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Below is the full text to extern.h from the source code of NetHack 3.6.1. To link to a particular line, write [[Source:NetHack 3.6.1/include/extern.h#line123]], for example.

The NetHack General Public License applies to screenshots, source code and other content from NetHack.

This content was modified from the original NetHack source code distribution (by splitting up NetHack content between wiki pages, and possibly further editing). See the page history for a list of who changed it, and on what dates.

 /* NetHack 3.6	extern.h	$NHDT-Date: 1518053385 2018/02/08 01:29:45 $  $NHDT-Branch: NetHack-3.6.0 $:$NHDT-Revision: 1.625 $ */
 /* Copyright (c) Steve Creps, 1988.				  */
 /* NetHack may be freely redistributed.  See license for details. */
 #ifndef EXTERN_H
 #define EXTERN_H
 #define E extern
 /* ### alloc.c ### */
 #if 0
 E long *FDECL(alloc, (unsigned int));
 E char *FDECL(fmt_ptr, (const genericptr));
 /* This next pre-processor directive covers almost the entire file,
  * interrupted only occasionally to pick up specific functions as needed. */
 #if !defined(MAKEDEFS_C) && !defined(LEV_LEX_C)
 /* ### allmain.c ### */
 E void FDECL(moveloop, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(stop_occupation);
 E void NDECL(display_gamewindows);
 E void NDECL(newgame);
 E void FDECL(welcome, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E time_t NDECL(get_realtime);
 E boolean FDECL(argcheck, (int, char **, enum earlyarg));
 /* ### apply.c ### */
 E int NDECL(doapply);
 E int NDECL(dorub);
 E int NDECL(dojump);
 E int FDECL(jump, (int));
 E int NDECL(number_leashed);
 E void FDECL(o_unleash, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(m_unleash, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(unleash_all);
 E boolean NDECL(next_to_u);
 E struct obj *FDECL(get_mleash, (struct monst *));
 E const char *NDECL(beautiful);
 E void FDECL(check_leash, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E boolean FDECL(um_dist, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E boolean FDECL(snuff_candle, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(snuff_lit, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(catch_lit, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(use_unicorn_horn, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(tinnable, (struct obj *));
 E void NDECL(reset_trapset);
 E void FDECL(fig_transform, (ANY_P *, long));
 E int FDECL(unfixable_trouble_count, (BOOLEAN_P));
 /* ### artifact.c ### */
 E void NDECL(init_artifacts);
 E void FDECL(save_artifacts, (int));
 E void FDECL(restore_artifacts, (int));
 E const char *FDECL(artiname, (int));
 E struct obj *FDECL(mk_artifact, (struct obj *, ALIGNTYP_P));
 E const char *FDECL(artifact_name, (const char *, short *));
 E boolean FDECL(exist_artifact, (int, const char *));
 E void FDECL(artifact_exists, (struct obj *, const char *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int NDECL(nartifact_exist);
 E boolean FDECL(arti_immune, (struct obj *, int));
 E boolean FDECL(spec_ability, (struct obj *, unsigned long));
 E boolean FDECL(confers_luck, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(arti_reflects, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(shade_glare, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(restrict_name, (struct obj *, const char *));
 E boolean FDECL(defends, (int, struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(defends_when_carried, (int, struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(protects, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(set_artifact_intrinsic, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P, long));
 E int FDECL(touch_artifact, (struct obj *, struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(spec_abon, (struct obj *, struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(spec_dbon, (struct obj *, struct monst *, int));
 E void FDECL(discover_artifact, (XCHAR_P));
 E boolean FDECL(undiscovered_artifact, (XCHAR_P));
 E int FDECL(disp_artifact_discoveries, (winid));
 E boolean FDECL(artifact_hit, (struct monst *, struct monst *, struct obj *,
                                int *, int));
 E int NDECL(doinvoke);
 E boolean FDECL(finesse_ahriman, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(arti_speak, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(artifact_light, (struct obj *));
 E long FDECL(spec_m2, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(artifact_has_invprop, (struct obj *, UCHAR_P));
 E long FDECL(arti_cost, (struct obj *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(what_gives, (long *));
 E const char *FDECL(glow_color, (int));
 E void FDECL(Sting_effects, (int));
 E int FDECL(retouch_object, (struct obj **, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(retouch_equipment, (int));
 E void NDECL(mkot_trap_warn);
 E boolean FDECL(is_magic_key, (struct monst *, struct obj *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(has_magic_key, (struct monst *));
 /* ### attrib.c ### */
 E boolean FDECL(adjattrib, (int, int, int));
 E void FDECL(gainstr, (struct obj *, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(losestr, (int));
 E void FDECL(poisontell, (int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(poisoned, (const char *, int, const char *, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(change_luck, (SCHAR_P));
 E int FDECL(stone_luck, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(set_moreluck);
 E void NDECL(restore_attrib);
 E void FDECL(exercise, (int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(exerchk);
 E void FDECL(init_attr, (int));
 E void NDECL(redist_attr);
 E void FDECL(adjabil, (int, int));
 E int NDECL(newhp);
 E schar FDECL(acurr, (int));
 E schar NDECL(acurrstr);
 E boolean FDECL(extremeattr, (int));
 E void FDECL(adjalign, (int));
 E int FDECL(is_innate, (int));
 E char *FDECL(from_what, (int));
 E void FDECL(uchangealign, (int, int));
 /* ### ball.c ### */
 E void FDECL(ballrelease, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(ballfall);
 E void NDECL(placebc);
 E void NDECL(unplacebc);
 E void FDECL(set_bc, (int));
 E void FDECL(move_bc, (int, int, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E boolean FDECL(drag_ball, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, int *, xchar *, xchar *,
                             xchar *, xchar *, boolean *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(drop_ball, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E void NDECL(drag_down);
 /* ### bones.c ### */
 E void FDECL(sanitize_name, (char *));
 E void FDECL(drop_upon_death, (struct monst *, struct obj *, int, int));
 E boolean NDECL(can_make_bones);
 E void FDECL(savebones, (int, time_t, struct obj *));
 E int NDECL(getbones);
 /* ### botl.c ### */
 E char *NDECL(do_statusline1);
 E void NDECL(check_gold_symbol);
 E char *NDECL(do_statusline2);
 E int FDECL(xlev_to_rank, (int));
 E int FDECL(title_to_mon, (const char *, int *, int *));
 E void NDECL(max_rank_sz);
 E long NDECL(botl_score);
 E int FDECL(describe_level, (char *));
 E const char *FDECL(rank_of, (int, SHORT_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(bot);
 E void FDECL(status_initialize, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(status_finish);
 E void FDECL(status_notify_windowport, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(status_eval_next_unhilite);
 E boolean FDECL(parse_status_hl1, (char *op, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(clear_status_hilites);
 E void NDECL(reset_status_hilites);
 E int NDECL(count_status_hilites);
 E boolean NDECL(status_hilite_menu);
 /* ### cmd.c ### */
 E int NDECL(doconduct);
 E int NDECL(domonability);
 E char FDECL(cmd_from_func, (int NDECL((*))));
 E boolean FDECL(redraw_cmd, (CHAR_P));
 E int NDECL(doextcmd);
 E int NDECL(domonability);
 E int NDECL(doprev_message);
 E int NDECL(timed_occupation);
 E int NDECL(doattributes);
 E int NDECL(wiz_detect);
 E int NDECL(wiz_genesis);
 E int NDECL(wiz_identify);
 E int NDECL(wiz_level_tele);
 E int NDECL(wiz_map);
 E int NDECL(wiz_where);
 E int NDECL(wiz_wish);
 #endif /* USE_TRAMPOLI */
 E void NDECL(reset_occupations);
 E void FDECL(set_occupation, (int (*)(void), const char *, int));
 E char NDECL(pgetchar);
 E void FDECL(pushch, (CHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(savech, (CHAR_P));
 E const char *FDECL(key2extcmddesc, (UCHAR_P));
 E boolean FDECL(bind_specialkey, (UCHAR_P, const char *));
 E char FDECL(txt2key, (char *));
 E void FDECL(parseautocomplete, (char *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(reset_commands, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(rhack, (char *));
 E int NDECL(doextlist);
 E int NDECL(extcmd_via_menu);
 E int NDECL(enter_explore_mode);
 E void FDECL(enlightenment, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(youhiding, (BOOLEAN_P, int));
 E void FDECL(show_conduct, (int));
 E boolean FDECL(bind_key, (UCHAR_P, const char *));
 E void NDECL(dokeylist);
 E int FDECL(xytod, (SCHAR_P, SCHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(dtoxy, (coord *, int));
 E int FDECL(movecmd, (CHAR_P));
 E int NDECL(dxdy_moveok);
 E int FDECL(getdir, (const char *));
 E void NDECL(confdir);
 E const char *FDECL(directionname, (int));
 E int FDECL(isok, (int, int));
 E int FDECL(get_adjacent_loc,
             (const char *, const char *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, coord *));
 E const char *FDECL(click_to_cmd, (int, int, int));
 E char FDECL(get_count, (char *, CHAR_P, long, long *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(hangup, (int));
 E void NDECL(end_of_input);
 E char NDECL(readchar);
 E void NDECL(sanity_check);
 E char* FDECL(key2txt, (UCHAR_P, char *));
 E char FDECL(yn_function, (const char *, const char *, CHAR_P));
 E boolean FDECL(paranoid_query, (BOOLEAN_P, const char *));
 /* ### dbridge.c ### */
 E boolean FDECL(is_pool, (int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(is_lava, (int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(is_pool_or_lava, (int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(is_ice, (int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(is_moat, (int, int));
 E schar FDECL(db_under_typ, (int));
 E int FDECL(is_drawbridge_wall, (int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(is_db_wall, (int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(find_drawbridge, (int *, int *));
 E boolean FDECL(create_drawbridge, (int, int, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(open_drawbridge, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(close_drawbridge, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(destroy_drawbridge, (int, int));
 /* ### decl.c ### */
 E void NDECL(decl_init);
 /* ### detect.c ### */
 E boolean FDECL(trapped_chest_at, (int, int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(trapped_door_at, (int, int, int));
 E struct obj *FDECL(o_in, (struct obj *, CHAR_P));
 E struct obj *FDECL(o_material, (struct obj *, unsigned));
 E int FDECL(gold_detect, (struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(food_detect, (struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(object_detect, (struct obj *, int));
 E int FDECL(monster_detect, (struct obj *, int));
 E int FDECL(trap_detect, (struct obj *));
 E const char *FDECL(level_distance, (d_level *));
 E void FDECL(use_crystal_ball, (struct obj **));
 E void NDECL(do_mapping);
 E void FDECL(do_vicinity_map, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(cvt_sdoor_to_door, (struct rm *));
 E void FDECL(findone, (int, int, genericptr_t));
 E void FDECL(openone, (int, int, genericptr_t));
 E int NDECL(findit);
 E int NDECL(openit);
 E boolean FDECL(detecting, (void (*)(int, int, genericptr)));
 E void FDECL(find_trap, (struct trap *));
 E void NDECL(warnreveal);
 E int FDECL(dosearch0, (int));
 E int NDECL(dosearch);
 E void NDECL(sokoban_detect);
 #ifdef DUMPLOG
 E void NDECL(dump_map);
 E void FDECL(reveal_terrain, (int, int));
 /* ### dig.c ### */
 E int FDECL(dig_typ, (struct obj *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E boolean NDECL(is_digging);
 E int NDECL(dig);
 E int NDECL(holetime);
 E boolean FDECL(dig_check, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P, int, int));
 E void FDECL(digactualhole, (int, int, struct monst *, int));
 E boolean FDECL(dighole, (BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P, coord *));
 E int FDECL(use_pick_axe, (struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(use_pick_axe2, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(mdig_tunnel, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(draft_message, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(watch_dig, (struct monst *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(zap_dig);
 E struct obj *FDECL(bury_an_obj, (struct obj *, boolean *));
 E void FDECL(bury_objs, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(unearth_objs, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(rot_organic, (ANY_P *, long));
 E void FDECL(rot_corpse, (ANY_P *, long));
 E struct obj *FDECL(buried_ball, (coord *));
 E void NDECL(buried_ball_to_punishment);
 E void NDECL(buried_ball_to_freedom);
 E schar FDECL(fillholetyp, (int, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(liquid_flow,
              (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, SCHAR_P, struct trap *, const char *));
 E boolean FDECL(conjoined_pits, (struct trap *, struct trap *, BOOLEAN_P));
 #if 0
 E void FDECL(bury_monst, (struct monst *));
 E void NDECL(bury_you);
 E void NDECL(unearth_you);
 E void NDECL(escape_tomb);
 E void FDECL(bury_obj, (struct obj *));
 /* ### display.c ### */
 E void FDECL(magic_map_background, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, int));
 E void FDECL(map_background, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, int));
 E void FDECL(map_trap, (struct trap *, int));
 E void FDECL(map_object, (struct obj *, int));
 E void FDECL(map_invisible, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E boolean FDECL(unmap_invisible, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(unmap_object, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(map_location, (int, int, int));
 E void FDECL(feel_newsym, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(feel_location, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(newsym, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(newsym_force, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(shieldeff, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(tmp_at, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(swallowed, (int));
 E void FDECL(under_ground, (int));
 E void FDECL(under_water, (int));
 E void NDECL(see_monsters);
 E void NDECL(set_mimic_blocking);
 E void NDECL(see_objects);
 E void NDECL(see_traps);
 E void NDECL(curs_on_u);
 E int NDECL(doredraw);
 E void NDECL(docrt);
 E void FDECL(show_glyph, (int, int, int));
 E void NDECL(clear_glyph_buffer);
 E void FDECL(row_refresh, (int, int, int));
 E void NDECL(cls);
 E void FDECL(flush_screen, (int));
 E int FDECL(back_to_glyph, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E int FDECL(zapdir_to_glyph, (int, int, int));
 E int FDECL(glyph_at, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E void NDECL(set_wall_state);
 E void FDECL(unset_seenv, (struct rm *, int, int, int, int));
 E int FDECL(warning_of, (struct monst *));
 /* ### do.c ### */
 E int FDECL(drop, (struct obj *));
 E int NDECL(wipeoff);
 E int NDECL(dodrop);
 E boolean FDECL(boulder_hits_pool, (struct obj *, int, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(flooreffects, (struct obj *, int, int, const char *));
 E void FDECL(doaltarobj, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(canletgo, (struct obj *, const char *));
 E void FDECL(dropx, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(dropy, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(dropz, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(obj_no_longer_held, (struct obj *));
 E int NDECL(doddrop);
 E int NDECL(dodown);
 E int NDECL(doup);
 E void NDECL(save_currentstate);
 E void FDECL(goto_level, (d_level *, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(schedule_goto, (d_level *, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P, int,
                              const char *, const char *));
 E void NDECL(deferred_goto);
 E boolean FDECL(revive_corpse, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(revive_mon, (ANY_P *, long));
 E int NDECL(donull);
 E int NDECL(dowipe);
 E void FDECL(set_wounded_legs, (long, int));
 E void NDECL(heal_legs);
 /* ### do_name.c ### */
 E char *FDECL(coord_desc, (int, int, char *, CHAR_P));
 E boolean FDECL(getpos_menu, (coord *, int));
 E int FDECL(getpos, (coord *, BOOLEAN_P, const char *));
 E void FDECL(getpos_sethilite, (void (*f)(int), boolean (*d)(int,int)));
 E void FDECL(new_mname, (struct monst *, int));
 E void FDECL(free_mname, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(new_oname, (struct obj *, int));
 E void FDECL(free_oname, (struct obj *));
 E const char *FDECL(safe_oname, (struct obj *));
 E struct monst *FDECL(christen_monst, (struct monst *, const char *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(oname, (struct obj *, const char *));
 E boolean FDECL(objtyp_is_callable, (int));
 E int NDECL(docallcmd);
 E void FDECL(docall, (struct obj *));
 E const char *NDECL(rndghostname);
 E char *FDECL(x_monnam, (struct monst *, int, const char *, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E char *FDECL(l_monnam, (struct monst *));
 E char *FDECL(mon_nam, (struct monst *));
 E char *FDECL(noit_mon_nam, (struct monst *));
 E char *FDECL(Monnam, (struct monst *));
 E char *FDECL(noit_Monnam, (struct monst *));
 E char *FDECL(noname_monnam, (struct monst *, int));
 E char *FDECL(m_monnam, (struct monst *));
 E char *FDECL(y_monnam, (struct monst *));
 E char *FDECL(Adjmonnam, (struct monst *, const char *));
 E char *FDECL(Amonnam, (struct monst *));
 E char *FDECL(a_monnam, (struct monst *));
 E char *FDECL(distant_monnam, (struct monst *, int, char *));
 E char *FDECL(rndmonnam, (char *));
 E const char *FDECL(hcolor, (const char *));
 E const char *NDECL(rndcolor);
 E const char *FDECL(hliquid, (const char *));
 E const char *NDECL(roguename);
 E struct obj *FDECL(realloc_obj,
                     (struct obj *, int, genericptr_t, int, const char *));
 E char *FDECL(coyotename, (struct monst *, char *));
 E const char *FDECL(noveltitle, (int *));
 E const char *FDECL(lookup_novel, (const char *, int *));
 /* ### do_wear.c ### */
 E int NDECL(Armor_on);
 E int NDECL(Boots_on);
 E int NDECL(Gloves_on);
 E int NDECL(Helmet_on);
 E int FDECL(select_off, (struct obj *));
 E int NDECL(take_off);
 E void FDECL(off_msg, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(set_wear, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(donning, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(doffing, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(cancel_doff, (struct obj *, long));
 E void NDECL(cancel_don);
 E int FDECL(stop_donning, (struct obj *));
 E int NDECL(Armor_off);
 E int NDECL(Armor_gone);
 E int NDECL(Helmet_off);
 E int NDECL(Gloves_off);
 E int NDECL(Boots_on);
 E int NDECL(Boots_off);
 E int NDECL(Cloak_off);
 E int NDECL(Shield_off);
 E int NDECL(Shirt_off);
 E void NDECL(Amulet_off);
 E void FDECL(Ring_on, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(Ring_off, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(Ring_gone, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(Blindf_on, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(Blindf_off, (struct obj *));
 E int NDECL(dotakeoff);
 E int NDECL(doremring);
 E int FDECL(cursed, (struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(armoroff, (struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(canwearobj, (struct obj *, long *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int NDECL(dowear);
 E int NDECL(doputon);
 E void NDECL(find_ac);
 E void NDECL(glibr);
 E struct obj *FDECL(some_armor, (struct monst *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(stuck_ring, (struct obj *, int));
 E struct obj *NDECL(unchanger);
 E void NDECL(reset_remarm);
 E int NDECL(doddoremarm);
 E int FDECL(destroy_arm, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(adj_abon, (struct obj *, SCHAR_P));
 E boolean
 FDECL(inaccessible_equipment, (struct obj *, const char *, BOOLEAN_P));
 /* ### dog.c ### */
 E void FDECL(newedog, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(free_edog, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(initedog, (struct monst *));
 E struct monst *FDECL(make_familiar,
                       (struct obj *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E struct monst *NDECL(makedog);
 E void NDECL(update_mlstmv);
 E void NDECL(losedogs);
 E void FDECL(mon_arrive, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(mon_catchup_elapsed_time, (struct monst *, long));
 E void FDECL(keepdogs, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(migrate_to_level, (struct monst *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, coord *));
 E int FDECL(dogfood, (struct monst *, struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(tamedog, (struct monst *, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(abuse_dog, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(wary_dog, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 /* ### dogmove.c ### */
 E struct obj *FDECL(droppables, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(dog_nutrition, (struct monst *, struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(dog_eat, (struct monst *, struct obj *, int, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int FDECL(dog_move, (struct monst *, int));
 E void FDECL(wantdoor, (int, int, genericptr_t));
 E void FDECL(finish_meating, (struct monst *));
 /* ### dokick.c ### */
 E boolean FDECL(ghitm, (struct monst *, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(container_impact_dmg, (struct obj *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E int NDECL(dokick);
 E boolean FDECL(ship_object, (struct obj *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(obj_delivery, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E schar FDECL(down_gate, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(impact_drop, (struct obj *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 /* ### dothrow.c ### */
 E int NDECL(dothrow);
 E int NDECL(dofire);
 E void FDECL(endmultishot, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(hitfloor, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(hurtle, (int, int, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(mhurtle, (struct monst *, int, int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(throwing_weapon, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(throwit, (struct obj *, long, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int FDECL(omon_adj, (struct monst *, struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int FDECL(thitmonst, (struct monst *, struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(hero_breaks, (struct obj *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int FDECL(breaks, (struct obj *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(release_camera_demon, (struct obj *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(breakobj, (struct obj *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(breaktest, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(walk_path, (coord *, coord *,
                             boolean (*)(genericptr, int, int), genericptr_t));
 E boolean FDECL(hurtle_jump, (genericptr_t, int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(hurtle_step, (genericptr_t, int, int));
 /* ### drawing.c ### */
 #endif /* !MAKEDEFS_C && !LEV_LEX_C */
 E int FDECL(def_char_to_objclass, (CHAR_P));
 E int FDECL(def_char_to_monclass, (CHAR_P));
 #if !defined(MAKEDEFS_C) && !defined(LEV_LEX_C)
 E void FDECL(switch_symbols, (int));
 E void FDECL(assign_graphics, (int));
 E void NDECL(init_r_symbols);
 E void NDECL(init_symbols);
 E void NDECL(update_bouldersym);
 E void NDECL(init_showsyms);
 E void NDECL(init_l_symbols);
 E void FDECL(clear_symsetentry, (int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(update_l_symset, (struct symparse *, int));
 E void FDECL(update_r_symset, (struct symparse *, int));
 E boolean FDECL(cursed_object_at, (int, int));
 /* ### dungeon.c ### */
 E void FDECL(save_dungeon, (int, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(restore_dungeon, (int));
 E void FDECL(insert_branch, (branch *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(init_dungeons);
 E s_level *FDECL(find_level, (const char *));
 E s_level *FDECL(Is_special, (d_level *));
 E branch *FDECL(Is_branchlev, (d_level *));
 E boolean FDECL(builds_up, (d_level *));
 E xchar FDECL(ledger_no, (d_level *));
 E xchar NDECL(maxledgerno);
 E schar FDECL(depth, (d_level *));
 E xchar FDECL(dunlev, (d_level *));
 E xchar FDECL(dunlevs_in_dungeon, (d_level *));
 E xchar FDECL(ledger_to_dnum, (XCHAR_P));
 E xchar FDECL(ledger_to_dlev, (XCHAR_P));
 E xchar FDECL(deepest_lev_reached, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(on_level, (d_level *, d_level *));
 E void FDECL(next_level, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(prev_level, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(u_on_newpos, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(u_on_rndspot, (int));
 E void FDECL(u_on_sstairs, (int));
 E void NDECL(u_on_upstairs);
 E void NDECL(u_on_dnstairs);
 E boolean FDECL(On_stairs, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(get_level, (d_level *, int));
 E boolean FDECL(Is_botlevel, (d_level *));
 E boolean FDECL(Can_fall_thru, (d_level *));
 E boolean FDECL(Can_dig_down, (d_level *));
 E boolean FDECL(Can_rise_up, (int, int, d_level *));
 E boolean FDECL(has_ceiling, (d_level *));
 E boolean FDECL(In_quest, (d_level *));
 E boolean FDECL(In_mines, (d_level *));
 E branch *FDECL(dungeon_branch, (const char *));
 E boolean FDECL(at_dgn_entrance, (const char *));
 E boolean FDECL(In_hell, (d_level *));
 E boolean FDECL(In_V_tower, (d_level *));
 E boolean FDECL(On_W_tower_level, (d_level *));
 E boolean FDECL(In_W_tower, (int, int, d_level *));
 E void FDECL(find_hell, (d_level *));
 E void FDECL(goto_hell, (BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(assign_level, (d_level *, d_level *));
 E void FDECL(assign_rnd_level, (d_level *, d_level *, int));
 E int FDECL(induced_align, (int));
 E boolean FDECL(Invocation_lev, (d_level *));
 E xchar NDECL(level_difficulty);
 E schar FDECL(lev_by_name, (const char *));
 E schar FDECL(print_dungeon, (BOOLEAN_P, schar *, xchar *));
 E char *FDECL(get_annotation, (d_level *));
 E int NDECL(donamelevel);
 E int NDECL(dooverview);
 E void FDECL(show_overview, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(forget_mapseen, (int));
 E void FDECL(rm_mapseen, (int));
 E void FDECL(init_mapseen, (d_level *));
 E void NDECL(recalc_mapseen);
 E void FDECL(mapseen_temple, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(room_discovered, (int));
 E void FDECL(recbranch_mapseen, (d_level *, d_level *));
 E void FDECL(overview_stats, (winid, const char *, long *, long *));
 E void FDECL(remdun_mapseen, (int));
 /* ### eat.c ### */
 E int NDECL(eatmdone);
 E int NDECL(eatfood);
 E int NDECL(opentin);
 E int NDECL(unfaint);
 E void NDECL(eatmupdate);
 E boolean FDECL(is_edible, (struct obj *));
 E void NDECL(init_uhunger);
 E int NDECL(Hear_again);
 E void NDECL(reset_eat);
 E int NDECL(doeat);
 E int FDECL(use_tin_opener, (struct obj *));
 E void NDECL(gethungry);
 E void FDECL(morehungry, (int));
 E void FDECL(lesshungry, (int));
 E boolean NDECL(is_fainted);
 E void NDECL(reset_faint);
 E void NDECL(violated_vegetarian);
 E void FDECL(newuhs, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E struct obj *FDECL(floorfood, (const char *, int));
 E void NDECL(vomit);
 E int FDECL(eaten_stat, (int, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(food_disappears, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(food_substitution, (struct obj *, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(eating_conducts, (struct permonst *));
 E int FDECL(eat_brains, (struct monst *, struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P, int *));
 E void NDECL(fix_petrification);
 E void FDECL(consume_oeaten, (struct obj *, int));
 E boolean FDECL(maybe_finished_meal, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(set_tin_variety, (struct obj *, int));
 E int FDECL(tin_variety_txt, (char *, int *));
 E void FDECL(tin_details, (struct obj *, int, char *));
 E boolean FDECL(Popeye, (int));
 /* ### end.c ### */
 E void FDECL(done1, (int));
 E int NDECL(done2);
 E void FDECL(done_intr, (int));
 E void FDECL(done_in_by, (struct monst *, int));
 #endif /* !MAKEDEFS_C && !LEV_LEX_C */
 E void VDECL(panic, (const char *, ...)) PRINTF_F(1, 2) NORETURN;
 #if !defined(MAKEDEFS_C) && !defined(LEV_LEX_C)
 E void FDECL(done, (int));
 E void FDECL(container_contents, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P,
                                   BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(nh_terminate, (int)) NORETURN;
 E int NDECL(dovanquished);
 E int NDECL(num_genocides);
 E void FDECL(delayed_killer, (int, int, const char *));
 E struct kinfo *FDECL(find_delayed_killer, (int));
 E void FDECL(dealloc_killer, (struct kinfo *));
 E void FDECL(save_killers, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(restore_killers, (int));
 E char *FDECL(build_english_list, (char *));
 #if defined(PANICTRACE) && !defined(NO_SIGNAL)
 E void FDECL(panictrace_setsignals, (BOOLEAN_P));
 /* ### engrave.c ### */
 E char *FDECL(random_engraving, (char *));
 E void FDECL(wipeout_text, (char *, int, unsigned));
 E boolean FDECL(can_reach_floor, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(cant_reach_floor, (int, int, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E const char *FDECL(surface, (int, int));
 E const char *FDECL(ceiling, (int, int));
 E struct engr *FDECL(engr_at, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E int FDECL(sengr_at, (const char *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(u_wipe_engr, (int));
 E void FDECL(wipe_engr_at, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(read_engr_at, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(make_engr_at, (int, int, const char *, long, XCHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(del_engr_at, (int, int));
 E int NDECL(freehand);
 E int NDECL(doengrave);
 E void NDECL(sanitize_engravings);
 E void FDECL(save_engravings, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(rest_engravings, (int));
 E void FDECL(engr_stats, (const char *, char *, long *, long *));
 E void FDECL(del_engr, (struct engr *));
 E void FDECL(rloc_engr, (struct engr *));
 E void FDECL(make_grave, (int, int, const char *));
 /* ### exper.c ### */
 E int NDECL(newpw);
 E int FDECL(experience, (struct monst *, int));
 E void FDECL(more_experienced, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(losexp, (const char *));
 E void NDECL(newexplevel);
 E void FDECL(pluslvl, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E long FDECL(rndexp, (BOOLEAN_P));
 /* ### explode.c ### */
 E void FDECL(explode, (int, int, int, int, CHAR_P, int));
 E long FDECL(scatter, (int, int, int, unsigned int, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(splatter_burning_oil, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(explode_oil, (struct obj *, int, int));
 /* ### extralev.c ### */
 E void NDECL(makeroguerooms);
 E void FDECL(corr, (int, int));
 E void NDECL(makerogueghost);
 /* ### files.c ### */
 E char *FDECL(fname_encode, (const char *, CHAR_P, char *, char *, int));
 E char *FDECL(fname_decode, (CHAR_P, char *, char *, int));
 E const char *FDECL(fqname, (const char *, int, int));
 E FILE *FDECL(fopen_datafile, (const char *, const char *, int));
 #ifdef MFLOPPY
 E void NDECL(set_lock_and_bones);
 E void FDECL(set_levelfile_name, (char *, int));
 E int FDECL(create_levelfile, (int, char *));
 E int FDECL(open_levelfile, (int, char *));
 E void FDECL(delete_levelfile, (int));
 E void NDECL(clearlocks);
 E int FDECL(create_bonesfile, (d_level *, char **, char *));
 #ifdef MFLOPPY
 E void NDECL(cancel_bonesfile);
 E void FDECL(commit_bonesfile, (d_level *));
 E int FDECL(open_bonesfile, (d_level *, char **));
 E int FDECL(delete_bonesfile, (d_level *));
 E void NDECL(compress_bonesfile);
 E void FDECL(set_savefile_name, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(save_savefile_name, (int));
 #ifndef MICRO
 E void NDECL(set_error_savefile);
 E int NDECL(create_savefile);
 E int NDECL(open_savefile);
 E int NDECL(delete_savefile);
 E int NDECL(restore_saved_game);
 E void FDECL(nh_compress, (const char *));
 E void FDECL(nh_uncompress, (const char *));
 E boolean FDECL(lock_file, (const char *, int, int));
 E void FDECL(unlock_file, (const char *));
 E boolean FDECL(can_read_file, (const char *));
 E void FDECL(config_error_init, (BOOLEAN_P, const char *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(config_error_add, (const char *, ...)) PRINTF_F(1, 2);
 E int NDECL(config_error_done);
 E boolean FDECL(read_config_file, (const char *, int));
 E void FDECL(check_recordfile, (const char *));
 E void NDECL(read_wizkit);
 E int FDECL(read_sym_file, (int));
 E int FDECL(parse_sym_line, (char *, int));
 E void FDECL(paniclog, (const char *, const char *));
 E int FDECL(validate_prefix_locations, (char *));
 E char *FDECL(plname_from_file, (const char *));
 E char **NDECL(get_saved_games);
 E void FDECL(free_saved_games, (char **));
 E boolean NDECL(recover_savefile);
 #ifdef SYSCF_FILE
 E void NDECL(assure_syscf_file);
 E int FDECL(nhclose, (int));
 E void NDECL(really_close);
 #ifdef DEBUG
 E boolean FDECL(debugcore, (const char *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(read_tribute, (const char *, const char *, int,
                                char *, int, unsigned));
 E boolean FDECL(Death_quote, (char *, int));
 /* ### fountain.c ### */
 E void FDECL(floating_above, (const char *));
 E void FDECL(dogushforth, (int));
 E void FDECL(gush, (int, int, genericptr_t));
 E void FDECL(dryup, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(drinkfountain);
 E void FDECL(dipfountain, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(breaksink, (int, int));
 E void NDECL(drinksink);
 /* ### hack.c ### */
 E boolean FDECL(is_valid_travelpt, (int,int));
 E anything *FDECL(uint_to_any, (unsigned));
 E anything *FDECL(long_to_any, (long));
 E anything *FDECL(monst_to_any, (struct monst *));
 E anything *FDECL(obj_to_any, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(revive_nasty, (int, int, const char *));
 E void FDECL(movobj, (struct obj *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E boolean FDECL(may_dig, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E boolean FDECL(may_passwall, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E boolean FDECL(bad_rock, (struct permonst *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E int FDECL(cant_squeeze_thru, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(invocation_pos, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E boolean FDECL(test_move, (int, int, int, int, int));
 #ifdef DEBUG
 E int NDECL(wiz_debug_cmd_traveldisplay);
 E boolean NDECL(u_rooted);
 E void NDECL(domove);
 E boolean NDECL(overexertion);
 E void NDECL(invocation_message);
 E boolean FDECL(pooleffects, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(spoteffects, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E char *FDECL(in_rooms, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, int));
 E boolean FDECL(in_town, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(check_special_room, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E int NDECL(dopickup);
 E void NDECL(lookaround);
 E boolean FDECL(crawl_destination, (int, int));
 E int NDECL(monster_nearby);
 E void FDECL(nomul, (int));
 E void FDECL(unmul, (const char *));
 E void FDECL(losehp, (int, const char *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int NDECL(weight_cap);
 E int NDECL(inv_weight);
 E int NDECL(near_capacity);
 E int FDECL(calc_capacity, (int));
 E int NDECL(max_capacity);
 E boolean FDECL(check_capacity, (const char *));
 E int FDECL(inv_cnt, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E long FDECL(money_cnt, (struct obj *));
 /* ### hacklib.c ### */
 E boolean FDECL(digit, (CHAR_P));
 E boolean FDECL(letter, (CHAR_P));
 E char FDECL(highc, (CHAR_P));
 E char FDECL(lowc, (CHAR_P));
 E char *FDECL(lcase, (char *));
 E char *FDECL(ucase, (char *));
 E char *FDECL(upstart, (char *));
 E char *FDECL(mungspaces, (char *));
 E char *FDECL(trimspaces, (char *));
 E char *FDECL(strip_newline, (char *));
 E char *FDECL(stripchars, (char *, const char *, const char *));
 E char *FDECL(eos, (char *));
 E boolean FDECL(str_end_is, (const char *, const char *));
 E char *FDECL(strkitten, (char *, CHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(copynchars, (char *, const char *, int));
 E char FDECL(chrcasecpy, (int, int));
 E char *FDECL(strcasecpy, (char *, const char *));
 E char *FDECL(s_suffix, (const char *));
 E char *FDECL(ing_suffix, (const char *));
 E char *FDECL(xcrypt, (const char *, char *));
 E boolean FDECL(onlyspace, (const char *));
 E char *FDECL(tabexpand, (char *));
 E char *FDECL(visctrl, (CHAR_P));
 E char *FDECL(strsubst, (char *, const char *, const char *));
 E int FDECL(strNsubst, (char *, const char *, const char *, int));
 E const char *FDECL(ordin, (int));
 E char *FDECL(sitoa, (int));
 E int FDECL(sgn, (int));
 E int FDECL(rounddiv, (long, int));
 E int FDECL(dist2, (int, int, int, int));
 E int FDECL(isqrt, (int));
 E int FDECL(distmin, (int, int, int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(online2, (int, int, int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(pmatch, (const char *, const char *));
 E boolean FDECL(pmatchi, (const char *, const char *));
 E boolean FDECL(pmatchz, (const char *, const char *));
 #ifndef STRNCMPI
 E int FDECL(strncmpi, (const char *, const char *, int));
 #ifndef STRSTRI
 E char *FDECL(strstri, (const char *, const char *));
 E boolean
 FDECL(fuzzymatch, (const char *, const char *, const char *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(setrandom);
 E time_t NDECL(getnow);
 E int NDECL(getyear);
 #if 0
 E char *FDECL(yymmdd, (time_t));
 E long FDECL(yyyymmdd, (time_t));
 E long FDECL(hhmmss, (time_t));
 E char *FDECL(yyyymmddhhmmss, (time_t));
 E time_t FDECL(time_from_yyyymmddhhmmss, (char *));
 E int NDECL(phase_of_the_moon);
 E boolean NDECL(friday_13th);
 E int NDECL(night);
 E int NDECL(midnight);
 E void FDECL(strbuf_init, (strbuf_t *));
 E void FDECL(strbuf_append, (strbuf_t *, const char *));
 E void FDECL(strbuf_reserve, (strbuf_t *, int));
 E void FDECL(strbuf_empty, (strbuf_t *));
 E void FDECL(strbuf_nl_to_crlf, (strbuf_t *));
 /* ### invent.c ### */
 E void FDECL(sortloot, (struct obj **, unsigned, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(assigninvlet, (struct obj *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(merge_choice, (struct obj *, struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(merged, (struct obj **, struct obj **));
 E int FDECL(ckunpaid, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(addinv_core1, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(addinv_core2, (struct obj *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(addinv, (struct obj *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(hold_another_object,
                     (struct obj *, const char *, const char *, const char *));
 E void FDECL(useupall, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(useup, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(consume_obj_charge, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(freeinv_core, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(freeinv, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(delallobj, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(delobj, (struct obj *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(sobj_at, (int, int, int));
 E struct obj *FDECL(nxtobj, (struct obj *, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E struct obj *FDECL(carrying, (int));
 E boolean NDECL(have_lizard);
 E struct obj *NDECL(u_have_novel);
 E struct obj *FDECL(o_on, (unsigned int, struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(obj_here, (struct obj *, int, int));
 E boolean NDECL(wearing_armor);
 E boolean FDECL(is_worn, (struct obj *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(g_at, (int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(splittable, (struct obj *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(getobj, (const char *, const char *));
 E int FDECL(ggetobj, (const char *, int (*)(OBJ_P), int,
                       BOOLEAN_P, unsigned *));
 E int FDECL(askchain, (struct obj **, const char *, int, int (*)(OBJ_P),
                        int (*)(OBJ_P), int, const char *));
 E void FDECL(fully_identify_obj, (struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(identify, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(identify_pack, (int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(learn_unseen_invent);
 E void FDECL(prinv, (const char *, struct obj *, long));
 E char *FDECL(xprname,
               (struct obj *, const char *, CHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P, long, long));
 E int NDECL(ddoinv);
 E char FDECL(display_inventory, (const char *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int FDECL(display_binventory, (int, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E struct obj *FDECL(display_cinventory, (struct obj *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(display_minventory, (struct monst *, int, char *));
 E int NDECL(dotypeinv);
 E const char *FDECL(dfeature_at, (int, int, char *));
 E int FDECL(look_here, (int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int NDECL(dolook);
 E boolean FDECL(will_feel_cockatrice, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(feel_cockatrice, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(stackobj, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(mergable, (struct obj *, struct obj *));
 E int NDECL(doprgold);
 E int NDECL(doprwep);
 E int NDECL(doprarm);
 E int NDECL(doprring);
 E int NDECL(dopramulet);
 E int NDECL(doprtool);
 E int NDECL(doprinuse);
 E void FDECL(useupf, (struct obj *, long));
 E char *FDECL(let_to_name, (CHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(free_invbuf);
 E void NDECL(reassign);
 E int NDECL(doorganize);
 E void NDECL(free_pickinv_cache);
 E int FDECL(count_unpaid, (struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(count_buc, (struct obj *, int, boolean (*)(OBJ_P)));
 E void FDECL(tally_BUCX, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P,
                           int *, int *, int *, int *, int *));
 E long FDECL(count_contents, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(carry_obj_effects, (struct obj *));
 E const char *FDECL(currency, (long));
 E void FDECL(silly_thing, (const char *, struct obj *));
 /* ### ioctl.c ### */
 #if defined(UNIX) || defined(__BEOS__)
 E void NDECL(getwindowsz);
 E void NDECL(getioctls);
 E void NDECL(setioctls);
 #ifdef SUSPEND
 E int NDECL(dosuspend);
 #endif /* SUSPEND */
 #endif /* UNIX || __BEOS__ */
 /* ### light.c ### */
 E void FDECL(new_light_source, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, int, int, ANY_P *));
 E void FDECL(del_light_source, (int, ANY_P *));
 E void FDECL(do_light_sources, (char **));
 E struct monst *FDECL(find_mid, (unsigned, unsigned));
 E void FDECL(save_light_sources, (int, int, int));
 E void FDECL(restore_light_sources, (int));
 E void FDECL(light_stats, (const char *, char *, long *, long *));
 E void FDECL(relink_light_sources, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(light_sources_sanity_check);
 E void FDECL(obj_move_light_source, (struct obj *, struct obj *));
 E boolean NDECL(any_light_source);
 E void FDECL(snuff_light_source, (int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(obj_sheds_light, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(obj_is_burning, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(obj_split_light_source, (struct obj *, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(obj_merge_light_sources, (struct obj *, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(obj_adjust_light_radius, (struct obj *, int));
 E int FDECL(candle_light_range, (struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(arti_light_radius, (struct obj *));
 E const char *FDECL(arti_light_description, (struct obj *));
 E int NDECL(wiz_light_sources);
 /* ### lock.c ### */
 E int NDECL(forcelock);
 E int NDECL(picklock);
 E boolean FDECL(picking_lock, (int *, int *));
 E boolean FDECL(picking_at, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(breakchestlock, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(reset_pick);
 E void NDECL(maybe_reset_pick);
 E int FDECL(pick_lock, (struct obj *));
 E int NDECL(doforce);
 E boolean FDECL(boxlock, (struct obj *, struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(doorlock, (struct obj *, int, int));
 E int NDECL(doopen);
 E boolean FDECL(stumble_on_door_mimic, (int, int));
 E int FDECL(doopen_indir, (int, int));
 E int NDECL(doclose);
 #ifdef MAC
 /* These declarations are here because the main code calls them. */
 /* ### macfile.c ### */
 E int FDECL(maccreat, (const char *, long));
 E int FDECL(macopen, (const char *, int, long));
 E int FDECL(macclose, (int));
 E int FDECL(macread, (int, void *, unsigned));
 E int FDECL(macwrite, (int, void *, unsigned));
 E long FDECL(macseek, (int, long, short));
 E int FDECL(macunlink, (const char *));
 /* ### macmain.c ### */
 E boolean NDECL(authorize_wizard_mode);
 /* ### macsnd.c ### */
 E void FDECL(mac_speaker, (struct obj *, char *));
 /* ### macunix.c ### */
 E void FDECL(regularize, (char *));
 E void NDECL(getlock);
 /* ### macwin.c ### */
 E void FDECL(lock_mouse_cursor, (Boolean));
 E int NDECL(SanePositions);
 /* ### mttymain.c ### */
 E void FDECL(getreturn, (char *));
 E void VDECL(msmsg, (const char *, ...));
 E void NDECL(gettty);
 E void NDECL(setftty);
 E void FDECL(settty, (const char *));
 E int NDECL(tgetch);
 E void FDECL(cmov, (int x, int y));
 E void FDECL(nocmov, (int x, int y));
 #endif /* MAC */
 /* ### mail.c ### */
 #ifdef MAIL
 #ifdef UNIX
 E void NDECL(free_maildata);
 E void NDECL(getmailstatus);
 E void NDECL(ck_server_admin_msg);
 E void NDECL(ckmailstatus);
 E void FDECL(readmail, (struct obj *));
 #endif /* MAIL */
 /* ### makemon.c ### */
 E void FDECL(dealloc_monst, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(is_home_elemental, (struct permonst *));
 E struct monst *FDECL(clone_mon, (struct monst *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E int FDECL(monhp_per_lvl, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(newmonhp, (struct monst *, int));
 E struct mextra *NDECL(newmextra);
 E void FDECL(copy_mextra, (struct monst *, struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(dealloc_mextra, (struct monst *));
 E struct monst *FDECL(makemon, (struct permonst *, int, int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(create_critters, (int, struct permonst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E struct permonst *NDECL(rndmonst);
 E void FDECL(reset_rndmonst, (int));
 E struct permonst *FDECL(mkclass, (CHAR_P, int));
 E int FDECL(mkclass_poly, (int));
 E int FDECL(adj_lev, (struct permonst *));
 E struct permonst *FDECL(grow_up, (struct monst *, struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(mongets, (struct monst *, int));
 E int FDECL(golemhp, (int));
 E boolean FDECL(peace_minded, (struct permonst *));
 E void FDECL(set_malign, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(newmcorpsenm, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(freemcorpsenm, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(set_mimic_sym, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(mbirth_limit, (int));
 E void FDECL(mimic_hit_msg, (struct monst *, SHORT_P));
 E void FDECL(mkmonmoney, (struct monst *, long));
 E int FDECL(bagotricks, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P, int *));
 E boolean FDECL(propagate, (int, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(usmellmon, (struct permonst *));
 /* ### mapglyph.c ### */
 E int FDECL(mapglyph, (int, int *, int *, unsigned *, int, int));
 E char *FDECL(encglyph, (int));
 E void FDECL(genl_putmixed, (winid, int, const char *));
 /* ### mcastu.c ### */
 E int FDECL(castmu, (struct monst *, struct attack *, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int FDECL(buzzmu, (struct monst *, struct attack *));
 /* ### mhitm.c ### */
 E int FDECL(fightm, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(mattackm, (struct monst *, struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(engulf_target, (struct monst *, struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(mdisplacem, (struct monst *, struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(paralyze_monst, (struct monst *, int));
 E int FDECL(sleep_monst, (struct monst *, int, int));
 E void FDECL(slept_monst, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(xdrainenergym, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E long FDECL(attk_protection, (int));
 E void FDECL(rustm, (struct monst *, struct obj *));
 /* ### mhitu.c ### */
 E const char *FDECL(mpoisons_subj, (struct monst *, struct attack *));
 E void NDECL(u_slow_down);
 E struct monst *NDECL(cloneu);
 E void FDECL(expels, (struct monst *, struct permonst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E struct attack *FDECL(getmattk, (struct monst *, struct monst *,
                                   int, int *, struct attack *));
 E int FDECL(mattacku, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(magic_negation, (struct monst *));
 E boolean NDECL(gulp_blnd_check);
 E int FDECL(gazemu, (struct monst *, struct attack *));
 E void FDECL(mdamageu, (struct monst *, int));
 E int FDECL(could_seduce, (struct monst *, struct monst *, struct attack *));
 E int FDECL(doseduce, (struct monst *));
 /* ### minion.c ### */
 E void FDECL(newemin, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(free_emin, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(monster_census, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E int FDECL(msummon, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(summon_minion, (ALIGNTYP_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int FDECL(demon_talk, (struct monst *));
 E long FDECL(bribe, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(dprince, (ALIGNTYP_P));
 E int FDECL(dlord, (ALIGNTYP_P));
 E int NDECL(llord);
 E int FDECL(ndemon, (ALIGNTYP_P));
 E int NDECL(lminion);
 E void FDECL(lose_guardian_angel, (struct monst *));
 E void NDECL(gain_guardian_angel);
 /* ### mklev.c ### */
 E int FDECL(do_comp, (genericptr_t, genericptr_t));
 E void NDECL(sort_rooms);
 E void FDECL(add_room, (int, int, int, int, BOOLEAN_P, SCHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(add_subroom, (struct mkroom *, int, int, int, int, BOOLEAN_P,
                            SCHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(makecorridors);
 E void FDECL(add_door, (int, int, struct mkroom *));
 E void NDECL(mklev);
 E void FDECL(topologize, (struct mkroom *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(topologize, (struct mkroom *));
 E void FDECL(place_branch, (branch *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E boolean FDECL(occupied, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E int FDECL(okdoor, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(dodoor, (int, int, struct mkroom *));
 E void FDECL(mktrap, (int, int, struct mkroom *, coord *));
 E void FDECL(mkstairs, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, CHAR_P, struct mkroom *));
 E void NDECL(mkinvokearea);
 E void FDECL(mineralize, (int, int, int, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 /* ### mkmap.c ### */
 E void FDECL(flood_fill_rm, (int, int, int, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(remove_rooms, (int, int, int, int));
 /* E void FDECL(mkmap, (lev_init *)); -- need sp_lev.h for lev_init */
 /* ### mkmaze.c ### */
 E void FDECL(wallification, (int, int, int, int));
 E void FDECL(fix_wall_spines, (int, int, int, int));
 E void FDECL(walkfrom, (int, int, SCHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(makemaz, (const char *));
 E void FDECL(mazexy, (coord *));
 E void NDECL(bound_digging);
 E void FDECL(mkportal, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E boolean FDECL(bad_location, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P,
                                XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(place_lregion, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P,
                              XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, d_level *));
 E void NDECL(fixup_special);
 E void NDECL(fumaroles);
 E void NDECL(movebubbles);
 E void NDECL(water_friction);
 E void FDECL(save_waterlevel, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(restore_waterlevel, (int));
 E const char *FDECL(waterbody_name, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 /* ### mkobj.c ### */
 E struct oextra *NDECL(newoextra);
 E void FDECL(copy_oextra, (struct obj *, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(dealloc_oextra, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(newomonst, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(free_omonst, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(newomid, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(free_omid, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(newolong, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(free_olong, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(new_omailcmd, (struct obj *, const char *));
 E void FDECL(free_omailcmd, (struct obj *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(mkobj_at, (CHAR_P, int, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E struct obj *FDECL(mksobj_at, (int, int, int, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E struct obj *FDECL(mkobj, (CHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int NDECL(rndmonnum);
 E boolean FDECL(bogon_is_pname, (CHAR_P));
 E struct obj *FDECL(splitobj, (struct obj *, long));
 E struct obj *FDECL(unsplitobj, (struct obj *));
 E void NDECL(clear_splitobjs);
 E void FDECL(replace_object, (struct obj *, struct obj *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(unknwn_contnr_contents, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(bill_dummy_object, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(costly_alteration, (struct obj *, int));
 E struct obj *FDECL(mksobj, (int, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int FDECL(bcsign, (struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(weight, (struct obj *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(mkgold, (long, int, int));
 E struct obj *FDECL(mkcorpstat, (int, struct monst *, struct permonst *, int,
                                  int, unsigned));
 E int FDECL(corpse_revive_type, (struct obj *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(obj_attach_mid, (struct obj *, unsigned));
 E struct monst *FDECL(get_mtraits, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E struct obj *FDECL(mk_tt_object, (int, int, int));
 E struct obj *FDECL(mk_named_object,
                     (int, struct permonst *, int, int, const char *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(rnd_treefruit_at, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(set_corpsenm, (struct obj *, int));
 E void FDECL(start_corpse_timeout, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(bless, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(unbless, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(curse, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(uncurse, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(blessorcurse, (struct obj *, int));
 E boolean FDECL(is_flammable, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(is_rottable, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(place_object, (struct obj *, int, int));
 E void FDECL(remove_object, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(discard_minvent, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(obj_extract_self, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(extract_nobj, (struct obj *, struct obj **));
 E void FDECL(extract_nexthere, (struct obj *, struct obj **));
 E int FDECL(add_to_minv, (struct monst *, struct obj *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(add_to_container, (struct obj *, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(add_to_migration, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(add_to_buried, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(dealloc_obj, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(obj_ice_effects, (int, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E long FDECL(peek_at_iced_corpse_age, (struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(hornoplenty, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(obj_sanity_check);
 E struct obj *FDECL(obj_nexto, (struct obj *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(obj_nexto_xy, (struct obj *, int, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E struct obj *FDECL(obj_absorb, (struct obj **, struct obj **));
 E struct obj *FDECL(obj_meld, (struct obj **, struct obj **));
 E void FDECL(pudding_merge_message, (struct obj *, struct obj *));
 /* ### mkroom.c ### */
 E void FDECL(mkroom, (int));
 E void FDECL(fill_zoo, (struct mkroom *));
 E struct permonst *NDECL(antholemon);
 E boolean FDECL(nexttodoor, (int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(has_dnstairs, (struct mkroom *));
 E boolean FDECL(has_upstairs, (struct mkroom *));
 E int FDECL(somex, (struct mkroom *));
 E int FDECL(somey, (struct mkroom *));
 E boolean FDECL(inside_room, (struct mkroom *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E boolean FDECL(somexy, (struct mkroom *, coord *));
 E void FDECL(mkundead, (coord *, BOOLEAN_P, int));
 E struct permonst *NDECL(courtmon);
 E void FDECL(save_rooms, (int));
 E void FDECL(rest_rooms, (int));
 E struct mkroom *FDECL(search_special, (SCHAR_P));
 E int FDECL(cmap_to_type, (int));
 /* ### mon.c ### */
 E void NDECL(mon_sanity_check);
 E int FDECL(undead_to_corpse, (int));
 E int FDECL(genus, (int, int));
 E int FDECL(pm_to_cham, (int));
 E int FDECL(minliquid, (struct monst *));
 E int NDECL(movemon);
 E int FDECL(meatmetal, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(meatobj, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(mpickgold, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(mpickstuff, (struct monst *, const char *));
 E int FDECL(curr_mon_load, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(max_mon_load, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(can_carry, (struct monst *, struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(mfndpos, (struct monst *, coord *, long *, long));
 E boolean FDECL(monnear, (struct monst *, int, int));
 E void NDECL(dmonsfree);
 E int FDECL(mcalcmove, (struct monst *));
 E void NDECL(mcalcdistress);
 E void FDECL(replmon, (struct monst *, struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(relmon, (struct monst *, struct monst **));
 E struct obj *FDECL(mlifesaver, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(corpse_chance, (struct monst *, struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(mondead, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(mondied, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(mongone, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(monstone, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(monkilled, (struct monst *, const char *, int));
 E void FDECL(unstuck, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(killed, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(xkilled, (struct monst *, int));
 E void FDECL(mon_to_stone, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(m_into_limbo, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(mnexto, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(maybe_mnexto, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(mnearto, (struct monst *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(m_respond, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(setmangry, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(wakeup, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(wake_nearby);
 E void FDECL(wake_nearto, (int, int, int));
 E void FDECL(seemimic, (struct monst *));
 E void NDECL(rescham);
 E void NDECL(restartcham);
 E void FDECL(restore_cham, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(hideunder, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(hide_monst, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(mon_animal_list, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(validvamp, (struct monst *, int *, int));
 E int FDECL(select_newcham_form, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(mgender_from_permonst, (struct monst *, struct permonst *));
 E int FDECL(newcham,
             (struct monst *, struct permonst *, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int FDECL(can_be_hatched, (int));
 E int FDECL(egg_type_from_parent, (int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(dead_species, (int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(kill_genocided_monsters);
 E void FDECL(golemeffects, (struct monst *, int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(angry_guards, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(pacify_guards);
 E void FDECL(decide_to_shapeshift, (struct monst *, int));
 E boolean FDECL(vamp_stone, (struct monst *));
 /* ### mondata.c ### */
 E void FDECL(set_mon_data, (struct monst *, struct permonst *, int));
 E struct attack *FDECL(attacktype_fordmg, (struct permonst *, int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(attacktype, (struct permonst *, int));
 E boolean FDECL(noattacks, (struct permonst *));
 E boolean FDECL(poly_when_stoned, (struct permonst *));
 E boolean FDECL(resists_drli, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(resists_magm, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(resists_blnd, (struct monst *));
 E boolean
 FDECL(can_blnd, (struct monst *, struct monst *, UCHAR_P, struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(ranged_attk, (struct permonst *));
 E boolean FDECL(hates_silver, (struct permonst *));
 E boolean FDECL(mon_hates_silver, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(passes_bars, (struct permonst *));
 E boolean FDECL(can_blow, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(can_chant, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(can_be_strangled, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(can_track, (struct permonst *));
 E boolean FDECL(breakarm, (struct permonst *));
 E boolean FDECL(sliparm, (struct permonst *));
 E boolean FDECL(sticks, (struct permonst *));
 E boolean FDECL(cantvomit, (struct permonst *));
 E int FDECL(num_horns, (struct permonst *));
 /* E boolean FDECL(canseemon, (struct monst *)); */
 E struct attack *FDECL(dmgtype_fromattack, (struct permonst *, int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(dmgtype, (struct permonst *, int));
 E int FDECL(max_passive_dmg, (struct monst *, struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(same_race, (struct permonst *, struct permonst *));
 E int FDECL(monsndx, (struct permonst *));
 E int FDECL(name_to_mon, (const char *));
 E int FDECL(name_to_monclass, (const char *, int *));
 E int FDECL(gender, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(pronoun_gender, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(levl_follower, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(little_to_big, (int));
 E int FDECL(big_to_little, (int));
 E boolean FDECL(big_little_match, (int, int));
 E const char *FDECL(locomotion, (const struct permonst *, const char *));
 E const char *FDECL(stagger, (const struct permonst *, const char *));
 E const char *FDECL(on_fire, (struct permonst *, struct attack *));
 E const struct permonst *FDECL(raceptr, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(olfaction, (struct permonst *));
 /* ### monmove.c ### */
 E boolean FDECL(itsstuck, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(mb_trapped, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(monhaskey, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(mon_regen, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int FDECL(dochugw, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(onscary, (int, int, struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(monflee, (struct monst *, int, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(mon_yells, (struct monst *, const char *));
 E int FDECL(dochug, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(m_digweapon_check, (struct monst *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E int FDECL(m_move, (struct monst *, int));
 E void FDECL(dissolve_bars, (int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(closed_door, (int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(accessible, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(set_apparxy, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(can_ooze, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(can_fog, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(should_displace,
                 (struct monst *, coord *, long *, int, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E boolean FDECL(undesirable_disp, (struct monst *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 /* ### monst.c ### */
 E void NDECL(monst_init);
 /* ### monstr.c ### */
 E void NDECL(monstr_init);
 /* ### mplayer.c ### */
 E struct monst *FDECL(mk_mplayer,
                       (struct permonst *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(create_mplayers, (int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(mplayer_talk, (struct monst *));
 #if defined(MICRO) || defined(WIN32)
 /* ### msdos.c,os2.c,tos.c,winnt.c ### */
 #ifndef WIN32
 E int NDECL(tgetch);
 #ifndef TOS
 E char NDECL(switchar);
 #ifndef __GO32__
 E long FDECL(freediskspace, (char *));
 #ifdef MSDOS
 E int FDECL(findfirst_file, (char *));
 E int NDECL(findnext_file);
 E long FDECL(filesize_nh, (char *));
 E int FDECL(findfirst, (char *));
 E int NDECL(findnext);
 E long FDECL(filesize, (char *));
 #endif /* MSDOS */
 E char *NDECL(foundfile_buffer);
 #endif /* __GO32__ */
 E void FDECL(chdrive, (char *));
 #ifndef TOS
 E void NDECL(disable_ctrlP);
 E void NDECL(enable_ctrlP);
 #if defined(MICRO) && !defined(WINNT)
 E void NDECL(get_scr_size);
 #ifndef TOS
 E void FDECL(gotoxy, (int, int));
 #ifdef TOS
 E int FDECL(_copyfile, (char *, char *));
 E int NDECL(kbhit);
 E void NDECL(set_colors);
 E void NDECL(restore_colors);
 #ifdef SUSPEND
 E int NDECL(dosuspend);
 #endif /* TOS */
 #ifdef WIN32
 E char *FDECL(get_username, (int *));
 E void FDECL(nt_regularize, (char *));
 E int NDECL((*nt_kbhit));
 E void FDECL(Delay, (int));
 #endif /* WIN32 */
 #endif /* MICRO || WIN32 */
 /* ### mthrowu.c ### */
 E int FDECL(thitu, (int, int, struct obj **, const char *));
 E int FDECL(ohitmon, (struct monst *, struct obj *, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(thrwmu, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(spitmu, (struct monst *, struct attack *));
 E int FDECL(breamu, (struct monst *, struct attack *));
 E boolean FDECL(linedup, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, int));
 E boolean FDECL(lined_up, (struct monst *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(m_carrying, (struct monst *, int));
 E int FDECL(thrwmm, (struct monst *, struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(spitmm, (struct monst *, struct attack *, struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(breamm, (struct monst *, struct attack *, struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(m_useupall, (struct monst *, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(m_useup, (struct monst *, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(m_throw, (struct monst *, int, int, int, int, int, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(hit_bars, (struct obj **, int, int, int, int,
                         BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(hits_bars, (struct obj **, int, int, int, int, int, int));
 /* ### muse.c ### */
 E boolean FDECL(find_defensive, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(use_defensive, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(rnd_defensive_item, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(find_offensive, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(mbhitm, (struct monst *, struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(use_offensive, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(rnd_offensive_item, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(find_misc, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(use_misc, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(rnd_misc_item, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(searches_for_item, (struct monst *, struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(mon_reflects, (struct monst *, const char *));
 E boolean FDECL(ureflects, (const char *, const char *));
 E void FDECL(mcureblindness, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(munstone, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(munslime, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 /* ### music.c ### */
 E void FDECL(awaken_soldiers, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(do_play_instrument, (struct obj *));
 /* ### nhlan.c ### */
 E void NDECL(init_lan_features);
 E char *NDECL(lan_username);
 /* ### nhregex.c ### */
 E struct nhregex *NDECL(regex_init);
 E boolean FDECL(regex_compile, (const char *, struct nhregex *));
 E const char *FDECL(regex_error_desc, (struct nhregex *));
 E boolean FDECL(regex_match, (const char *, struct nhregex *));
 E void FDECL(regex_free, (struct nhregex *));
 /* ### nttty.c ### */
 #ifdef WIN32
 E void NDECL(get_scr_size);
 E int NDECL(nttty_kbhit);
 E void FDECL(nttty_open, (int));
 E void NDECL(nttty_rubout);
 E int NDECL(tgetch);
 E int FDECL(ntposkey, (int *, int *, int *));
 E void FDECL(set_output_mode, (int));
 E void NDECL(synch_cursor);
 /* ### o_init.c ### */
 E void NDECL(init_objects);
 E void FDECL(obj_shuffle_range, (int, int *, int *));
 E int NDECL(find_skates);
 E void NDECL(oinit);
 E void FDECL(savenames, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(restnames, (int));
 E void FDECL(discover_object, (int, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(undiscover_object, (int));
 E int NDECL(dodiscovered);
 E int NDECL(doclassdisco);
 E void NDECL(rename_disco);
 /* ### objects.c ### */
 E void NDECL(objects_init);
 /* ### objnam.c ### */
 E char *FDECL(obj_typename, (int));
 E char *FDECL(simple_typename, (int));
 E boolean FDECL(obj_is_pname, (struct obj *));
 E char *FDECL(distant_name, (struct obj *, char *(*)(OBJ_P)));
 E char *FDECL(fruitname, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E struct fruit *FDECL(fruit_from_indx, (int));
 E struct fruit *FDECL(fruit_from_name, (const char *, BOOLEAN_P, int *));
 E void FDECL(reorder_fruit, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E char *FDECL(xname, (struct obj *));
 E char *FDECL(mshot_xname, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(the_unique_obj, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(the_unique_pm, (struct permonst *));
 E boolean FDECL(erosion_matters, (struct obj *));
 E char *FDECL(doname, (struct obj *));
 E char *FDECL(doname_with_price, (struct obj *));
 E char *FDECL(doname_vague_quan, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(not_fully_identified, (struct obj *));
 E char *FDECL(corpse_xname, (struct obj *, const char *, unsigned));
 E char *FDECL(cxname, (struct obj *));
 E char *FDECL(cxname_singular, (struct obj *));
 E char *FDECL(killer_xname, (struct obj *));
 E char *FDECL(short_oname,
               (struct obj *, char *(*)(OBJ_P), char *(*)(OBJ_P), unsigned));
 E const char *FDECL(singular, (struct obj *, char *(*)(OBJ_P)));
 E char *FDECL(an, (const char *));
 E char *FDECL(An, (const char *));
 E char *FDECL(The, (const char *));
 E char *FDECL(the, (const char *));
 E char *FDECL(aobjnam, (struct obj *, const char *));
 E char *FDECL(yobjnam, (struct obj *, const char *));
 E char *FDECL(Yobjnam2, (struct obj *, const char *));
 E char *FDECL(Tobjnam, (struct obj *, const char *));
 E char *FDECL(otense, (struct obj *, const char *));
 E char *FDECL(vtense, (const char *, const char *));
 E char *FDECL(Doname2, (struct obj *));
 E char *FDECL(yname, (struct obj *));
 E char *FDECL(Yname2, (struct obj *));
 E char *FDECL(ysimple_name, (struct obj *));
 E char *FDECL(Ysimple_name2, (struct obj *));
 E char *FDECL(simpleonames, (struct obj *));
 E char *FDECL(ansimpleoname, (struct obj *));
 E char *FDECL(thesimpleoname, (struct obj *));
 E char *FDECL(bare_artifactname, (struct obj *));
 E char *FDECL(makeplural, (const char *));
 E char *FDECL(makesingular, (const char *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(readobjnam, (char *, struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(rnd_class, (int, int));
 E const char *FDECL(suit_simple_name, (struct obj *));
 E const char *FDECL(cloak_simple_name, (struct obj *));
 E const char *FDECL(helm_simple_name, (struct obj *));
 E const char *FDECL(mimic_obj_name, (struct monst *));
 E char *FDECL(safe_qbuf, (char *, const char *, const char *, struct obj *,
                           char *(*)(OBJ_P), char *(*)(OBJ_P), const char *));
 /* ### options.c ### */
 E void NDECL(reglyph_darkroom);
 E boolean FDECL(match_optname, (const char *, const char *, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(initoptions);
 E void NDECL(initoptions_init);
 E void NDECL(initoptions_finish);
 E boolean FDECL(parseoptions, (char *, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int NDECL(doset);
 E int NDECL(dotogglepickup);
 E void NDECL(option_help);
 E void FDECL(next_opt, (winid, const char *));
 E int FDECL(fruitadd, (char *, struct fruit *));
 E int FDECL(choose_classes_menu, (const char *, int, BOOLEAN_P,
                                   char *, char *));
 E boolean FDECL(parsebindings, (char *));
 E void FDECL(add_menu_cmd_alias, (CHAR_P, CHAR_P));
 E char FDECL(get_menu_cmd_key, (CHAR_P));
 E char FDECL(map_menu_cmd, (CHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(show_menu_controls, (winid, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(assign_warnings, (uchar *));
 E char *FDECL(nh_getenv, (const char *));
 E void FDECL(set_duplicate_opt_detection, (int));
 E void FDECL(set_wc_option_mod_status, (unsigned long, int));
 E void FDECL(set_wc2_option_mod_status, (unsigned long, int));
 E void FDECL(set_option_mod_status, (const char *, int));
 E int FDECL(add_autopickup_exception, (const char *));
 E void NDECL(free_autopickup_exceptions);
 E int FDECL(load_symset, (const char *, int));
 E void NDECL(free_symsets);
 E boolean FDECL(parsesymbols, (char *));
 E struct symparse *FDECL(match_sym, (char *));
 E void NDECL(set_playmode);
 E int FDECL(sym_val, (const char *));
 E int FDECL(query_color, (const char *));
 E int FDECL(query_attr, (const char *));
 E const char *FDECL(clr2colorname, (int));
 E int FDECL(match_str2clr, (char *));
 E int FDECL(match_str2attr, (const char *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(add_menu_coloring, (char *));
 E boolean FDECL(get_menu_coloring, (const char *, int *, int *));
 E void NDECL(free_menu_coloring);
 E boolean FDECL(msgtype_parse_add, (char *));
 E int FDECL(msgtype_type, (const char *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(hide_unhide_msgtypes, (BOOLEAN_P, int));
 E void NDECL(msgtype_free);
 /* ### pager.c ### */
 E char *FDECL(self_lookat, (char *));
 E void FDECL(mhidden_description, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P, char *));
 E boolean FDECL(object_from_map, (int,int,int,struct obj **));
 E int FDECL(do_screen_description, (coord, BOOLEAN_P, int, char *,
                                     const char **));
 E int FDECL(do_look, (int, coord *));
 E int NDECL(dowhatis);
 E int NDECL(doquickwhatis);
 E int NDECL(doidtrap);
 E int NDECL(dowhatdoes);
 E char *FDECL(dowhatdoes_core, (CHAR_P, char *));
 E int NDECL(dohelp);
 E int NDECL(dohistory);
 /* ### pcmain.c ### */
 #if defined(MICRO) || defined(WIN32)
 #ifdef CHDIR
 E void FDECL(chdirx, (char *, BOOLEAN_P));
 #endif /* CHDIR */
 E boolean NDECL(authorize_wizard_mode);
 #endif /* MICRO || WIN32 */
 /* ### pcsys.c ### */
 #if defined(MICRO) || defined(WIN32)
 E void NDECL(flushout);
 E int NDECL(dosh);
 #ifdef MFLOPPY
 E void FDECL(eraseall, (const char *, const char *));
 E void FDECL(copybones, (int));
 E void NDECL(playwoRAMdisk);
 E int FDECL(saveDiskPrompt, (int));
 E void NDECL(gameDiskPrompt);
 E void FDECL(append_slash, (char *));
 E void FDECL(getreturn, (const char *));
 #ifndef AMIGA
 E void VDECL(msmsg, (const char *, ...));
 E FILE *FDECL(fopenp, (const char *, const char *));
 #endif /* MICRO || WIN32 */
 /* ### pctty.c ### */
 #if defined(MICRO) || defined(WIN32)
 E void NDECL(gettty);
 E void FDECL(settty, (const char *));
 E void NDECL(setftty);
 E void VDECL(error, (const char *, ...));
 #if defined(TIMED_DELAY) && defined(_MSC_VER)
 E void FDECL(msleep, (unsigned));
 #endif /* MICRO || WIN32 */
 /* ### pcunix.c ### */
 #if defined(MICRO)
 E void FDECL(regularize, (char *));
 #endif /* MICRO */
 #if defined(PC_LOCKING)
 E void NDECL(getlock);
 /* ### pickup.c ### */
 E int FDECL(collect_obj_classes, (char *, struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P,
                                   boolean FDECL((*), (OBJ_P)), int *));
 E boolean FDECL(rider_corpse_revival, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(menu_class_present, (int));
 E void FDECL(add_valid_menu_class, (int));
 E boolean FDECL(allow_all, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(allow_category, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(is_worn_by_type, (struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(ck_bag, (struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(in_container, (struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(out_container, (struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(pickup, (int));
 E int FDECL(pickup_object, (struct obj *, long, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int FDECL(query_category, (const char *, struct obj *, int,
                              menu_item **, int));
 E int FDECL(query_objlist, (const char *, struct obj **, int,
                             menu_item **, int, boolean (*)(OBJ_P)));
 E struct obj *FDECL(pick_obj, (struct obj *));
 E int NDECL(encumber_msg);
 E int FDECL(container_at, (int, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int NDECL(doloot);
 E boolean FDECL(container_gone, (int (*)(OBJ_P)));
 E boolean NDECL(u_handsy);
 E int FDECL(use_container, (struct obj **, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int FDECL(loot_mon, (struct monst *, int *, boolean *));
 E int NDECL(dotip);
 E boolean FDECL(is_autopickup_exception, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(autopick_testobj, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 /* ### pline.c ### */
 #ifdef DUMPLOG
 E void FDECL(dumplogmsg, (const char *));
 E void NDECL(dumplogfreemessages);
 E void VDECL(pline, (const char *, ...)) PRINTF_F(1, 2);
 E void VDECL(custompline, (unsigned, const char *, ...)) PRINTF_F(2, 3);
 E void VDECL(Norep, (const char *, ...)) PRINTF_F(1, 2);
 E void NDECL(free_youbuf);
 E void VDECL(You, (const char *, ...)) PRINTF_F(1, 2);
 E void VDECL(Your, (const char *, ...)) PRINTF_F(1, 2);
 E void VDECL(You_feel, (const char *, ...)) PRINTF_F(1, 2);
 E void VDECL(You_cant, (const char *, ...)) PRINTF_F(1, 2);
 E void VDECL(You_hear, (const char *, ...)) PRINTF_F(1, 2);
 E void VDECL(You_see, (const char *, ...)) PRINTF_F(1, 2);
 E void VDECL(pline_The, (const char *, ...)) PRINTF_F(1, 2);
 E void VDECL(There, (const char *, ...)) PRINTF_F(1, 2);
 E void VDECL(verbalize, (const char *, ...)) PRINTF_F(1, 2);
 E void VDECL(raw_printf, (const char *, ...)) PRINTF_F(1, 2);
 E void VDECL(impossible, (const char *, ...)) PRINTF_F(1, 2);
 /* ### polyself.c ### */
 E void NDECL(set_uasmon);
 E void NDECL(float_vs_flight);
 E void NDECL(change_sex);
 E void FDECL(polyself, (int));
 E int FDECL(polymon, (int));
 E void NDECL(rehumanize);
 E int NDECL(dobreathe);
 E int NDECL(dospit);
 E int NDECL(doremove);
 E int NDECL(dospinweb);
 E int NDECL(dosummon);
 E int NDECL(dogaze);
 E int NDECL(dohide);
 E int NDECL(dopoly);
 E int NDECL(domindblast);
 E void FDECL(skinback, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E const char *FDECL(mbodypart, (struct monst *, int));
 E const char *FDECL(body_part, (int));
 E int NDECL(poly_gender);
 E void FDECL(ugolemeffects, (int, int));
 E boolean NDECL(ugenocided);
 E const char *NDECL(udeadinside);
 /* ### potion.c ### */
 E void FDECL(set_itimeout, (long *, long));
 E void FDECL(incr_itimeout, (long *, int));
 E void FDECL(make_confused, (long, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(make_stunned, (long, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(make_blinded, (long, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(make_sick, (long, const char *, BOOLEAN_P, int));
 E void FDECL(make_slimed, (long, const char *));
 E void FDECL(make_stoned, (long, const char *, int, const char *));
 E void FDECL(make_vomiting, (long, BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(make_hallucinated, (long, BOOLEAN_P, long));
 E void FDECL(make_deaf, (long, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(self_invis_message);
 E int NDECL(dodrink);
 E int FDECL(dopotion, (struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(peffects, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(healup, (int, int, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(strange_feeling, (struct obj *, const char *));
 E void FDECL(potionhit, (struct monst *, struct obj *, int));
 E void FDECL(potionbreathe, (struct obj *));
 E int NDECL(dodip);
 E void FDECL(mongrantswish, (struct monst **));
 E void FDECL(djinni_from_bottle, (struct obj *));
 E struct monst *FDECL(split_mon, (struct monst *, struct monst *));
 E const char *NDECL(bottlename);
 /* ### pray.c ### */
 E boolean FDECL(critically_low_hp, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean NDECL(stuck_in_wall);
 E int NDECL(prayer_done);
 E int NDECL(dosacrifice);
 E boolean FDECL(can_pray, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E int NDECL(dopray);
 E const char *NDECL(u_gname);
 E int NDECL(doturn);
 E const char *NDECL(a_gname);
 E const char *FDECL(a_gname_at, (XCHAR_P x, XCHAR_P y));
 E const char *FDECL(align_gname, (ALIGNTYP_P));
 E const char *FDECL(halu_gname, (ALIGNTYP_P));
 E const char *FDECL(align_gtitle, (ALIGNTYP_P));
 E void FDECL(altar_wrath, (int, int));
 /* ### priest.c ### */
 E int FDECL(move_special, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P, SCHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P,
                            BOOLEAN_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E char FDECL(temple_occupied, (char *));
 E boolean FDECL(inhistemple, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(pri_move, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(priestini, (d_level *, struct mkroom *, int, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E aligntyp FDECL(mon_aligntyp, (struct monst *));
 E char *FDECL(priestname, (struct monst *, char *));
 E boolean FDECL(p_coaligned, (struct monst *));
 E struct monst *FDECL(findpriest, (CHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(intemple, (int));
 E void FDECL(forget_temple_entry, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(priest_talk, (struct monst *));
 E struct monst *FDECL(mk_roamer, (struct permonst *, ALIGNTYP_P, XCHAR_P,
                                   XCHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(reset_hostility, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(in_your_sanctuary, (struct monst *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(ghod_hitsu, (struct monst *));
 E void NDECL(angry_priest);
 E void NDECL(clearpriests);
 E void FDECL(restpriest, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(newepri, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(free_epri, (struct monst *));
 E const char *FDECL(align_str, (ALIGNTYP_P));
 E char *FDECL(piousness, (BOOLEAN_P, const char *));
 E void FDECL(mstatusline, (struct monst *));
 E void NDECL(ustatusline);
 /* ### quest.c ### */
 E void NDECL(onquest);
 E void NDECL(nemdead);
 E void FDECL(artitouch, (struct obj *));
 E boolean NDECL(ok_to_quest);
 E void FDECL(leader_speaks, (struct monst *));
 E void NDECL(nemesis_speaks);
 E void FDECL(quest_chat, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(quest_talk, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(quest_stat_check, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(finish_quest, (struct obj *));
 /* ### questpgr.c ### */
 E void NDECL(load_qtlist);
 E void NDECL(unload_qtlist);
 E short FDECL(quest_info, (int));
 E const char *NDECL(ldrname);
 E boolean FDECL(is_quest_artifact, (struct obj *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(find_quest_artifact, (unsigned));
 E void FDECL(com_pager, (int));
 E void FDECL(qt_pager, (int));
 E struct permonst *NDECL(qt_montype);
 E void NDECL(deliver_splev_message);
 /* ### random.c ### */
 #if defined(RANDOM) && !defined(__GO32__) /* djgpp has its own random */
 E void FDECL(srandom, (unsigned));
 E char *FDECL(initstate, (unsigned, char *, int));
 E char *FDECL(setstate, (char *));
 E long NDECL(random);
 #endif /* RANDOM */
 /* ### read.c ### */
 E void FDECL(learnscroll, (struct obj *));
 E char *FDECL(tshirt_text, (struct obj *, char *));
 E int NDECL(doread);
 E boolean FDECL(is_chargeable, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(recharge, (struct obj *, int));
 E void FDECL(forget_objects, (int));
 E void FDECL(forget_levels, (int));
 E void NDECL(forget_traps);
 E void FDECL(forget_map, (int));
 E int FDECL(seffects, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(drop_boulder_on_player,
 E boolean FDECL(drop_boulder_on_monster, (int, int, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(wand_explode, (struct obj *, int));
 E void FDECL(set_lit, (int, int, genericptr_t));
 E void FDECL(litroom, (BOOLEAN_P, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(do_genocide, (int));
 E void FDECL(punish, (struct obj *));
 E void NDECL(unpunish);
 E boolean FDECL(cant_revive, (int *, BOOLEAN_P, struct obj *));
 E boolean NDECL(create_particular);
 /* ### rect.c ### */
 E void NDECL(init_rect);
 E NhRect *FDECL(get_rect, (NhRect *));
 E NhRect *NDECL(rnd_rect);
 E void FDECL(remove_rect, (NhRect *));
 E void FDECL(add_rect, (NhRect *));
 E void FDECL(split_rects, (NhRect *, NhRect *));
 /* ## region.c ### */
 E void NDECL(clear_regions);
 E void NDECL(run_regions);
 E boolean FDECL(in_out_region, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E boolean FDECL(m_in_out_region, (struct monst *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E void NDECL(update_player_regions);
 E void FDECL(update_monster_region, (struct monst *));
 E NhRegion *FDECL(visible_region_at, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(show_region, (NhRegion *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(save_regions, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(rest_regions, (int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(region_stats, (const char *, char *, long *, long *));
 E NhRegion *FDECL(create_gas_cloud, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, int, int));
 E boolean NDECL(region_danger);
 E void NDECL(region_safety);
 /* ### restore.c ### */
 E void FDECL(inven_inuse, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E int FDECL(dorecover, (int));
 E void FDECL(restcemetery, (int, struct cemetery **));
 E void FDECL(trickery, (char *));
 E void FDECL(getlev, (int, int, XCHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(get_plname_from_file, (int, char *));
 E int FDECL(restore_menu, (winid));
 E void NDECL(minit);
 E boolean FDECL(lookup_id_mapping, (unsigned, unsigned *));
 E void FDECL(mread, (int, genericptr_t, unsigned int));
 E int FDECL(validate, (int, const char *));
 E void NDECL(reset_restpref);
 E void FDECL(set_restpref, (const char *));
 E void FDECL(set_savepref, (const char *));
 /* ### rip.c ### */
 E void FDECL(genl_outrip, (winid, int, time_t));
 /* ### rnd.c ### */
 E int FDECL(rn2, (int));
 E int FDECL(rnl, (int));
 E int FDECL(rnd, (int));
 E int FDECL(d, (int, int));
 E int FDECL(rne, (int));
 E int FDECL(rnz, (int));
 /* ### role.c ### */
 E boolean FDECL(validrole, (int));
 E boolean FDECL(validrace, (int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(validgend, (int, int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(validalign, (int, int, int));
 E int NDECL(randrole);
 E int FDECL(randrace, (int));
 E int FDECL(randgend, (int, int));
 E int FDECL(randalign, (int, int));
 E int FDECL(str2role, (const char *));
 E int FDECL(str2race, (const char *));
 E int FDECL(str2gend, (const char *));
 E int FDECL(str2align, (const char *));
 E boolean FDECL(ok_role, (int, int, int, int));
 E int FDECL(pick_role, (int, int, int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(ok_race, (int, int, int, int));
 E int FDECL(pick_race, (int, int, int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(ok_gend, (int, int, int, int));
 E int FDECL(pick_gend, (int, int, int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(ok_align, (int, int, int, int));
 E int FDECL(pick_align, (int, int, int, int));
 E void NDECL(rigid_role_checks);
 E boolean FDECL(setrolefilter, (const char *));
 E boolean NDECL(gotrolefilter);
 E void NDECL(clearrolefilter);
 E char *FDECL(build_plselection_prompt, (char *, int, int, int, int, int));
 E char *FDECL(root_plselection_prompt, (char *, int, int, int, int, int));
 E void NDECL(plnamesuffix);
 E void FDECL(role_selection_prolog, (int, winid));
 E void FDECL(role_menu_extra, (int, winid, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(role_init);
 E const char *FDECL(Hello, (struct monst *));
 E const char *NDECL(Goodbye);
 /* ### rumors.c ### */
 E char *FDECL(getrumor, (int, char *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E char *FDECL(get_rnd_text, (const char *, char *));
 E void FDECL(outrumor, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(outoracle, (BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(save_oracles, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(restore_oracles, (int));
 E int FDECL(doconsult, (struct monst *));
 E void NDECL(rumor_check);
 /* ### save.c ### */
 E int NDECL(dosave);
 E int NDECL(dosave0);
 E boolean FDECL(tricked_fileremoved, (int, char *));
 E void NDECL(savestateinlock);
 #ifdef MFLOPPY
 E boolean FDECL(savelev, (int, XCHAR_P, int));
 E boolean FDECL(swapin_file, (int));
 E void NDECL(co_false);
 E void FDECL(savelev, (int, XCHAR_P, int));
 E genericptr_t FDECL(mon_to_buffer, (struct monst *, int *));
 E void FDECL(bufon, (int));
 E void FDECL(bufoff, (int));
 E void FDECL(bflush, (int));
 E void FDECL(bwrite, (int, genericptr_t, unsigned int));
 E void FDECL(bclose, (int));
 E void FDECL(def_bclose, (int));
 #if defined(ZEROCOMP)
 E void FDECL(zerocomp_bclose, (int));
 E void FDECL(savecemetery, (int, int, struct cemetery **));
 E void FDECL(savefruitchn, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(store_plname_in_file, (int));
 E void NDECL(free_dungeons);
 E void NDECL(freedynamicdata);
 E void FDECL(store_savefileinfo, (int));
 /* ### shk.c ### */
 E void FDECL(setpaid, (struct monst *));
 E long FDECL(money2mon, (struct monst *, long));
 E void FDECL(money2u, (struct monst *, long));
 E void FDECL(shkgone, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(set_residency, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(replshk, (struct monst *, struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(restshk, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E char FDECL(inside_shop, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(u_left_shop, (char *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(remote_burglary, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(u_entered_shop, (char *));
 E void FDECL(pick_pick, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(same_price, (struct obj *, struct obj *));
 E void NDECL(shopper_financial_report);
 E int FDECL(inhishop, (struct monst *));
 E struct monst *FDECL(shop_keeper, (CHAR_P));
 E boolean FDECL(tended_shop, (struct mkroom *));
 E boolean FDECL(is_unpaid, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(delete_contents, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(obfree, (struct obj *, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(home_shk, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(make_happy_shk, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(make_happy_shoppers, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(hot_pursuit, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(make_angry_shk, (struct monst *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E int NDECL(dopay);
 E boolean FDECL(paybill, (int));
 E void NDECL(finish_paybill);
 E struct obj *FDECL(find_oid, (unsigned));
 E long FDECL(contained_cost,
              (struct obj *, struct monst *, long, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E long FDECL(contained_gold, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(picked_container, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(alter_cost, (struct obj *, long));
 E long FDECL(unpaid_cost, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(billable, (struct monst **, struct obj *, CHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(addtobill, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(splitbill, (struct obj *, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(subfrombill, (struct obj *, struct monst *));
 E long FDECL(stolen_value,
              (struct obj *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(sellobj_state, (int));
 E void FDECL(sellobj, (struct obj *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E int FDECL(doinvbill, (int));
 E struct monst *FDECL(shkcatch, (struct obj *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(add_damage, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, long));
 E int FDECL(repair_damage, (struct monst *, struct damage *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int FDECL(shk_move, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(after_shk_move, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(is_fshk, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(shopdig, (int));
 E void FDECL(pay_for_damage, (const char *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(costly_spot, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E struct obj *FDECL(shop_object, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(price_quote, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(shk_chat, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(check_unpaid_usage, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(check_unpaid, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(costly_gold, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, long));
 E long FDECL(get_cost_of_shop_item, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(block_door, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E boolean FDECL(block_entry, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E char *FDECL(shk_your, (char *, struct obj *));
 E char *FDECL(Shk_Your, (char *, struct obj *));
 /* ### shknam.c ### */
 E void FDECL(neweshk, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(free_eshk, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(stock_room, (int, struct mkroom *));
 E boolean FDECL(saleable, (struct monst *, struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(get_shop_item, (int));
 E char *FDECL(Shknam, (struct monst *));
 E char *FDECL(shkname, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(shkname_is_pname, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(is_izchak, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 /* ### sit.c ### */
 E void NDECL(take_gold);
 E int NDECL(dosit);
 E void NDECL(rndcurse);
 E void NDECL(attrcurse);
 /* ### sounds.c ### */
 E void NDECL(dosounds);
 E const char *FDECL(growl_sound, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(growl, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(yelp, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(whimper, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(beg, (struct monst *));
 E int NDECL(dotalk);
 E int FDECL(add_sound_mapping, (const char *));
 E void FDECL(play_sound_for_message, (const char *));
 /* ### sys.c ### */
 E void NDECL(sys_early_init);
 E void NDECL(sysopt_release);
 E void FDECL(sysopt_seduce_set, (int));
 /* ### sys/msdos/sound.c ### */
 #ifdef MSDOS
 E int FDECL(assign_soundcard, (char *));
 /* ### sp_lev.c ### */
 E boolean FDECL(check_room, (xchar *, xchar *, xchar *, xchar *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(create_room, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P,
                               XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(create_secret_door, (struct mkroom *, XCHAR_P));
 E boolean
 FDECL(dig_corridor, (coord *, coord *, BOOLEAN_P, SCHAR_P, SCHAR_P));
 E void FDECL(fill_room, (struct mkroom *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(load_special, (const char *));
 E xchar FDECL(selection_getpoint, (int, int, struct opvar *));
 E struct opvar *FDECL(selection_opvar, (char *));
 E void FDECL(opvar_free_x, (struct opvar *));
 E void FDECL(set_selection_floodfillchk, (int FDECL((*), (int,int))));
 E void FDECL(selection_floodfill, (struct opvar *, int, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 /* ### spell.c ### */
 E void FDECL(book_cursed, (struct obj *));
 E int NDECL(learn);
 E int FDECL(study_book, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(book_disappears, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(book_substitution, (struct obj *, struct obj *));
 E void NDECL(age_spells);
 E int NDECL(docast);
 E int FDECL(spell_skilltype, (int));
 E int FDECL(spelleffects, (int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(losespells);
 E int NDECL(dovspell);
 E void FDECL(initialspell, (struct obj *));
 /* ### steal.c ### */
 E int NDECL(stealarm);
 E long FDECL(somegold, (long));
 E void FDECL(stealgold, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(remove_worn_item, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int FDECL(steal, (struct monst *, char *));
 E int FDECL(mpickobj, (struct monst *, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(stealamulet, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(maybe_absorb_item, (struct monst *, struct obj *, int, int));
 E void FDECL(mdrop_obj, (struct monst *, struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(mdrop_special_objs, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(relobj, (struct monst *, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E struct obj *FDECL(findgold, (struct obj *));
 /* ### steed.c ### */
 E void NDECL(rider_cant_reach);
 E boolean FDECL(can_saddle, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(use_saddle, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(put_saddle_on_mon, (struct obj *, struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(can_ride, (struct monst *));
 E int NDECL(doride);
 E boolean FDECL(mount_steed, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(exercise_steed);
 E void NDECL(kick_steed);
 E void FDECL(dismount_steed, (int));
 E void FDECL(place_monster, (struct monst *, int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(stucksteed, (BOOLEAN_P));
 /* ### teleport.c ### */
 E boolean FDECL(goodpos, (int, int, struct monst *, unsigned));
 E boolean FDECL(enexto, (coord *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, struct permonst *));
 E boolean FDECL(enexto_core, (coord *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P,
                               struct permonst *, unsigned));
 E void FDECL(teleds, (int, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(safe_teleds, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(teleport_pet, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(tele);
 E boolean FDECL(scrolltele, (struct obj *));
 E int NDECL(dotele);
 E void NDECL(level_tele);
 E void FDECL(domagicportal, (struct trap *));
 E void FDECL(tele_trap, (struct trap *));
 E void FDECL(level_tele_trap, (struct trap *, unsigned));
 E void FDECL(rloc_to, (struct monst *, int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(rloc, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(tele_restrict, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(mtele_trap, (struct monst *, struct trap *, int));
 E int FDECL(mlevel_tele_trap, (struct monst *, struct trap *,
                                BOOLEAN_P, int));
 E boolean FDECL(rloco, (struct obj *));
 E int NDECL(random_teleport_level);
 E boolean FDECL(u_teleport_mon, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 /* ### tile.c ### */
 #ifdef USE_TILES
 E void FDECL(substitute_tiles, (d_level *));
 /* ### timeout.c ### */
 E void NDECL(burn_away_slime);
 E void NDECL(nh_timeout);
 E void FDECL(fall_asleep, (int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(attach_egg_hatch_timeout, (struct obj *, long));
 E void FDECL(attach_fig_transform_timeout, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(kill_egg, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(hatch_egg, (ANY_P *, long));
 E void FDECL(learn_egg_type, (int));
 E void FDECL(burn_object, (ANY_P *, long));
 E void FDECL(begin_burn, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(end_burn, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(do_storms);
 E boolean FDECL(start_timer, (long, SHORT_P, SHORT_P, ANY_P *));
 E long FDECL(stop_timer, (SHORT_P, ANY_P *));
 E long FDECL(peek_timer, (SHORT_P, ANY_P *));
 E void NDECL(run_timers);
 E void FDECL(obj_move_timers, (struct obj *, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(obj_split_timers, (struct obj *, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(obj_stop_timers, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(obj_has_timer, (struct obj *, SHORT_P));
 E void FDECL(spot_stop_timers, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, SHORT_P));
 E long FDECL(spot_time_expires, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, SHORT_P));
 E long FDECL(spot_time_left, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, SHORT_P));
 E boolean FDECL(obj_is_local, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(save_timers, (int, int, int));
 E void FDECL(restore_timers, (int, int, BOOLEAN_P, long));
 E void FDECL(timer_stats, (const char *, char *, long *, long *));
 E void FDECL(relink_timers, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E int NDECL(wiz_timeout_queue);
 E void NDECL(timer_sanity_check);
 /* ### topten.c ### */
 E void FDECL(formatkiller, (char *, unsigned, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(topten, (int, time_t));
 E void FDECL(prscore, (int, char **));
 E struct toptenentry *NDECL(get_rnd_toptenentry);
 E struct obj *FDECL(tt_oname, (struct obj *));
 /* ### track.c ### */
 E void NDECL(initrack);
 E void NDECL(settrack);
 E coord *FDECL(gettrack, (int, int));
 /* ### trap.c ### */
 E boolean FDECL(burnarmor, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(erode_obj, (struct obj *, const char *, int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(grease_protect, (struct obj *, const char *, struct monst *));
 E struct trap *FDECL(maketrap, (int, int, int));
 E void FDECL(fall_through, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E struct monst *FDECL(animate_statue,
                       (struct obj *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, int, int *));
 E struct monst *FDECL(activate_statue_trap,
                       (struct trap *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(dotrap, (struct trap *, unsigned));
 E void FDECL(seetrap, (struct trap *));
 E void FDECL(feeltrap, (struct trap *));
 E int FDECL(mintrap, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(instapetrify, (const char *));
 E void FDECL(minstapetrify, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(selftouch, (const char *));
 E void FDECL(mselftouch, (struct monst *, const char *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(float_up);
 E void FDECL(fill_pit, (int, int));
 E int FDECL(float_down, (long, long));
 E void NDECL(climb_pit);
 E boolean FDECL(fire_damage, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E int FDECL(fire_damage_chain,
             (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E boolean FDECL(lava_damage, (struct obj *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E void acid_damage(struct obj *);
 E int FDECL(water_damage, (struct obj *, const char *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(water_damage_chain, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean NDECL(drown);
 E void FDECL(drain_en, (int));
 E int NDECL(dountrap);
 E void FDECL(cnv_trap_obj, (int, int, struct trap *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int FDECL(untrap, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(openholdingtrap, (struct monst *, boolean *));
 E boolean FDECL(closeholdingtrap, (struct monst *, boolean *));
 E boolean FDECL(openfallingtrap, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P, boolean *));
 E boolean FDECL(chest_trap, (struct obj *, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(deltrap, (struct trap *));
 E boolean FDECL(delfloortrap, (struct trap *));
 E struct trap *FDECL(t_at, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(b_trapped, (const char *, int));
 E boolean NDECL(unconscious);
 E void FDECL(blow_up_landmine, (struct trap *));
 E int FDECL(launch_obj, (SHORT_P, int, int, int, int, int));
 E boolean NDECL(launch_in_progress);
 E void NDECL(force_launch_placement);
 E boolean FDECL(uteetering_at_seen_pit, (struct trap *));
 E boolean NDECL(lava_effects);
 E void NDECL(sink_into_lava);
 E void NDECL(sokoban_guilt);
 /* ### u_init.c ### */
 E void NDECL(u_init);
 /* ### uhitm.c ### */
 E void FDECL(erode_armor, (struct monst *, int));
 E boolean FDECL(attack_checks, (struct monst *, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(check_caitiff, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(find_roll_to_hit, (struct monst *, UCHAR_P, struct obj *,
                                int *, int *));
 E boolean FDECL(attack, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(hmon, (struct monst *, struct obj *, int, int));
 E int FDECL(damageum, (struct monst *, struct attack *));
 E void FDECL(missum, (struct monst *, struct attack *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int FDECL(passive, (struct monst *, struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P, int,
                       UCHAR_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(passive_obj, (struct monst *, struct obj *, struct attack *));
 E void FDECL(stumble_onto_mimic, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(flash_hits_mon, (struct monst *, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(light_hits_gremlin, (struct monst *, int));
 /* ### unixmain.c ### */
 #ifdef UNIX
 #ifdef PORT_HELP
 E void NDECL(port_help);
 E void FDECL(sethanguphandler, (void (*)(int)));
 E boolean NDECL(authorize_wizard_mode);
 E boolean FDECL(check_user_string, (char *));
 E char *NDECL(get_login_name);
 #endif /* UNIX */
 /* ### unixtty.c ### */
 #if defined(UNIX) || defined(__BEOS__)
 E void NDECL(gettty);
 E void FDECL(settty, (const char *));
 E void NDECL(setftty);
 E void NDECL(intron);
 E void NDECL(introff);
 E void VDECL(error, (const char *, ...)) PRINTF_F(1, 2);
 #endif /* UNIX || __BEOS__ */
 /* ### unixunix.c ### */
 #ifdef UNIX
 E void NDECL(getlock);
 E void FDECL(regularize, (char *));
 #if defined(TIMED_DELAY) && !defined(msleep) && defined(SYSV)
 E void FDECL(msleep, (unsigned));
 #ifdef SHELL
 E int NDECL(dosh);
 #endif /* SHELL */
 #if defined(SHELL) || defined(DEF_PAGER) || defined(DEF_MAILREADER)
 E int FDECL(child, (int));
 E boolean FDECL(file_exists, (const char *));
 #endif /* UNIX */
 /* ### unixres.c ### */
 #ifdef UNIX
 E int FDECL(hide_privileges, (BOOLEAN_P));
 #endif /* UNIX */
 /* ### vault.c ### */
 E void FDECL(newegd, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(free_egd, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(grddead, (struct monst *));
 E void NDECL(vault_summon_gd);
 E char FDECL(vault_occupied, (char *));
 E void NDECL(invault);
 E int FDECL(gd_move, (struct monst *));
 E void NDECL(paygd);
 E long NDECL(hidden_gold);
 E boolean NDECL(gd_sound);
 E void FDECL(vault_gd_watching, (unsigned int));
 /* ### version.c ### */
 E char *FDECL(version_string, (char *));
 E char *FDECL(getversionstring, (char *));
 E int NDECL(doversion);
 E int NDECL(doextversion);
 #ifdef MICRO
 E boolean FDECL(comp_times, (long));
 E boolean
 FDECL(check_version, (struct version_info *, const char *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E boolean FDECL(uptodate, (int, const char *));
 E void FDECL(store_version, (int));
 E unsigned long FDECL(get_feature_notice_ver, (char *));
 E unsigned long NDECL(get_current_feature_ver);
 E const char *FDECL(copyright_banner_line, (int));
 E void FDECL(early_version_info, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E char *FDECL(get_port_id, (char *));
 E void FDECL(port_insert_pastebuf, (char *));
 /* ### video.c ### */
 #ifdef MSDOS
 E int FDECL(assign_video, (char *));
 #ifdef NO_TERMS
 E void NDECL(gr_init);
 E void NDECL(gr_finish);
 E void FDECL(tileview, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E int FDECL(assign_videoshades, (char *));
 E int FDECL(assign_videocolors, (char *));
 /* ### vis_tab.c ### */
 E void NDECL(vis_tab_init);
 /* ### vision.c ### */
 E void NDECL(vision_init);
 E int FDECL(does_block, (int, int, struct rm *));
 E void NDECL(vision_reset);
 E void FDECL(vision_recalc, (int));
 E void FDECL(block_point, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(unblock_point, (int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(clear_path, (int, int, int, int));
 E void FDECL(do_clear_area, (int, int, int,
                              void (*)(int, int, genericptr), genericptr_t));
 E unsigned FDECL(howmonseen, (struct monst *));
 #ifdef VMS
 /* ### vmsfiles.c ### */
 E int FDECL(vms_link, (const char *, const char *));
 E int FDECL(vms_unlink, (const char *));
 E int FDECL(vms_creat, (const char *, unsigned int));
 E int FDECL(vms_open, (const char *, int, unsigned int));
 E boolean FDECL(same_dir, (const char *, const char *));
 E int FDECL(c__translate, (int));
 E char *FDECL(vms_basename, (const char *));
 /* ### vmsmail.c ### */
 E unsigned long NDECL(init_broadcast_trapping);
 E unsigned long NDECL(enable_broadcast_trapping);
 E unsigned long NDECL(disable_broadcast_trapping);
 #if 0
 E struct mail_info *NDECL(parse_next_broadcast);
 #endif /*0*/
 /* ### vmsmain.c ### */
 E int FDECL(main, (int, char **));
 #ifdef CHDIR
 E void FDECL(chdirx, (const char *, BOOLEAN_P));
 #endif /* CHDIR */
 E void FDECL(sethanguphandler, (void (*)(int)));
 E boolean NDECL(authorize_wizard_mode);
 /* ### vmsmisc.c ### */
 E void NDECL(vms_abort) NORETURN;
 E void FDECL(vms_exit, (int)) NORETURN;
 E void FDECL(vms_traceback, (int));
 /* ### vmstty.c ### */
 E int NDECL(vms_getchar);
 E void NDECL(gettty);
 E void FDECL(settty, (const char *));
 E void FDECL(shuttty, (const char *));
 E void NDECL(setftty);
 E void NDECL(intron);
 E void NDECL(introff);
 E void VDECL(error, (const char *, ...)) PRINTF_F(1, 2);
 E void FDECL(msleep, (unsigned));
 /* ### vmsunix.c ### */
 E void NDECL(getlock);
 E void FDECL(regularize, (char *));
 E int NDECL(vms_getuid);
 E boolean FDECL(file_is_stmlf, (int));
 E int FDECL(vms_define, (const char *, const char *, int));
 E int FDECL(vms_putenv, (const char *));
 E char *NDECL(verify_termcap);
 #if defined(CHDIR) || defined(SHELL) || defined(SECURE)
 E void NDECL(privoff);
 E void NDECL(privon);
 #ifdef SHELL
 E int NDECL(dosh);
 #if defined(SHELL) || defined(MAIL)
 E int FDECL(vms_doshell, (const char *, BOOLEAN_P));
 #ifdef SUSPEND
 E int NDECL(dosuspend);
 E int FDECL(vms_get_saved_games, (const char *, char ***));
 #endif /* VMS */
 /* ### weapon.c ### */
 E const char *FDECL(weapon_descr, (struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(hitval, (struct obj *, struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(dmgval, (struct obj *, struct monst *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(select_rwep, (struct monst *));
 E struct obj *FDECL(select_hwep, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(possibly_unwield, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(mwepgone, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(mon_wield_item, (struct monst *));
 E int NDECL(abon);
 E int NDECL(dbon);
 E void FDECL(wet_a_towel, (struct obj *, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(dry_a_towel, (struct obj *, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int NDECL(enhance_weapon_skill);
 E void FDECL(unrestrict_weapon_skill, (int));
 E void FDECL(use_skill, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(add_weapon_skill, (int));
 E void FDECL(lose_weapon_skill, (int));
 E int FDECL(weapon_type, (struct obj *));
 E int NDECL(uwep_skill_type);
 E int FDECL(weapon_hit_bonus, (struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(weapon_dam_bonus, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(skill_init, (const struct def_skill *));
 /* ### were.c ### */
 E void FDECL(were_change, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(counter_were, (int));
 E int FDECL(were_beastie, (int));
 E void FDECL(new_were, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(were_summon, (struct permonst *, BOOLEAN_P, int *, char *));
 E void NDECL(you_were);
 E void FDECL(you_unwere, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(set_ulycn, (int));
 /* ### wield.c ### */
 E void FDECL(setuwep, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(setuqwep, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(setuswapwep, (struct obj *));
 E int NDECL(dowield);
 E int NDECL(doswapweapon);
 E int NDECL(dowieldquiver);
 E boolean FDECL(wield_tool, (struct obj *, const char *));
 E int NDECL(can_twoweapon);
 E void NDECL(drop_uswapwep);
 E int NDECL(dotwoweapon);
 E void NDECL(uwepgone);
 E void NDECL(uswapwepgone);
 E void NDECL(uqwepgone);
 E void NDECL(untwoweapon);
 E int FDECL(chwepon, (struct obj *, int));
 E int FDECL(welded, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(weldmsg, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(setmnotwielded, (struct monst *, struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(mwelded, (struct obj *));
 /* ### windows.c ### */
 E void FDECL(choose_windows, (const char *));
 #ifdef WINCHAIN
 void FDECL(addto_windowchain, (const char *s));
 void NDECL(commit_windowchain);
 E boolean NDECL(genl_can_suspend_no);
 E boolean NDECL(genl_can_suspend_yes);
 E char FDECL(genl_message_menu, (CHAR_P, int, const char *));
 E void FDECL(genl_preference_update, (const char *));
 E char *FDECL(genl_getmsghistory, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(genl_putmsghistory, (const char *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(nhwindows_hangup);
 E void NDECL(genl_status_init);
 E void NDECL(genl_status_finish);
 E void FDECL(genl_status_enablefield,
              (int, const char *, const char *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(genl_status_update, (int, genericptr_t, int, int, int, unsigned long *));
 E void FDECL(dump_open_log, (time_t));
 E void NDECL(dump_close_log);
 E void FDECL(dump_redirect, (BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(dump_forward_putstr, (winid, int, const char*, int));
 /* ### wizard.c ### */
 E void NDECL(amulet);
 E int FDECL(mon_has_amulet, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(mon_has_special, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(tactics, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(has_aggravatables, (struct monst *));
 E void NDECL(aggravate);
 E void NDECL(clonewiz);
 E int NDECL(pick_nasty);
 E int FDECL(nasty, (struct monst *));
 E void NDECL(resurrect);
 E void NDECL(intervene);
 E void NDECL(wizdead);
 E void FDECL(cuss, (struct monst *));
 /* ### worm.c ### */
 E int NDECL(get_wormno);
 E void FDECL(initworm, (struct monst *, int));
 E void FDECL(worm_move, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(worm_nomove, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(wormgone, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(wormhitu, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(cutworm, (struct monst *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(see_wsegs, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(detect_wsegs, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(save_worm, (int, int));
 E void FDECL(rest_worm, (int));
 E void FDECL(place_wsegs, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(sanity_check_worm, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(remove_worm, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(place_worm_tail_randomly, (struct monst *, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P));
 E int FDECL(size_wseg, (struct monst *));
 E int FDECL(count_wsegs, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(worm_known, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(worm_cross, (int, int, int, int));
 E int FDECL(wseg_at, (struct monst *, int, int));
 /* ### worn.c ### */
 E void FDECL(setworn, (struct obj *, long));
 E void FDECL(setnotworn, (struct obj *));
 E long FDECL(wearslot, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(mon_set_minvis, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(mon_adjust_speed, (struct monst *, int, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(update_mon_intrinsics,
              (struct monst *, struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int FDECL(find_mac, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(m_dowear, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E struct obj *FDECL(which_armor, (struct monst *, long));
 E void FDECL(mon_break_armor, (struct monst *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(bypass_obj, (struct obj *));
 E void NDECL(clear_bypasses);
 E void FDECL(bypass_objlist, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E struct obj *FDECL(nxt_unbypassed_obj, (struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(racial_exception, (struct monst *, struct obj *));
 /* ### write.c ### */
 E int FDECL(dowrite, (struct obj *));
 /* ### zap.c ### */
 E void FDECL(learnwand, (struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(bhitm, (struct monst *, struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(probe_monster, (struct monst *));
 E boolean FDECL(get_obj_location, (struct obj *, xchar *, xchar *, int));
 E boolean FDECL(get_mon_location, (struct monst *, xchar *, xchar *, int));
 E struct monst *FDECL(get_container_location,
                       (struct obj * obj, int *, int *));
 E struct monst *FDECL(montraits, (struct obj *, coord *));
 E struct monst *FDECL(revive, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E int FDECL(unturn_dead, (struct monst *));
 E void FDECL(cancel_item, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(drain_item, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E struct obj *FDECL(poly_obj, (struct obj *, int));
 E boolean FDECL(obj_resists, (struct obj *, int, int));
 E boolean FDECL(obj_shudders, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(do_osshock, (struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(bhito, (struct obj *, struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(bhitpile,
             (struct obj *, int (*)(OBJ_P, OBJ_P), int, int, SCHAR_P));
 E int FDECL(zappable, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(zapnodir, (struct obj *));
 E int NDECL(dozap);
 E int FDECL(zapyourself, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(ubreatheu, (struct attack *));
 E int FDECL(lightdamage, (struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P, int));
 E boolean FDECL(flashburn, (long));
 E boolean FDECL(cancel_monst, (struct monst *, struct obj *, BOOLEAN_P,
                                BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void NDECL(zapsetup);
 E void NDECL(zapwrapup);
 E void FDECL(weffects, (struct obj *));
 E int FDECL(spell_damage_bonus, (int));
 E const char *FDECL(exclam, (int force));
 E void FDECL(hit, (const char *, struct monst *, const char *));
 E void FDECL(miss, (const char *, struct monst *));
 E struct monst *FDECL(bhit, (int, int, int, int, int (*)(MONST_P, OBJ_P),
                              int (*)(OBJ_P, OBJ_P), struct obj **));
 E struct monst *FDECL(boomhit, (struct obj *, int, int));
 E int FDECL(zhitm, (struct monst *, int, int, struct obj **));
 E int FDECL(burn_floor_objects, (int, int, BOOLEAN_P, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(buzz, (int, int, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, int, int));
 E void FDECL(dobuzz, (int, int, XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, int, int, BOOLEAN_P));
 E void FDECL(melt_ice, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, const char *));
 E void FDECL(start_melt_ice_timeout, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, long));
 E void FDECL(melt_ice_away, (ANY_P *, long));
 E int FDECL(zap_over_floor, (XCHAR_P, XCHAR_P, int, boolean *, SHORT_P));
 E void FDECL(fracture_rock, (struct obj *));
 E boolean FDECL(break_statue, (struct obj *));
 E void FDECL(destroy_item, (int, int));
 E int FDECL(destroy_mitem, (struct monst *, int, int));
 E int FDECL(resist, (struct monst *, CHAR_P, int, int));
 E void NDECL(makewish);
 #endif /* !MAKEDEFS_C && !LEV_LEX_C */
 #undef E
 #endif /* EXTERN_H */