see, I

  • Was all the way down to Medusa with a pathetic AC of -8.
  • Got teleportitis by accidentally eating a tin of nymph meat. This usually kills me but a gremlin stole it away a few nights later.
  • Drained one of the fountains in minetown and had to commit murder to save myself. Goodbye telepathy. The next 3 floating eyes did not leave corpses. Never got it back.
  • Was constantly slow. Couldn't find any source of speed.
  • Was very lucky to find a sweet bones file with GDSM in it, then blew everything away when I put the poor soul's BOH into my BOH. Lost stacks of rings and scrolls. Nice job there.
  • Fell through a hole in Medusa's floor, found the upstair and forgot to blind myself first (apparently you have one turn in this case so I didn't die).
  • Fell through ANOTHER hole in the following level, and mapped what seemed like the ENTIRE thing w/o finding the upstair. Encountered a Minotaur which I thought would finally put me out of my misery.... but it was peaceful.
  • After the billionth turn clearing out the maze looking for the upstair, I encountered a frikkin Master Mind Flayer with no defense against it. It consumed my grey matter and made me forget EVERYTHING I had identified. I thought that was it but I was able to teleport away and create an elbereth box. Picked away at him until he was dead.
  • Thought I was finally back on my feat when I fell. Through. Another. Damn. Hole.
  • The Minotaur I fell next to was this time, not peaceful.

2 turns later and I was finally released from this hellish game. --Davek

The stairs were probably under some object. A peacefull minotaur?--Quantum Immortal (talk) 22:28, 25 August 2015 (UTC)