Cellar Child

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The Cellar Child is a role in SLASH'EM Extended designed to be an extra-hard spellcaster. They start with detrimental gear and the "blue spells" nastytrap effect which causes spellcasting to incur extra spell hunger and makes random tiles look like open floor, obscuring what is really there.

Rank Titles

  • XL 1-2 isolated modder
  • XL 3-5 autistic programer
  • XL 6-9 whiny crybaby
  • XL 10-13 balance analphabet
  • XL 14-17 dumplog scanner
  • XL 18-21 ragefitter
  • XL 22-25 accusing lux
  • XL 26-29 repository deleter
  • XL 30 self-appointed coding god

Starting inventory


Cellar childs gain intrinsics at these experience levels: