The Candle of Eternal Flame

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(   The Candle of Eternal Flame   Candle.png
Base item magic candle
When carried
When used (none)
When invoked
  • summons a tame fire elemental
Base price 50000 zm
Weight 2

In SLASH'EM, The Candle of Eternal Flame is the Flame Mage's quest artifact. It is a magic candle which cannot be unlit. Carrying it grants warning, teleport control and cold resistance, and invoking it summons a tame fire elemental. It is neutral for wishing purposes.


As quest artifacts go, this one is of moderate usefulness. Warning is moderately useful but mostly superseded by extrinsic telepathy. Cold resistance is entirely supersedable; teleport control is as well, but this artifact will at least save you the possible hassle of uncontrolled teleportitis from eating tengu and giant shoggoth corpses. Fire elementals are generally too weak to be useful post-Quest pets, although one could always polymorph them. This artifact is mostly convenient - a light source is always nice to have, and not having to re-light it every time you are engulfed or run into a rust trap is a major plus. Still, it is decidedly not worth an artifact wish; wish for the Eye of the Aethiopica and an ordinary magic candle instead.