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Monks are currently in the process of being revised in dNetHack.

Monk moves

Monks now have "fighting game"-style special moves that are triggered by two-move sequences of attacks or moves. Each of these moves costs 8 magic energy. Moves can be toggled on and off using #style, which is useful since they trigger without the player's explicit input.


Monks now "meditate" while skipping turns with '.', recovering magic energy at slightly over twice the normal rate and using half the normal amount of nutrition.


Monks now lose nutrition at half the normal rate while "hungry" or worse. This stacks with the reduction in hunger from Meditation.

Leaping attack

If a Monk collides with an enemy (that they can see) while hurtling through the air, they make a full attack against the target. If the Monk's partial action hasn't been used this turn and the attack moves the target out of the way (whether due to death or displacement) the monk will continue hurtling, otherwise they will stop in front of the target.

Monks can use this in combination with a source of jumping to launch themselves through weak enemies.

Weapon special maneuvers

Quarterstaff and khakkhara

Monks can jump while wielding one of these weapons. The range will be equal to a jumping spell cast at the lower of their quarterstaff skill and their martial arts skill. Expert quarterstaff combined with master or grand master martial arts grants additional range.


Monks throw shuriken as a partial action. In addition, shuriken no longer mulch on impact with enemies.