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The Camperstriker is a role specific to Slash'EM Extended. They can be any race or alignment.

Camperstrikers start with heavily cursed equipment, but they can learn melee weapon skills and all spellcasting skills. They have several quirks that make them a harder than hard role; the Convict is a really easy role by comparison.

The Camperstriker quest sees you fighting Arabella for the Amulet of Kings.

Starting Equipment


Camperstrikers gain techniques at these experience levels:


The Camperstriker role has a number of quirks, including the following:

  • Cursed items are "heavily" cursed (66% chance of them resisting uncursing attempts) much more often.
  • Nasty traps don't receive a reduction in generation frequency; for all other roles they have a reduction in spawn chance relative to how nasty they are, but Camperstrikers can expect to trigger a fair amount of those.
  • The Phase Door technique has a 75% chance of not receiving a timeout after use, allowing the player to use it repeatedly for escaping from bad situations.
  • Screwing around with shopkeepers and vault guards will spawn a bigger than usual amount of Keystone Kops.
  • Occasionally, standard rooms will become special rooms when a level is generated for the first time.
  • If an item would have been generated uncursed, there's a chance that it will be cursed instead.
  • Unique monsters all have at least 2x their usual amount of HP, sometimes even more, making them much harder to kill.
  • Automatic searching (if the player has it) only triggers once every 3 moves.


Camperstriker Skills
Max Skills


Main article: Religion
  • Lawful: the Bitches
  • Neutral: the Hell Brides
  • Chaotic: the Sluts with Syphilis

Camperstriker rank titles

The status line shows you to be one of the following ranks when you reach the specified experience level:

  • XL 1-2: Aimbot User
  • XL 3-5: Wallhack Exploiter
  • XL 6-9: Dirty Camper
  • XL 10-13: Asshole Player
  • XL 14-17: Kickban Bait
  • XL 18-21: MMORPG Troll
  • XL 22-25: Server Hacker
  • XL 26-29: Godmode Cheater
  • XL 30: Instawin Scriptkiddy


Camperstrikers have a hard early game thanks to their low-quality starting equipment. They should try to get better weapons soon, as well as some spellbooks. A Camperstriker can gain weapon skill for almost all melee weapons; ranged combat will probably have to be done either with spells (magic missile for example, if the book can be found) or daggers/spears. First they should look for a way to uncurse their starting items though.

Due to the abundance of nasty traps, the player needs a way of detecting them; the spellbook or wand of entrapping will do so, but may require a wish. Otherwise, the player might have to search several times before taking each step. Also, the spellbook of identify will be very useful to avoid all the cursed items that will be generated. Using the phase door technique to escape from sticky situations is recommended, since it only receives a timeout 1 out of 4 times so the player might use it repeatedly until they land in a safe area.

The Camperstriker quest is a difficult quest that may require some preparation and special equipment. Traversing the quest levels will be much easier with a pick-axe, wand of digging, regular axe, a means of (preferably controlled) teleportation, cursed potions of gain level and possibly a way to walk through walls. Also, Arabella is a very dangerous quest nemesis that can cast a lot of spells, and four extra nemesis monsters (bonus bosses which aren't required to kill, but which will constantly try to annoy the player) will appear as well. The Amulet of Kings is the quest artifact amulet that gives drain resistance when worn and can be invoked for creating portals.


The Camperstriker role is based on some obscure book about a fictitious roguelike, named Marc's Abenteuer (written in German; the title means "Marc's Adventure"); quest design, leader and nemesis as well as their speech are heavily influenced by that book. The name "Camperstriker" is a pun on the FPS game "Counter-Strike".

Starting equipment, quest level design and the nemeses' special abilities as well as the quest artifact are also based on Castle of the Winds, a roguelike game for Windows 3.1 (but it also runs on Windows XP and other newer operating systems).

Upon death, in addition to the usual DYWYPI message, the game displays a fake Blue Screen of Death if a Camperstriker dies.