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NetHack 3.7.0 will be the 37th public release of NetHack and the 33rd by the DevTeam.


NetHack 3.7.0 is currently available as development source code on Github. No official binaries exist as of yet, because this version is still in development and subject to change. A recent build of it is also available for play on the Hardfought public server.

Significant changes

Notable changes in NetHack 3.7.0 include:

  • Themed rooms generate in the Dungeons of Doom.
  • Two new amulets: amulet of flying and amulet of guarding.
  • Two new monsters: displacer beast and genetic engineer.
  • Amnesia no longer causes you to forget maps and object identities. It instead makes you forget skill training and spells.
  • Mind flayers no longer cause amnesia; they only drain Intelligence.
  • Unicorn horns no longer restore lost attributes.
  • The mysterious force hits a character less often as the total number of levels they've been sent back by the force increases.
  • You can displace peaceful monsters aside, like you can do with a pet, with some exceptions (shopkeepers, priests, quest leaders, the Oracle, and guards). Sleeping and paralyzed monsters cannot be displaced.
    • You can no longer displace pets (or peacefuls) into hazardous terrain or traps, or out of a trap they are trapped in.
  • The scroll of scare monster no longer works on any @ or unique monster.
  • Any level a demon lord is on, within Gehennom, is a no-teleport level. Their lairs are no longer permanently no-teleport, and permit teleportation after the demon is gone from that level.
  • Blowing up a bag of holding will send most of its contents flying in random directions, rather than destroying them all. (1/13 of items will still be destroyed.)
  • Monsters can remove items from non-locked containers. They can also pick up and carry around containers, notably the chest in the Castle containing the wand of wishing.
    • Monsters with keys can additionally unlock and open locked containers.
  • Summon nasties can no longer create monsters of equal or higher difficulty than the caster (preventing e.g. arch-liches or Archons from summoning more of themselves).
  • The Castle will no longer generate master liches or arch-liches.
  • Juiblex is only reduced to half his current HP by zapping a wand of digging inside him, rather than being reduced to 1 HP.
  • Monsters can zap a wand of undead turning at you in order to animate corpses in your inventory.
  • Killer bees will eat royal jelly in the absence of a queen bee and turn into a queen bee themselves.
  • You can apply royal jelly to an egg to revive it and potentially make it see you as its parent.
  • Peaceful demon lords that become hostile if you wield Excalibur also become hostile if you wield Demonbane.
  • Crystal balls can be used to find dungeon features, are less likely to fail if they are blessed or your own quest artifact, receive more charges when being charged, generate with slightly more charges, and implode if used when cancelled.
  • Hezrou leave behind squares of poison cloud as they move.
  • The light radius from a stack of candles grows proportional to the square root of the number of candles.
  • Pets will not eat corpses that make them polymorph, unless they are starving or on the verge of becoming untame.
  • Spellbooks can be applied to determine how many uses they have left in them.
  • You can sometimes get enlightenment from drinking a potion of hallucination.
  • If a shrieker summons a purple worm but purple worms are too high difficulty, it summons a baby purple worm instead.
  • Reading a scroll of light while confused will conjure tame, cancelled lights.
  • A blessed scroll of teleportation gives you teleport control on the teleport you get by reading it.
  • Wearing a wet towel reduces damage from a poison cloud, and blocks vapors from potions.
  • You cannot twoweapon if one of the weapons is a launcher or projectile.

The following information pertains to an upcoming version (NetHack 3.7.0). If this version is now released, please verify that it is still accurate, then update the page to incorporate this information.

This won't be a complete feature list until 3.7 is actually released.

The adventurer

The player may choose from these roles and races:

Role Races Alignments
Archeologist human, dwarf, gnome Lawful, Neutral
Barbarian human, orc Neutral, Chaotic
Cave(wo)man human, dwarf, gnome Lawful, Neutral
Healer human, gnome Neutral
Knight human Lawful
Monk human Any
Priest(ess) human, elf Any
Ranger human, elf, gnome, orc Neutral, Chaotic
Rogue human, orc Chaotic
Samurai human Lawful
Tourist human Neutral
Valkyrie human, dwarf Lawful, Neutral
Wizard human, elf, gnome, orc Neutral, Chaotic

All classes permit male and female adventurers, except the Valkyrie which must be female.

The adventurer has experience, hit points, magical energy, armor class, alignment, and the six major attributes. He or she may advance to experience level 30.

The initial pet is a little dog for Cavemen, Rangers, and Samurai, a kitten for Wizards, a saddled pony for Knights, and a random choice of a kitten or little dog for all others (or the user's choice in his options).

Dungeon features

The main trunk of the dungeon begins at level 1, where the game begins, and proceeds down stairs to Medusa's Lair and the Castle. From there, it is necessary to enter a trap door to the Valley of the Dead. Further stairs down eventually lead to the invocation level. Performing the invocation ritual at the vibrating square opens the stairs to the Sanctum.

With the Amulet of Yendor in hand, the adventurer may ascend from level 1 into the Plane of Earth; thence s/he may proceed through magic portals to the planes of Air, Fire, and Water, and thence to the Astral Plane. Offering the Amulet of Yendor on the correct high altar wins the game.

Along the way, one will encounter these branches and special levels:

To win the game, it is necessary to complete these tasks:

Special rooms are:

NetHack 3.7.0 is also the first version to feature themed rooms, rooms with nonstandard shapes or contents which generate in the Dungeons of Doom but which are not the same as special rooms.

Special dungeon features are:

Traps are:

A wand of wishing is guaranteed in the Castle, in its modern position, protected by Elbereth, a cursed Scroll of scare monster, and a chest.


NetHack 3.7.0 currently introduces two new monsters, the displacer beast and genetic engineer.

The following monsters may be encountered:

Name Symbol Notes
giant ant a Giant ant.png
killer bee a Killer bee.png
soldier ant a Soldier ant.png
fire ant a Fire ant.png
giant beetle a Giant beetle.png
queen bee a Queen bee.png
acid blob b Acid blob.png
quivering blob b Quivering blob.png
gelatinous cube b Gelatinous cube.png
chickatrice c Chickatrice.png
cockatrice c Cockatrice.png
pyrolisk c Pyrolisk.png
jackal d Jackal.png
fox d Fox.png
coyote d Coyote.png
werejackal @ Werejackal.png/d Werejackal were.png
little dog d Little dog.png
dog d Dog.png
large dog d Large dog.png
wolf d Wolf.png
dingo d Dingo.png
werewolf @ Werewolf.png/d Werewolf were.png
warg d Warg.png
winter wolf cub d Winter wolf cub.png
winter wolf d Winter wolf.png
hell hound pup d Hell hound pup.png
hell hound d Hell hound.png
gas spore e Gas spore.png
floating eye e Floating eye.png
freezing sphere e Freezing sphere.png
flaming sphere e Flaming sphere.png
shocking sphere e Shocking sphere.png
kitten f Kitten.png
housecat f Housecat.png
jaguar f Jaguar.png
lynx f Lynx.png
panther f Panther.png
large cat f Large cat.png
tiger f Tiger.png
displacer beast f Displacer beast.png
gremlin g Gremlin.png
gargoyle g Gargoyle.png
winged gargoyle g Winged gargoyle.png
hobbit h Hobbit.png
dwarf h Dwarf.png
bugbear h Bugbear.png
dwarf lord h Dwarf lord.png
dwarf king h Dwarf king.png
mind flayer h Mind flayer.png
master mind flayer h Master mind flayer.png
manes i Manes.png
homunculus i Homunculus.png
imp i Imp.png
lemure i Lemure.png
quasit i Quasit.png
tengu i Tengu.png
blue jelly j Blue jelly.png
spotted jelly j Spotted jelly.png
ochre jelly j Ochre jelly.png
kobold k Kobold.png
large kobold k Large kobold.png
kobold lord k Kobold lord.png
kobold shaman k Kobold shaman.png
leprechaun l Leprechaun.png
small mimic m Small mimic.png
large mimic m Large mimic.png
giant mimic m Giant mimic.png
wood nymph n Wood nymph.png
water nymph n Water nymph.png
mountain nymph n Mountain nymph.png
goblin o Goblin.png
hobgoblin o Hobgoblin.png
orc o Orc.png
hill orc o Hill orc.png
Mordor orc o Mordor orc.png
Uruk-hai o Uruk-hai.png
orc shaman o Orc shaman.png
orc-captain o Orc-captain.png
rock piercer p Rock piercer.png
iron piercer p Iron piercer.png
glass piercer p Glass piercer.png
rothe q Rothe.png
mumak q Mumak.png
leocrotta q Leocrotta.png
wumpus q Wumpus.png
titanothere q Titanothere.png
baluchitherium q Baluchitherium.png
mastodon q Mastodon.png
sewer rat r Sewer rat.png
giant rat r Giant rat.png
rabid rat r Rabid rat.png
wererat @ Wererat.png/r Wererat were.png
rock mole r Rock mole.png
woodchuck r Woodchuck.png
cave spider s Cave spider.png
centipede s Centipede.png
giant spider s Giant spider.png
scorpion s Scorpion.png
lurker above t Lurker above.png
trapper t Trapper.png
white unicorn u White unicorn.png
gray unicorn u Gray unicorn.png
black unicorn u Black unicorn.png
pony u Pony.png
horse u Horse.png
warhorse u Warhorse.png
fog cloud v Fog cloud.png
dust vortex v Dust vortex.png
ice vortex v Ice vortex.png
energy vortex v Energy vortex.png
steam vortex v Steam vortex.png
fire vortex v Fire vortex.png
baby long worm w Baby long worm.png
baby purple worm w Baby purple worm.png
long worm w Long worm.png
purple worm w Purple worm.png
grid bug x Grid bug.png
xan x Xan.png
yellow light y Yellow light.png
black light y Black light.png
zruty z Zruty.png
couatl A Couatl.png
Aleax A Aleax.png
Angel A Angel.png
ki-rin A Ki-rin.png
Archon A Archon.png
bat B Bat.png
giant bat B Giant bat.png
raven B Raven.png
vampire bat B Vampire bat.png
plains centaur C Plains centaur.png
forest centaur C Forest centaur.png
mountain centaur C Mountain centaur.png
baby gray dragon D Baby gray dragon.png
baby silver dragon D Baby silver dragon.png
baby red dragon D Baby red dragon.png
baby white dragon D Baby white dragon.png
baby orange dragon D Baby orange dragon.png
baby black dragon D Baby black dragon.png
baby blue dragon D Baby blue dragon.png
baby green dragon D Baby green dragon.png
baby yellow dragon D Baby yellow dragon.png
gray dragon D Gray dragon.png
silver dragon D Silver dragon.png
red dragon D Red dragon.png
white dragon D White dragon.png
orange dragon D Orange dragon.png
black dragon D Black dragon.png
blue dragon D Blue dragon.png
green dragon D Green dragon.png
yellow dragon D Yellow dragon.png
stalker E Stalker.png
air elemental E Air elemental.png
fire elemental E Fire elemental.png
earth elemental E Earth elemental.png
water elemental E Water elemental.png
lichen F Lichen.png
brown mold F Brown mold.png
yellow mold F Yellow mold.png
green mold F Green mold.png
red mold F Red mold.png
shrieker F Shrieker.png
violet fungus F Violet fungus.png
gnome G Gnome.png
gnome lord G Gnome lord.png
gnomish wizard G Gnomish wizard.png
gnome king G Gnome king.png
giant H Giant.png
stone giant H Stone giant.png
hill giant H Hill giant.png
fire giant H Fire giant.png
frost giant H Frost giant.png
storm giant H Storm giant.png
ettin H Ettin.png
titan H Titan.png
minotaur H Minotaur.png
jabberwock J Jabberwock.png
Keystone Kop K Keystone Kop.png
Kop Sergeant K Kop Sergeant.png
Kop Lieutenant K Kop Lieutenant.png
Kop Kaptain K Kop Kaptain.png
lich L Lich.png
demilich L Demilich.png
master lich L Master lich.png
arch-lich L Arch-lich.png
kobold mummy M Kobold mummy.png
gnome mummy M Gnome mummy.png
orc mummy M Orc mummy.png
dwarf mummy M Dwarf mummy.png
elf mummy M Elf mummy.png
human mummy M Human mummy.png
ettin mummy M Ettin mummy.png
giant mummy M Giant mummy.png
red naga hatchling N Red naga hatchling.png
black naga hatchling N Black naga hatchling.png
golden naga hatchling N Golden naga hatchling.png
guardian naga hatchling N Guardian naga hatchling.png
red naga N Red naga.png
black naga N Black naga.png
golden naga N Golden naga.png
guardian naga N Guardian naga.png
ogre O Ogre.png
ogre lord O Ogre lord.png
ogre king O Ogre king.png
gray ooze P Gray ooze.png
brown pudding P Brown pudding.png
black pudding P Black pudding.png
green slime P Green slime.png
quantum mechanic Q Quantum mechanic.png
genetic engineer Q Genetic engineer.png
rust monster R Rust monster.png
disenchanter R Disenchanter.png
garter snake S Garter snake.png
snake S Snake.png
water moccasin S Water moccasin.png
pit viper S Pit viper.png
python S Python.png
cobra S Cobra.png
troll T Troll.png
ice troll T Ice troll.png
rock troll T Rock troll.png
water troll T Water troll.png
Olog-hai T Olog-hai.png
umber hulk U Umber hulk.png
vampire V Vampire.png
vampire lord V Vampire lord.png
Vlad the Impaler V Vlad the Impaler.png
barrow wight W Barrow wight.png
wraith W Wraith.png
Nazgul W Nazgul.png
xorn X Xorn.png
monkey Y Monkey.png
ape Y Ape.png
owlbear Y Owlbear.png
yeti Y Yeti.png
carnivorous ape Y Carnivorous ape.png
sasquatch Y Sasquatch.png
kobold zombie Z Kobold zombie.png
gnome zombie Z Gnome zombie.png
dwarf zombie Z Dwarf zombie.png
orc zombie Z Orc zombie.png
elf zombie Z Elf zombie.png
human zombie Z Human zombie.png
ettin zombie Z Ettin zombie.png
giant zombie Z Giant zombie.png
ghoul Z Ghoul.png
skeleton Z Skeleton.png
straw golem ' Straw golem.png
paper golem ' Paper golem.png
rope golem ' Rope golem.png
gold golem ' Gold golem.png
leather golem ' Leather golem.png
wood golem ' Wood golem.png
flesh golem ' Flesh golem.png
clay golem ' Clay golem.png
stone golem ' Stone golem.png
glass golem ' Glass golem.png
iron golem ' Iron golem.png
human @ Human.png
elf @ Elf.png
Woodland-elf @ Woodland-elf.png
Green-elf @ Green-elf.png
Grey-elf @ Grey-elf.png
elf-lord @ Elf-lord.png
Elvenking @ Elvenking.png
doppelganger @ Doppelganger.png
nurse @ Nurse.png
shopkeeper @ Shopkeeper.png
guard @ Guard.png
prisoner @ Prisoner.png
oracle @ Oracle.png
aligned priest @ Aligned priest.png
high priest @ High priest.png
soldier @ Soldier.png
sergeant @ Sergeant.png
lieutenant @ Lieutenant.png
captain @ Captain.png
watchman @ Watchman.png
watch captain @ Watch captain.png
Medusa @ Medusa.png
Wizard of Yendor @ Wizard of Yendor.png
Croesus @ Croesus.png
ghost   Ghost.png
shade   Shade.png
water demon & Water demon.png
horned devil & Horned devil.png
succubus & Succubus.png
incubus & Incubus.png
erinys & Erinys.png
barbed devil & Barbed devil.png
marilith & Marilith.png
vrock & Vrock.png
hezrou & Hezrou.png
bone devil & Bone devil.png
ice devil & Ice devil.png
nalfeshnee & Nalfeshnee.png
pit fiend & Pit fiend.png
balrog & Balrog.png
Juiblex & Juiblex.png
Yeenoghu & Yeenoghu.png
Orcus & Orcus.png
Geryon & Geryon.png
Dispater & Dispater.png
Baalzebub & Baalzebub.png
Asmodeus & Asmodeus.png
Demogorgon & Demogorgon.png
Death & Death.png
Pestilence & Pestilence.png
Famine & Famine.png
mail daemon & Mail daemon.png If MAIL_STRUCTURES defined at compile time
djinni & Djinni.png
sandestin & Sandestin.png
jellyfish ; Jellyfish.png
piranha ; Piranha.png
shark ; Shark.png
giant eel ; Giant eel.png
electric eel ; Electric eel.png
kraken ; Kraken.png
newt : Newt.png
gecko : Gecko.png
iguana : Iguana.png
baby crocodile : Baby crocodile.png
lizard : Lizard.png
chameleon : Chameleon.png
crocodile : Crocodile.png
salamander : Salamander.png
archeologist @ Archeologist.png
barbarian @ Barbarian.png
caveman @ Caveman.png
cavewoman @ Cavewoman.png
healer @ Healer.png
knight @ Knight.png
monk @ Monk.png
priest @ Priest.png
priestess @ Priestess.png
ranger @ Ranger.png
rogue @ Rogue.png
samurai @ Samurai.png
tourist @ Tourist.png
valkyrie @ Valkyrie.png
wizard @ Wizard.png
Lord Carnarvon @ Lord Carnarvon.png
Pelias @ Pelias.png
Shaman Karnov @ Shaman Karnov.png
Hippocrates @ Hippocrates.png
King Arthur @ King Arthur.png
Grand Master @ Grand Master.png
Arch Priest @ Arch Priest.png
Orion @ Orion.png
Master of Thieves @ Master of Thieves.png
Lord Sato @ Lord Sato.png
Twoflower @ Twoflower.png
Norn @ Norn.png
Neferet the Green @ Neferet the Green.png
Minion of Huhetotl & Minion of Huhetotl.png
Thoth Amon @ Thoth Amon.png
Chromatic Dragon D Chromatic Dragon.png
Cyclops H Cyclops.png
Ixoth D Ixoth.png
Master Kaen @ Master Kaen.png
Nalzok & Nalzok.png
Scorpius s Scorpius.png
Master Assassin @ Master Assassin.png
Ashikaga Takauji @ Ashikaga Takauji.png
Lord Surtur H Lord Surtur.png
Dark One @ Dark One.png
student @ Student.png
chieftain @ Chieftain.png
neanderthal @ Neanderthal.png
attendant @ Attendant.png
page @ Page.png
abbot @ Abbot.png
acolyte @ Acolyte.png
hunter @ Hunter.png
thug @ Thug.png
ninja @ Ninja.png
roshi @ Roshi.png
guide @ Guide.png
warrior @ Warrior.png
apprentice @ Apprentice.png


New objects are indicated in boldface.


Artifacts in NetHack 3.7.0 are:

Name Base Item Alignment Role Notes
Excalibur long sword Lawful Knight
Stormbringer runesword Chaotic  
Mjollnir war hammer Neutral Valkyrie
Cleaver battle-axe Neutral Barbarian
Grimtooth orcish dagger Chaotic  
Orcrist elven broadsword Chaotic   User-nameable
Sting elven dagger Chaotic   User-nameable
Magicbane athame Neutral Wizard
Frost Brand long sword Unaligned  
Fire Brand long sword Unaligned  
Dragonbane broadsword Neutral  
Demonbane long sword Lawful  
Werebane silver saber Unaligned  
Grayswandir silver saber Lawful  
Giantslayer long sword Neutral  
Ogresmasher war hammer Unaligned  
Trollsbane morning star Chaotic  
Vorpal Blade long sword Neutral  
Snickersnee katana Lawful Samurai
Sunsword long sword Lawful  

The following are Quest artifacts:

Name Base Item Alignment Role
The Orb of Detection crystal ball Lawful Archeologist
The Heart of Ahriman luckstone Neutral Barbarian
The Sceptre of Might mace Lawful Caveman
The Staff of Aesculapius quarterstaff Neutral Healer
The Magic Mirror of Merlin mirror Lawful Knight
The Eyes of the Overworld pair of lenses Neutral Monk
The Mitre of Holiness helm of brilliance Lawful Priest
The Longbow of Diana bow Chaotic Ranger
The Master Key of Thievery skeleton key Chaotic Rogue
The Tsurugi of Muramasa tsurugi Lawful Samurai
The Platinum Yendorian Express Card credit card Neutral Tourist
The Orb of Fate crystal ball Neutral Valkyrie
The Eye of the Aethiopica amulet of ESP Neutral Wizard


All amulets appear as "; tiles are Circular amulet.png Spherical amulet.png Oval amulet.png Triangular amulet.png Pyramidal amulet.png Square amulet.png Concave amulet.png Hexagonal amulet.png Octagonal amulet.png File:Perforated amulet.png File:Cubical amulet.png.

Amulets in NetHack 3.7.0 are:


Food items in NetHack 3.7.0 are:

Name Symbol
tripe ration % Tripe ration.png
corpse % Corpse.png
egg % Egg.png
meatball % Meatball.png
meat stick % Meat stick.png
huge chunk of meat % Huge chunk of meat.png
meat ring % Meat ring.png
glob of gray ooze % Glob of gray ooze.png
glob of brown pudding % Glob of brown pudding.png
glob of green slime % Glob of green slime.png
glob of black pudding % Glob of black pudding.png
kelp frond % Kelp frond.png
eucalyptus leaf % Eucalyptus leaf.png
apple % Apple.png
orange % Orange.png
pear % Pear.png
melon % Melon.png
banana % Banana.png
carrot % Carrot.png
sprig of wolfsbane % Sprig of wolfsbane.png
clove of garlic % Clove of garlic.png
nameable fruit % Slime mold.png
lump of royal jelly % Lump of royal jelly.png
cream pie % Cream pie.png
candy bar % Candy bar.png
fortune cookie % Fortune cookie.png
pancake % Pancake.png
lembas wafer % Lembas wafer.png
cram ration % Cram ration.png
food ration % Food ration.png
K-ration % K-ration.png
C-ration % C-ration.png
tin % Tin.png


Weapons in NetHack 3.7.0 are:

Name Symbol
arrow ) Arrow.png
elven arrow ) Elven arrow.png
orcish arrow ) Orcish arrow.png
silver arrow ) Silver arrow.png
ya ) Bamboo arrow.png
crossbow bolt ) Crossbow bolt.png
dart ) Dart.png
shuriken ) Shuriken.png
boomerang ) Boomerang.png
spear ) Spear.png
elven spear ) Elven spear.png
orcish spear ) Orcish spear.png
dwarvish spear ) Dwarvish spear.png
silver spear ) Silver spear.png
javelin ) Javelin.png
trident ) Trident.png
dagger ) Dagger.png
elven dagger ) Elven dagger.png
orcish dagger ) Orcish dagger.png
silver dagger ) Silver dagger.png
athame ) Athame.png
scalpel ) Scalpel.png
knife ) Knife.png
stiletto ) Stiletto.png
worm tooth ) Worm tooth.png
crysknife ) Crysknife.png
axe ) Axe.png
battle-axe ) Battle-axe.png
short sword ) Short sword.png
elven short sword ) Elven short sword.png
orcish short sword ) Orcish short sword.png
dwarvish short sword ) Dwarvish short sword.png
scimitar ) Scimitar.png
silver saber ) Silver saber.png
broadsword ) Broadsword.png
elven broadsword ) Elven broadsword.png
long sword ) Long sword.png
two-handed sword ) Two-handed sword.png
katana ) Katana.png
tsurugi ) Tsurugi.png
runesword ) Runesword.png
partisan ) Partisan.png
ranseur ) Ranseur.png
spetum ) Spetum.png
glaive ) Glaive.png
lance ) Lance.png
halberd ) Halberd.png
bardiche ) Bardiche.png
voulge ) Voulge.png
dwarvish mattock ) Dwarvish mattock.png
fauchard ) Fauchard.png
guisarme ) Guisarme.png
bill-guisarme ) Bill-guisarme.png
lucern hammer ) Lucern hammer.png
bec de corbin ) Bec de corbin.png
mace ) Mace.png
morning star ) Morning star.png
war hammer ) War hammer.png
club ) Club.png
rubber hose ) Rubber hose.png
quarterstaff ) Quarterstaff.png
aklys ) Aklys.png
flail ) Flail.png
bullwhip ) Bullwhip.png
bow ) Bow.png
elven bow ) Elven bow.png
orcish bow ) Orcish bow.png
yumi ) Yumi.png
sling ) Sling.png
crossbow ) Crossbow.png


Tools in NetHack 3.7.0 are:

Name Symbol
large box ( Large box.png
chest ( Chest.png
ice box ( Ice box.png
sack ( Bag.png
oilskin sack ( Bag.png
bag of holding ( Bag.png
bag of tricks ( Bag.png
skeleton key ( Skeleton key.png
lock pick ( Lock pick.png
credit card ( Credit card.png
tallow candle ( Candle.png
wax candle ( Candle.png
brass lantern ( Brass lantern.png
oil lamp ( Lamp.png
magic lamp ( Lamp.png
expensive camera ( Expensive camera.png
mirror ( Mirror.png
crystal ball ( Crystal ball.png
pair of lenses ( Lenses.png
blindfold ( Blindfold.png
towel ( Towel.png
saddle ( Saddle.png
leash ( Leash.png
stethoscope ( Stethoscope.png
tinning kit ( Tinning kit.png
tin opener ( Tin opener.png
can of grease ( Can of grease.png
figurine ( Figurine.png
magic marker ( Magic marker.png
land mine ( Landmine.PNG
beartrap ( Beartrap.png
tin whistle ( Whistle.png
magic whistle ( Whistle.png
wooden flute ( Flute.png
magic flute ( Flute.png
tooled horn ( Horn.png
frost horn ( Horn.png
fire horn ( Horn.png
horn of plenty ( Horn.png
wooden harp ( Harp.png
magic harp ( Harp.png
bell ( Bell.png
bugle ( Bugle.png
leather drum ( Drum.png
drum of earthquake ( Drum.png
pick-axe ( Pick-axe.png
grappling hook ( Grappling hook.png
unicorn horn ( Unicorn horn.png
Candelabrum of Invocation ( Candelabrum of Invocation.png
Bell of Opening ( Bell of Opening.png


Armor items in NetHack 3.7.0 are:

Name Symbol
elven leather helm [ Elven leather helm.png
orcish helm [ Orcish helm.png
dwarvish iron helm [ Dwarvish iron helm.png
fedora [ Fedora.png
cornuthaum [ Conical hat.png
dunce cap [ Conical hat.png
dented pot [ Dented pot.png
helmet [ Plumed helmet.png [ Etched helmet.png [ Crested helmet.png [ Visored helmet.png
helm of brilliance [ Plumed helmet.png [ Etched helmet.png [ Crested helmet.png [ Visored helmet.png
helm of opposite alignment [ Plumed helmet.png [ Etched helmet.png [ Crested helmet.png [ Visored helmet.png
helm of telepathy [ Plumed helmet.png [ Etched helmet.png [ Crested helmet.png [ Visored helmet.png
gray dragon scale mail [ Gray dragon scale mail.png
silver dragon scale mail [ Silver dragon scale mail.png
red dragon scale mail [ Red dragon scale mail.png
white dragon scale mail [ White dragon scale mail.png
orange dragon scale mail [ Orange dragon scale mail.png
black dragon scale mail [ Black dragon scale mail.png
blue dragon scale mail [ Blue dragon scale mail.png
green dragon scale mail [ Green dragon scale mail.png
yellow dragon scale mail [ Yellow dragon scale mail.png
gray dragon scales [ Gray dragon scales.png
silver dragon scales [ Silver dragon scales.png
red dragon scales [ Red dragon scales.png
white dragon scales [ White dragon scales.png
orange dragon scales [ Orange dragon scales.png
black dragon scales [ Black dragon scales.png
blue dragon scales [ Blue dragon scales.png
green dragon scales [ Green dragon scales.png
yellow dragon scales [ Yellow dragon scales.png
plate mail [ Plate mail.png
crystal plate mail [ Crystal plate mail.png
bronze plate mail [ Bronze plate mail.png
splint mail [ Splint mail.png
banded mail [ Banded mail.png
dwarvish mithril-coat [ Dwarvish mithril-coat.png
elven mithril-coat [ Elven mithril-coat.png
chain mail [ Chain mail.png
orcish chain mail [ Orcish chain mail.png
scale mail [ Scale mail.png
studded leather armor [ Studded leather armor.png
ring mail [ Ring mail.png
orcish ring mail [ Orcish ring mail.png
leather armor [ Leather armor.png
leather jacket [ Leather jacket.png
Hawaiian shirt [ Hawaiian shirt.png
T-shirt [ T-shirt.png
mummy wrapping [ Mummy wrapping.png
elven cloak [ Elven cloak.png
orcish cloak [ Orcish cloak.png
dwarvish cloak [ Dwarvish cloak.png
oilskin cloak [ Oilskin cloak.png
robe [ Robe.png
alchemy smock [ Alchemy smock.png
leather cloak [ Leather cloak.png
cloak of protection [ Tattered cape.png [ Opera cloak.png [ Ornamental cope.png [ Piece of cloth.png
cloak of invisibility [ Tattered cape.png [ Opera cloak.png [ Ornamental cope.png [ Piece of cloth.png
cloak of magic resistance [ Tattered cape.png [ Opera cloak.png [ Ornamental cope.png [ Piece of cloth.png
cloak of displacement [ Tattered cape.png [ Opera cloak.png [ Ornamental cope.png [ Piece of cloth.png
small shield [ Small shield.png
elven shield [ Elven shield.png
Uruk-hai shield [ Uruk-hai shield.png
orcish shield [ Orcish shield.png
large shield [ Large shield.png
dwarvish roundshield [ Dwarvish roundshield.png
shield of reflection [ Shield of reflection.png
leather gloves [ Leather gloves.png
gauntlets of fumbling [ Padded gloves.png Riding gloves.png Fencing gloves.png
gauntlets of power [ Padded gloves.png Riding gloves.png Fencing gloves.png
gauntlets of dexterity [ Padded gloves.png Riding gloves.png Fencing gloves.png
low boots [ Low boots.png
iron shoes [ Iron shoes.png
high boots [ High boots.png
speed boots [ Combat boots.png Jungle boots.png Hiking boots.png Mud boots.png Buckled boots.png Riding boots.png Snow boots.png
water walking boots [ Combat boots.png Jungle boots.png Hiking boots.png Mud boots.png Buckled boots.png Riding boots.png Snow boots.png
jumping boots [ Combat boots.png Jungle boots.png Hiking boots.png Mud boots.png Buckled boots.png Riding boots.png Snow boots.png
elven boots [ Combat boots.png Jungle boots.png Hiking boots.png Mud boots.png Buckled boots.png Riding boots.png Snow boots.png
kicking boots [ Combat boots.png Jungle boots.png Hiking boots.png Mud boots.png Buckled boots.png Riding boots.png Snow boots.png
fumble boots [ Combat boots.png Jungle boots.png Hiking boots.png Mud boots.png Buckled boots.png Riding boots.png Snow boots.png
levitation boots [ Combat boots.png Jungle boots.png Hiking boots.png Mud boots.png Buckled boots.png Riding boots.png Snow boots.png


Potions in NetHack 3.7.0 have randomized appearances (except for water), occurring as one of ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !, or as tiles Ruby potion.png Pink potion.png Orange potion.png Yellow potion.png Emerald potion.png Dark green potion.png Cyan potion.png Sky blue potion.png Brilliant blue potion.png Magenta potion.png Purple-red potion.png Puce potion.png Milky potion.png Swirly potion.png Bubbly potion.png Smoky potion.png Cloudy potion.png Black potion.png Golden potion.png Brown potion.png Fizzy potion.png Dark potion.png White potion.png Murky potion.png. They are:


All scrolls appear as ? Scroll.png.

Scrolls in NetHack 3.7.0 are:


Wands in NetHack 3.7.0 have randomized appearances, occurring as one of / / / / / /, Glass wand.png Balsa wand.png Crystal wand.png Maple wand.png Pine wand.png Oak wand.png Ebony wand.png Marble wand.png Tin wand.png Brass wand.png Copper wand.png Silver wand.png Platinum wand.png Iridium wand.png Zinc wand.png Aluminum wand.png Uranium wand.png Iron wand.png Steel wand.png Hexagonal wand.png Short wand.png Runed wand.png Long wand.png Curved wand.png Forked wand.png Spiked wand.png Jeweled wand.png. They are:


Spellbooks in NetHack 3.7.0 have randomized appearances (except for blank paper, novels, and the Book of the Dead), occurring as one of + + + + + + + + + + + + + +, or tiles Parchment spellbook.png Vellum spellbook.png Ragged spellbook.png Dog eared spellbook.png Mottled spellbook.png Stained spellbook.png Cloth spellbook.png Leather spellbook.png White spellbook.png Pink spellbook.png Red spellbook.png Orange spellbook.png Yellow spellbook.png Velvet spellbook.png Light green spellbook.png Dark green spellbook.png Turquoise spellbook.png Cyan spellbook.png Light blue spellbook.png Dark blue spellbook.png Indigo spellbook.png Magenta spellbook.png Purple spellbook.png Violet spellbook.png Tan spellbook.png Plaid spellbook.png Light brown spellbook.png Dark brown spellbook.png Gray spellbook.png Wrinkled spellbook.png Dusty spellbook.png Bronze spellbook.png Copper spellbook.png Silver spellbook.png Gold spellbook.png Glittering spellbook.png Shining spellbook.png Dull spellbook.png Thin spellbook.png Thick spellbook.png. They are:


Rings in NetHack 3.7.0 have randomized appearances, occurring as one of = = = = = = = = = = = =; tiles are Wooden ring.png Granite ring.png Opal ring.png Clay ring.png Coral ring.png Black onyx ring.png Moonstone ring.png Tiger eye ring.png Jade ring.png Bronze ring.png Agate ring.png Topaz ring.png Sapphire ring.png Ruby ring.png Diamond ring.png Pearl ring.png Iron ring.png Brass ring.png Copper ring.png Twisted ring.png Steel ring.png Silver ring.png Gold ring.png Ivory ring.png Emerald ring.png Wire ring.png Engagement ring.png Shiny ring.png. They are:


Stones in NetHack 3.7.0 are:

Name Symbol
dilithium crystal * White gem.png
diamond * White gem.png
ruby * Red gem.png
jacinth * Orange gem.png
sapphire * Blue gem.png
black opal * Black gem.png
emerald * Green gem.png
turquoise * Green gem.png * Blue gem.png
citrine * Yellow gem.png
aquamarine * Green gem.png * Blue gem.png
amber * Yellowish brown gem.png
topaz * Yellowish brown gem.png
jet * Black gem.png
opal * White gem.png
chrysoberyl * Yellow gem.png
garnet * Red gem.png
amethyst * Violet gem.png
jasper * Red gem.png
fluorite * Violet gem.png * Blue gem.png * White gem.png * Green gem.png
obsidian * Black gem.png
agate * Orange gem.png
jade * Green gem.png
luckstone * Gray stone.png
loadstone * Gray stone.png
touchstone * Gray stone.png
flint stone * Gray stone.png
rock * Rock.png

and worthless pieces of white, blue, red, yellowish brown, orange, yellow, black, green, and violet glass.

Other items

Other items not appearing in the above categories are:

Name Symbol
gold piece $ Gold piece.png
boulder ` Boulder.png
statue monster letter in white, e.g. F, or grayscale tile
heavy iron ball 0 Heavy iron ball.png
iron chain _ Iron chain.png

Blinding venom (. Blinding venom.png) and acid venom (. Acid venom.png) also exist as objects, but they only exist while in flight, or when a wizard mode wish requests them.