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The gremlin is a playable race in Slash'EM Extended. They can be any role and alignment, and are analogues to the gremlins encountered in vanilla NetHack and its variants.

Racial benefits and restrictions

Gremlins start with intrinsic fire resistance, and gain intrinsic speed at experience level 15. Interestingly, fire resistance is at the top of the list of intrinsics that NPC gremlins in NetHack can steal using their trademark attack.[1][2]

Player gremlins share many traits with their NPC counterparts, particularly their weakness to light: while playing as a gremlin, the player character does not regenerate health or mana while on a lit square. Additionally, being on a lit square has a chance of causing blindness. They also lack infravision, rendering dark areas like the Gnomish Mines potentially perilous. Gremlins also have a chance of cancelling monsters with their melee attack if it is nighttime, similar to the effects of the intrinsic-stealing attack when used against other monsters. However, they are incapable of splitting on contact with water, and interact with it like any other playable race.

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
Gremlin 25 25 25 25 25 25


Gremlins start the game with the dazzle technique.


Gremlin players will do well to keep to the halls when not actively in combat, especially when trying to restore HP after a fight. Even in areas like the Mines that tend to be naturally dark, the lack of infravision may work against them - some form of extrinsic telepathy may be useful to aid in navigation. However, their innate fire resistance allows them to survive run-ins with lava-dwelling monsters that attempt to grab and pull them in (though ideally you have a fireproof bag to keep your flammable goods in by that point). Cursed scrolls of light, as well as monsters with darkness-inducing attacks such as silver jellies and most grues, can be used to a gremlin player's advantage to create "safe havens"; gremlins making defensive boulder forts may combine them with silver jellies rather than the standard blue ones.


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