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levitation boots
Appearance random
Slot boots
AC 1
Base price 30 zm
Weight 15
Material leather

The levitation boots are a set of boots that appear in NetHack.


Levitation boots have a 90% chance of being generated cursed.[1]

The statue of Perseus on Medusa's Island has a chance to contain a +0 pair of levitation boots; the second 'titan' variation gives it a 75% chance, while all other variants give it a 25% chance.[2][3][4][5]


While worn, the boots will cause you to constantly levitate; this levitation can only be ended by removing the boots, unless you gain a source of "levitation-at-will" that allows you to float to the floor on command.


Wearing cursed levitation boots prevents you from reaching the floor to grab items or travel down stairs, and any fragile items you drop may break. Levitating over a sink removes any sources of levitation and causes you to crash to the ground; this can be useful for removing cursed levitation boots, but be sure that the damage does not kill you. Cursed levitation boots are also considered a major trouble, so prayer is a viable solution for removal as well.

Levitation boots weigh the same as elven boots at 15 units (unlike most other boots with 20), although in practice it may be difficult to identify them in this way.

If you are not in need of very fast speed from speed boots at the time, then non-cursed levitation boots are great for crossing large bodies of water, such as in the Healer quest and Medusa's Island. A ring of levitation may be preferable to free up the boots slot for speed boots and maneuver more easily down stairs - levitation boots have an advantage in that shocking attacks such as electric eel bites will not affect them.

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