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The Binder is a role added in dNetHack, but it is also a playable role in Slash'EM Extended where they don't actually bind spirits. This article is about the Slash'EM Extended implementation of the Binder role.

Binders have a hard early game due to their negative starting alignment record and luck, which makes early prayers very likely to fail, and they also start with sub-par equipment. Once they gain some levels they may receive spellbooks though (33% chance of getting a random spellbook on leveling up) and start casting a lot. The Binder also gets intrinsics and techniques for advancing skills.


Binders can train all of the following skills up to Expert skill level. If they reach "skilled" level, they get the intrinsic associated with that skill, and advancing a skill to "expert" grants the associated technique.

Of note is that the Binder starts at "unskilled" in every skill, including skills for their starting weapons.

Skill Intrinsic (skilled) Technique (expert)
dagger fire resistance reinforce memory
knife cold resistance cutthroat
axe shock resistance berserk
pick-axe poison resistance tinker
short sword cold resistance ward against lightning
broad sword invisibility booze
long sword shock resistance research
two-handed sword poison resistance healing hands
scimitar fire resistance draw blood
saber sleep resistance kiii
club cold resistance eviscerate
paddle sickness resistance raise zombies
mace fire resistance ward against ice
morning star poison resistance telekinesis
flail disintegration resistance blink
hammer stealth liquid leap
quarterstaff speed critical strike
polearms shock resistance turn undead
spear sleep resistance weapon practice
javelin searching draw energy
trident see invisible power surge
lance swimming revivification
bow poison resistance missile flurry
sling warning vanish
firearms drain resistance create ammo
crossbow acid resistance sigil of tempest
dart searching ward against flame
shuriken slow digestion sigil of control
boomerang speed sigil of discharge
whip see invisible poke ball
unicorn horn stealth primal roar
lightsaber telepathy charge saber
attack spells magical breathing egg bomb
healing spells slow digestion surgery
divination spells swimming attire charm
enchantment spells warning blessing
protection spells polymorph control summon team ant
body spells flying rage eruption
matter spells teleport control world fall
occult spells stun resistance blood ritual
elemental spells poison resistance ent's potion
chaos spells confusion resistance lucky gamble
bare-handed combat teleportitis dazzle
two-weapon combat regeneration jedi jump
riding acid resistance calm steed
high heels manaleech double trouble
general combat fire resistance concentrating
shield cold resistance shield bash
body armor poison resistance iron skin
two-handed weapons shock resistance eddy wind
polymorphing psi resistance polyform
devices confusion resistance recharge
searching sleep resistance double thrownage
spirituality stun resistance spirituality check
petkeeping telepathy summon pet
missile weapons contamination resistance decontaminate
implants full nutrients wonderspell
techniques technicality reset technique

Starting Equipment


Main article: Religion
  • Lawful: Yaldabaoth
  • Neutral: the void
  • Chaotic: Sophia

Binder rank titles

The status line shows you to be one of the following ranks when you reach the specified experience level:

  • XL 1-2: Exile
  • XL 3-5: Heratic [sic]
  • XL 6-9: Cultist
  • XL 10-13: Real Binder
  • XL 14-17: Akousmatikoi
  • XL 18-21: Mathematikoi
  • XL 22-25: Doctor
  • XL 26-29: Unbinder
  • XL 30: Gnostikos


Binders should make sure they train the right skills to get the intrinsics and techniques they want; in particular, reaching expert level in a skill as early as possible makes sure the associated technique can reach a high techlevel, but this may be hard to do. Controlled level drain may be useful here; however, there are only so many skill slots, so you might not be able to enhance all the skills you want. The Binder also needs to rely on getting lucky with random spellbooks; getting an offensive spell (force bolt, magic missile et. al.) will make the early game a lot easier. Beware, sometimes the level-up spellbooks are generated cursed!

The Binder will also have to make sure not to get in trouble early on, due to their starting max alignment of -6 and negative luck, making it impossible to safely pray. Kill lots of hostile monsters to make sure your alignment record eventually reaches positive values.

The Binder quest spawns lots of liches and skeletons, and the nemesis Acererak is a more powerful lich that can cast lots of spells making your life hard. If you can defeat him, you will get the Pen of the Void, a quest artifact athame that does extra damage.


The Binder is based on a Dungeons & Dragons character with the same name, and the original NetHack implementation was done by User:Chris.