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Attire charm is a technique in Slash'EM Extended. It is the transvestite and topmodel role's signature technique. The zyborg role can randomly learn it upon leveling up, and the binder will get it if he advances his divination spells skill to expert.

Using this technique causes the player character to strike a sexy pose at adjacent monsters, taming them if successful, or moving on to the next adjacent monster if not; that means, if the player is completely surrounded by monsters on all sides, any of those monsters may be tamed. There is a (techlevel) percentage chance (maximum 30 for a level 30 character) that more than one adjacent monster is tamed, and regardless of the technique actually charming something or not, the technique will then have a random timeout of about 2000 turns before it can be used again.

Only player characters wearing high heels can use the attire charm, and the player may not be engulfed by a monster or it won't work.

If the monster is unique or a quest nemesis, it cannot be tamed. Also, the attire charm only works on "intelligent" monsters, that is, they must be human or humanoid (gnomes, orcs and similar monsters are humanoid for this purpose). The attire charm is guaranteed to charm a monster that fulfills all of these conditions.