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The Poison Mage is a role in SLASH'EM Extended. They're a fighter-mage class that starts with the Poison Blast spell.

Starting Equipment

The Poison Mage starts with knowledge of the confuse monster, protection, cure blindness and poison blast spells, although the latter might have a considerable chance of failure at game start.

Rank Titles

  • XL 1-2 Poison Mixer
  • XL 3-5 Venom Scatterer
  • XL 6-9 Green Poisoner
  • XL 10-13 Purple Poisoner
  • XL 14-17 Poison Exploder
  • XL 18-21 Contaminator
  • XL 22-25 Stinking Cloud Creator
  • XL 26-29 Gas Attacker
  • XL 30 Poison Bomber


  • Lawful: Seveso Toxin
  • Neutral: Fukoshima Radiation
  • Chaotic: Mustard Gas


Poison Mages gain the following abilities upon reaching the specified experience level:


Poison Mages gain techniques at these experience levels: