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Below is the full text to flag.h from the source code of NetHack 3.6.1. To link to a particular line, write [[Source:NetHack 3.6.1/include/flag.h#line123]], for example.

The NetHack General Public License applies to screenshots, source code and other content from NetHack.

This content was modified from the original NetHack source code distribution (by splitting up NetHack content between wiki pages, and possibly further editing). See the page history for a list of who changed it, and on what dates.

 /* NetHack 3.6	flag.h	$NHDT-Date: 1514071158 2017/12/23 23:19:18 $  $NHDT-Branch: NetHack-3.6.0 $:$NHDT-Revision: 1.132 $ */
 /* Copyright (c) Stichting Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam, 1985. */
 /*-Copyright (c) Michael Allison, 2006. */
 /* NetHack may be freely redistributed.  See license for details. */
 /* If you change the flag structure make sure you increment EDITLEVEL in   */
 /* patchlevel.h if needed.  Changing the instance_flags structure does     */
 /* not require incrementing EDITLEVEL.                                     */
 #ifndef FLAG_H
 #define FLAG_H
  * Persistent flags that are saved and restored with the game.
 struct flag {
     boolean acoustics;  /* allow dungeon sound messages */
     boolean autodig;    /* MRKR: Automatically dig */
     boolean autoquiver; /* Automatically fill quiver */
     boolean autoopen;   /* open doors by walking into them */
     boolean beginner;
     boolean biff;      /* enable checking for mail */
     boolean bones;     /* allow saving/loading bones */
     boolean confirm;   /* confirm before hitting tame monsters */
     boolean dark_room; /* show shadows in lit rooms */
     boolean debug;     /* in debugging mode */
 #define wizard flags.debug
     boolean end_own; /* list all own scores */
     boolean explore; /* in exploration mode */
 #define discover flags.explore
     boolean female;
     boolean friday13;        /* it's Friday the 13th */
     boolean help;            /* look in data file for info about stuff */
     boolean ignintr;         /* ignore interrupts */
     boolean ins_chkpt;       /* checkpoint as appropriate; INSURANCE */
     boolean invlet_constant; /* let objects keep their inventory symbol */
     boolean legacy;          /* print game entry "story" */
     boolean lit_corridor;    /* show a dark corr as lit if it is in sight */
     boolean nap;             /* `timed_delay' option for display effects */
     boolean null;            /* OK to send nulls to the terminal */
     boolean perm_invent;     /* keep full inventories up until dismissed */
     boolean pickup;          /* whether you pickup or move and look */
     boolean pickup_thrown;   /* auto-pickup items you threw */
     boolean pushweapon; /* When wielding, push old weapon into second slot */
     boolean rest_on_space;   /* space means rest */
     boolean safe_dog;        /* give complete protection to the dog */
     boolean showexp;         /* show experience points */
     boolean showscore;       /* show score */
     boolean silent;          /* whether the bell rings or not */
     /* The story so far:
      * 'sortloot' originally took a True/False value but was changed
      * to use a letter instead.  3.6.0 was released without changing its
      * type from 'boolean' to 'char'.  A compiler was smart enough to
      * complain that assigning any of the relevant letters was not 0 or 1
      * so not appropriate for boolean (by a configuration which used
      * SKIP_BOOLEAN to bypass nethack's 'boolean' and use a C++-compatible
      * one).  So the type was changed to 'xchar', which is guaranteed to
      * match the size of 'boolean' (this guarantee only applies for the
      * !SKIP_BOOLEAN config, unfortunately).  Since xchar does not match
      * actual use, the type was later changed to 'char'.  But that would
      * break 3.6.0 savefile compatibility for configurations which typedef
      * 'schar' to 'short int' instead of to 'char'.  (Needed by pre-ANSI
      * systems that use unsigned characters without a way to force them
      * to be signed.)  So, the type has been changed back to 'xchar' for
      * 3.6.1.
      * TODO:  change to 'char' (and move out of this block of booleans,
      * and get rid of these comments...) once 3.6.0 savefile compatibility
      * eventually ends.
     /* this is the normal configuration; assigning a character constant
        for a normal letter to an 'xchar' variable should always work even
        if 'char' is unsigned since character constants are actually 'int'
        and letters are within the range where signedness shouldn't matter */
     xchar   sortloot; /* 'n'=none, 'l'=loot (pickup), 'f'=full ('l'+invent) */
     /* with SKIP_BOOLEAN, we have no idea what underlying type is being
        used, other than it isn't 'xchar' (although its size might match
        that) or a bitfield (because it must be directly addressable);
        it's probably either 'char' for compactness or 'int' for access,
        but we don't know which and it might be something else anyway;
        flip a coin here and guess 'char' for compactness */
     char    sortloot; /* 'n'=none, 'l'=loot (pickup), 'f'=full ('l'+invent) */
     boolean sortpack;        /* sorted inventory */
     boolean sparkle;         /* show "resisting" special FX (Scott Bigham) */
     boolean standout;        /* use standout for --More-- */
     boolean time;            /* display elapsed 'time' */
     boolean tombstone;       /* print tombstone */
     boolean verbose;         /* max battle info */
     int end_top, end_around; /* describe desired score list */
     unsigned moonphase;
     unsigned long suppress_alert;
 #define NEW_MOON 0
 #define FULL_MOON 4
     unsigned paranoia_bits; /* alternate confirmation prompting */
 #define PARANOID_CONFIRM    0x0001
 #define PARANOID_QUIT       0x0002
 #define PARANOID_DIE        0x0004
 #define PARANOID_BONES      0x0008
 #define PARANOID_HIT        0x0010
 #define PARANOID_PRAY       0x0020
 #define PARANOID_REMOVE     0x0040
 #define PARANOID_BREAKWAND  0x0080
     int pickup_burden; /* maximum burden before prompt */
     int pile_limit;    /* controls feedback when walking over objects */
     char inv_order[MAXOCLASSES];
     char pickup_types[MAXOCLASSES];
 #define NUM_DISCLOSURE_OPTIONS 6 /* i,a,v,g,c,o (decl.c) */
 #define DISCLOSE_PROMPT_DEFAULT_SPECIAL '?' /* v, default a */
 #define DISCLOSE_SPECIAL_WITHOUT_PROMPT '#' /* v, use a */
     char end_disclose[NUM_DISCLOSURE_OPTIONS + 1]; /* disclose various
                                                       info upon exit */
     char menu_style;    /* User interface style setting */
     boolean made_fruit; /* don't easily let the user overflow the number of
                            fruits */
     /* KMH, role patch -- Variables used during startup.
      * If the user wishes to select a role, race, gender, and/or alignment
      * during startup, the choices should be recorded here.  This
      * might be specified through command-line options, environmental
      * variables, a popup dialog box, menus, etc.
      * These values are each an index into an array.  They are not
      * characters or letters, because that limits us to 26 roles.
      * They are not booleans, because someday someone may need a neuter
      * gender.  Negative values are used to indicate that the user
      * hasn't yet specified that particular value.  If you determine
      * that the user wants a random choice, then you should set an
      * appropriate random value; if you just left the negative value,
      * the user would be asked again!
      * These variables are stored here because the u structure is
      * cleared during character initialization, and because the
      * flags structure is restored for saved games.  Thus, we can
      * use the same parameters to build the role entry for both
      * new and restored games.
      * These variables should not be referred to after the character
      * is initialized or restored (specifically, after role_init()
      * is called).
     int initrole;  /* starting role      (index into roles[])   */
     int initrace;  /* starting race      (index into races[])   */
     int initgend;  /* starting gender    (index into genders[]) */
     int initalign; /* starting alignment (index into aligns[])  */
     int randomall; /* randomly assign everything not specified */
     int pantheon;  /* deity selection for priest character */
     /* Items which were in iflags in 3.4.x to preserve savefile compatibility
     boolean lootabc;   /* use "a/b/c" rather than "o/i/b" when looting */
     boolean showrace;  /* show hero glyph by race rather than by role */
     boolean travelcmd; /* allow travel command */
     int runmode;       /* update screen display during run moves */
  * System-specific flags that are saved with the game if SYSFLAGS is defined.
 #if defined(AMIFLUSH) || defined(AMII_GRAPHICS) || defined(OPT_DISPMAP)
 #define SYSFLAGS
 #if defined(MFLOPPY) || defined(MAC)
 #define SYSFLAGS
 #ifdef SYSFLAGS
 struct sysflag {
     char sysflagsid[10];
 #ifdef AMIFLUSH
     boolean altmeta;  /* use ALT keys as META */
     boolean amiflush; /* kill typeahead */
     int numcols;
     unsigned short
         amii_dripens[20]; /* DrawInfo Pens currently there are 13 in v39 */
     AMII_COLOR_TYPE amii_curmap[AMII_MAXCOLORS]; /* colormap */
     boolean fast_map; /* use optimized, less flexible map display */
 #ifdef MFLOPPY
     boolean asksavedisk;
 #ifdef MAC
     boolean page_wait; /* put up a --More-- after a page of messages */
  * Flags that are set each time the game is started.
  * These are not saved with the game.
 /* values for iflags.getpos_coords */
 #define GPCOORDS_NONE    'n'
 #define GPCOORDS_MAP     'm'
 #define GPCOORDS_SCREEN  's'
 enum getloc_filters {
     GFILTER_NONE = 0,
 struct instance_flags {
     /* stuff that really isn't option or platform related. They are
      * set and cleared during the game to control the internal
      * behaviour of various NetHack functions and probably warrant
      * a structure of their own elsewhere some day.
     boolean defer_plname;  /* X11 hack: askname() might not set plname */
     boolean herecmd_menu;  /* use menu when mouseclick on yourself */
     boolean invis_goldsym; /* gold symbol is ' '? */
     int parse_config_file_src;  /* hack for parse_config_line() */
     int in_lava_effects;   /* hack for Boots_off() */
     int last_msg;          /* indicator of last message player saw */
     int purge_monsters;    /* # of dead monsters still on fmon list */
     int override_ID;       /* true to force full identification of objects */
     int suppress_price;    /* controls doname() for unpaid objects */
     int terrainmode; /* for getpos()'s autodescribe when #terrain is active */
 #define TER_MAP    0x01
 #define TER_TRP    0x02
 #define TER_OBJ    0x04
 #define TER_MON    0x08
 #define TER_DETECT 0x10    /* detect_foo magic rather than #terrain */
     boolean getloc_travelmode;
     int getloc_filter;     /* GFILTER_foo */
     boolean getloc_usemenu;
     boolean getloc_moveskip;
     coord travelcc;        /* coordinates for travel_cache */
     boolean window_inited; /* true if init_nhwindows() completed */
     boolean vision_inited; /* true if vision is ready */
     boolean sanity_check;  /* run sanity checks */
     boolean mon_polycontrol; /* debug: control monster polymorphs */
     boolean in_dumplog;    /* doing the dumplog right now? */
     boolean in_parse;      /* is a command being parsed? */
     /* stuff that is related to options and/or user or platform preferences
     unsigned msg_history; /* hint: # of top lines to save */
     int getpos_coords;    /* show coordinates when getting cursor position */
     int menu_headings;    /* ATR for menu headings */
     int *opt_booldup;     /* for duplication of boolean opts in config file */
     int *opt_compdup;     /* for duplication of compound opts in conf file */
 #ifdef ALTMETA
     boolean altmeta;      /* Alt-c sends ESC c rather than M-c */
     boolean autodescribe;     /* autodescribe mode in getpos() */
     boolean cbreak;           /* in cbreak mode, rogue format */
     boolean deferred_X;       /* deferred entry into explore mode */
     boolean echo;             /* 1 to echo characters */
     boolean force_invmenu;    /* always menu when handling inventory */
     /* FIXME: goldX belongs in flags, but putting it in iflags avoids
        breaking 3.6.[01] save files */
     boolean goldX;            /* for BUCX filtering, whether gold is X or U */
     boolean hilite_pile;      /* mark piles of objects with a hilite */
     boolean implicit_uncursed; /* maybe omit "uncursed" status in inventory */
     boolean mention_walls;    /* give feedback when bumping walls */
     boolean menu_head_objsym; /* Show obj symbol in menu headings */
     boolean menu_overlay;     /* Draw menus over the map */
     boolean menu_requested;   /* Flag for overloaded use of 'm' prefix
                                * on some non-move commands */
     boolean menu_tab_sep;     /* Use tabs to separate option menu fields */
     boolean news;             /* print news */
     boolean num_pad;          /* use numbers for movement commands */
     boolean renameallowed;    /* can change hero name during role selection */
     boolean renameinprogress; /* we are changing hero name */
     boolean status_updates;   /* allow updates to bottom status lines;
                                * disable to avoid excessive noise when using
                                * a screen reader (use ^X to review status) */
     boolean toptenwin;        /* ending list in window instead of stdout */
     boolean use_background_glyph; /* use background glyph when appropriate */
     boolean use_menu_color;   /* use color in menus; only if wc_color */
     long hilite_delta;     /* number of moves to leave a temp hilite lit */
     long unhilite_deadline; /* time when oldest temp hilite should be unlit */
     boolean zerocomp;         /* write zero-compressed save files */
     boolean rlecomp;          /* alternative to zerocomp; run-length encoding
                                * compression of levels when writing savefile */
     uchar num_pad_mode;
 #if 0   /* XXXgraphics superseded by symbol sets */
     boolean  DECgraphics;       /* use DEC VT-xxx extended character set */
     boolean  IBMgraphics;       /* use IBM extended character set */
     boolean  MACgraphics;       /* use Macintosh extended character set, as
                                    as defined in the special font HackFont */
     uchar bouldersym; /* symbol for boulder display */
     char prevmsg_window; /* type of old message window to use */
     boolean extmenu;     /* extended commands use menu interface */
 #ifdef MFLOPPY
     boolean checkspace; /* check disk space before writing files */
                         /* (in iflags to allow restore after moving
                          * to >2GB partition) */
 #ifdef MICRO
     boolean BIOS; /* use IBM or ST BIOS calls when appropriate */
 #if defined(MICRO) || defined(WIN32)
     boolean rawio; /* whether can use rawio (IOCTL call) */
     boolean MACgraphics; /* use Macintosh extended character set, as
                             as defined in the special font HackFont */
     unsigned use_stone;  /* use the stone ppats */
 #if defined(MSDOS) || defined(WIN32)
     boolean hassound;     /* has a sound card */
     boolean usesound;     /* use the sound card */
     boolean usepcspeaker; /* use the pc speaker */
     boolean tile_view;
     boolean over_view;
     boolean traditional_view;
 #ifdef MSDOS
     boolean hasvga; /* has a vga adapter */
     boolean usevga; /* use the vga adapter */
     boolean hasvesa; /* has a VESA-capable VGA adapter */
     boolean usevesa; /* use the VESA-capable VGA adapter */
     boolean grmode; /* currently in graphics mode */
     boolean lan_mail;         /* mail is initialized */
     boolean lan_mail_fetched; /* mail is awaiting display */
     boolean vt_tiledata;     /* output console codes for tile support in TTY */
     boolean wizweight;        /* display weight of everything in wizard mode */
      * Window capability support.
     boolean wc_color;         /* use color graphics                  */
     boolean wc_hilite_pet;    /* hilight pets                        */
     boolean wc_ascii_map;     /* show map using traditional ascii    */
     boolean wc_tiled_map;     /* show map using tiles                */
     boolean wc_preload_tiles; /* preload tiles into memory           */
     int wc_tile_width;        /* tile width                          */
     int wc_tile_height;       /* tile height                         */
     char *wc_tile_file;       /* name of tile file;overrides default */
     boolean wc_inverse;       /* use inverse video for some things   */
     int wc_align_status;      /*  status win at top|bot|right|left   */
     int wc_align_message;     /* message win at top|bot|right|left   */
     int wc_vary_msgcount;     /* show more old messages at a time    */
     char *wc_foregrnd_menu; /* points to foregrnd color name for menu win   */
     char *wc_backgrnd_menu; /* points to backgrnd color name for menu win   */
     char *wc_foregrnd_message; /* points to foregrnd color name for msg win */
     char *wc_backgrnd_message; /* points to backgrnd color name for msg win */
     char *
         wc_foregrnd_status; /* points to foregrnd color name for status win */
     char *
         wc_backgrnd_status; /* points to backgrnd color name for status win */
     char *wc_foregrnd_text; /* points to foregrnd color name for text win   */
     char *wc_backgrnd_text; /* points to backgrnd color name for text win   */
     char *wc_font_map;      /* points to font name for the map win */
     char *wc_font_message;  /* points to font name for message win */
     char *wc_font_status;   /* points to font name for status win  */
     char *wc_font_menu;     /* points to font name for menu win    */
     char *wc_font_text;     /* points to font name for text win    */
     int wc_fontsiz_map;     /* font size for the map win           */
     int wc_fontsiz_message; /* font size for the message window    */
     int wc_fontsiz_status;  /* font size for the status window     */
     int wc_fontsiz_menu;    /* font size for the menu window       */
     int wc_fontsiz_text;    /* font size for text windows          */
     int wc_scroll_amount;   /* scroll this amount at scroll_margin */
     int wc_scroll_margin;   /* scroll map when this far from the edge */
     int wc_map_mode;        /* specify map viewing options, mostly
                              * for backward compatibility */
     int wc_player_selection;    /* method of choosing character */
     boolean wc_splash_screen;   /* display an opening splash screen or not */
     boolean wc_popup_dialog;    /* put queries in pop up dialogs instead of
                                  * in the message window */
     boolean wc_eight_bit_input; /* allow eight bit input               */
     boolean wc_mouse_support;   /* allow mouse support */
     boolean wc2_fullscreen;     /* run fullscreen */
     boolean wc2_softkeyboard;   /* use software keyboard */
     boolean wc2_wraptext;       /* wrap text */
     boolean wc2_selectsaved;    /* display a menu of user's saved games */
     boolean wc2_darkgray;    /* try to use dark-gray color for black glyphs */
     boolean wc2_hitpointbar;  /* show graphical bar representing hit points */
     boolean cmdassist;     /* provide detailed assistance for some commands */
     boolean clicklook;          /* allow right-clicking for look */
     boolean obsolete;  /* obsolete options can point at this, it isn't used */
     struct autopickup_exception *autopickup_exceptions[2];
 #define AP_LEAVE 0
 #define AP_GRAB 1
 #ifdef WIN32
     char altkeyhandler[MAX_ALTKEYHANDLER];
     /* copies of values in struct u, used during detection when the
        originals are temporarily cleared; kept here rather than
        locally so that they can be restored during a hangup save */
     Bitfield(save_uswallow, 1);
     Bitfield(save_uinwater, 1);
     Bitfield(save_uburied, 1);
     /* item types used to acomplish "special achievements"; find the target
        object and you'll be flagged as having achieved something... */
     short mines_prize_type;     /* luckstone */
     short soko_prize_type1;     /* bag of holding or    */
     short soko_prize_type2;     /* amulet of reflection */
  * Old deprecated names
 #define eight_bit_tty wc_eight_bit_input
 #define use_color wc_color
 #define hilite_pet wc_hilite_pet
 #define use_inverse wc_inverse
 #define large_font obsolete
 #ifdef MAC
 #define popup_dialog wc_popup_dialog
 #define preload_tiles wc_preload_tiles
 extern NEARDATA struct flag flags;
 #ifdef SYSFLAGS
 extern NEARDATA struct sysflag sysflags;
 extern NEARDATA struct instance_flags iflags;
 /* last_msg values
  * Usage:
  *  pline("some message");
  *    pline: vsprintf + putstr + iflags.last_msg = PLNMSG_UNKNOWN;
  *  iflags.last_msg = PLNMSG_some_message;
  * and subsequent code can adjust the next message if it is affected
  * by some_message.  The next message will clear iflags.last_msg.
 enum plnmsg_types {
     PLNMSG_UNKNOWN = 0,         /* arbitrary */
     PLNMSG_ONE_ITEM_HERE,       /* "you see <single item> here" */
     PLNMSG_TOWER_OF_FLAME,      /* scroll of fire */
     PLNMSG_CAUGHT_IN_EXPLOSION, /* explode() feedback */
     PLNMSG_OBJ_GLOWS,           /* "the <obj> glows <color>" */
     PLNMSG_OBJNAM_ONLY          /* xname/doname only, for #tip */
 /* runmode options */
 enum runmode_types {
     RUN_TPORT = 0, /* don't update display until movement stops */
     RUN_LEAP,      /* update display every 7 steps */
     RUN_STEP,      /* update display every single step */
     RUN_CRAWL      /* walk w/ extra delay after each update */
 /* paranoid confirmation prompting */
 /* any yes confirmations also require explicit no (or ESC) to reject */
 #define ParanoidConfirm ((flags.paranoia_bits & PARANOID_CONFIRM) != 0)
 /* quit: yes vs y for "Really quit?" and "Enter explore mode?" */
 #define ParanoidQuit ((flags.paranoia_bits & PARANOID_QUIT) != 0)
 /* die: yes vs y for "Die?" (dying in explore mode or wizard mode) */
 #define ParanoidDie ((flags.paranoia_bits & PARANOID_DIE) != 0)
 /* hit: yes vs y for "Save bones?" in wizard mode */
 #define ParanoidBones ((flags.paranoia_bits & PARANOID_BONES) != 0)
 /* hit: yes vs y for "Really attack <the peaceful monster>?" */
 #define ParanoidHit ((flags.paranoia_bits & PARANOID_HIT) != 0)
 /* pray: ask "Really pray?" (accepts y answer, doesn't require yes),
    taking over for the old prayconfirm boolean option */
 #define ParanoidPray ((flags.paranoia_bits & PARANOID_PRAY) != 0)
 /* remove: remove ('R') and takeoff ('T') commands prompt for an inventory
    item even when only one accessory or piece of armor is currently worn */
 #define ParanoidRemove ((flags.paranoia_bits & PARANOID_REMOVE) != 0)
 /* breakwand: Applying a wand */
 #define ParanoidBreakwand ((flags.paranoia_bits & PARANOID_BREAKWAND) != 0)
 /* werechange: accepting randomly timed werecreature change to transform
    from human to creature or vice versa while having polymorph control */
 #define ParanoidWerechange ((flags.paranoia_bits & PARANOID_WERECHANGE) != 0)
 /* command parsing, mainly dealing with number_pad handling;
    not saved and restored */
 #ifdef NHSTDC
 /* forward declaration sufficient to declare pointers */
 struct ext_func_tab; /* from func_tab.h */
 /* special key functions */
 enum nh_keyfunc {
     NHKF_ESC = 0,
     /* run ... clicklook need to be in a continuous block */
     NHKF_GETPOS_PICK_Q,  /* quick */
     NHKF_GETPOS_PICK_O,  /* once */
     NHKF_GETPOS_PICK_V,  /* verbose */
 enum gloctypes {
     GLOC_MONS = 0,
 /* commands[] is used to directly access cmdlist[] instead of looping
    through it to find the entry for a given input character;
    move_X is the character used for moving one step in direction X;
    alphadirchars corresponds to old sdir,
    dirchars corresponds to ``iflags.num_pad ? ndir : sdir'';
    pcHack_compat and phone_layout only matter when num_pad is on,
    swap_yz only matters when it's off */
 struct cmd {
     unsigned serialno;     /* incremented after each update */
     boolean num_pad;       /* same as iflags.num_pad except during updates */
     boolean pcHack_compat; /* for numpad:  affects 5, M-5, and M-0 */
     boolean phone_layout;  /* inverted keypad:  1,2,3 above, 7,8,9 below */
     boolean swap_yz;       /* QWERTZ keyboards; use z to move NW, y to zap */
     char move_W, move_NW, move_N, move_NE, move_E, move_SE, move_S, move_SW;
     const char *dirchars;      /* current movement/direction characters */
     const char *alphadirchars; /* same as dirchars if !numpad */
     const struct ext_func_tab *commands[256]; /* indexed by input character */
     char spkeys[NUM_NHKF];
 extern NEARDATA struct cmd Cmd;
 #endif /* FLAG_H */