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I played as lawful human caveman and found a wand of wishing in a chest in Moria. I asked for "blessed rustproof +2 Mitre of Holiness" and got a message somewhat like "You almost felt an oject in your hands, but it disappears!" What's wrong? Does it mean the mitre already existed in the game? I found one bones level and there was nothing like that. I bought (and identified) a helm of brillance at Black Market, but it definitely can't be mitre?

Thanks in advance.

How much Artifacts existed in that game ? Wishing for artifacts may fail if two or more exist. If a level had an artifact, and you have the Sceptre of Might, two already exist. Any artifact counts, so if a monster dropped Ogresmasher or something like that as a random deathdrop, the artifact count increases. If only two exist, you may try again, because there is some chance to get it anyway, but keep in mind, that UnNethack offers less opportunities for wishes. If you really want to know how much artifacts had been created, you can try to search your save file with a hex-editor for artifact names, thought this might be considered cheating, and it won't work on versions that compress savefiles -- 12:25, 28 June 2014 (UTC)
Gah! Anu gave me Snickersnee, Werebane and Trollsbane. None of which is useful. :( I wish I wished for bag of holding...