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The Practicant is a role in SLASH'EM Extended. They're decent fighters with a diverse skill set, but have to obey special rules as long as the quest nemesis isn't dead yet.

Starting Equipment


Undertaker skills
Max Skills

Rank Titles

  • XL 1-2 Oppressed Lab Worker
  • XL 3-5 Will-less Slave
  • XL 6-9 One Who Fears Assistants
  • XL 10-13 Beach Drama Experiencer
  • XL 14-17 Despotism Endurer
  • XL 18-21 Annoyed Ramming Support
  • XL 22-25 Rebel Leader
  • XL 26-29 System Overthrower
  • XL 30 Accomplished Diploma Student


  • Lawful: Divert
  • Neutral: Oat Camper
  • Chaotic: Jeannine


The practicant doesn't have any associated level-up intrinsics.


Poison Mages gain techniques at these experience levels:

Special rules

As long as the Practicant's quest nemesis is still alive, a bunch of actions are "forbidden" and will result in a fine that the player has to pay. This can be done via the p command, or alternately by having the required amount of zorkmids in open inventory when the deadline hits. If the player refuses to pay, random bad things happen and a shorter deadline will be instated; repeatedly refusing to pay will also gradually increase the fine that has to be paid. This means that continued refusal will result in bad effects happening more and more often, greatly reducing the player's chances of survival.

The only way to stop the fines is to kill the quest nemesis, which will refund some of the money that the player has paid in fines. Unless the player is capable of easily obtaining lots of money (and possibly even then, because paying fines means less money to buy shopkeeper services, protection or other potentially useful things), it's probably a good idea to try and get rid of the quest nemesis ASAP.

A list of actions that will result in a fine is displayed below. If it says "one-time fine", it means that the particular fine will only be given once per game and then never again even if the player keeps performing the action that led to that particular fine. "Rocks" means the regular rock, which can be obtained by e.g. destroying statues of boulders; "arrows" can be any type of arrow.

  • Killing 1000 monsters costs 1000 zorkmids.
  • Killing 2000 monsters costs 2000 zorkmids.
  • Killing 3000 monsters costs 4000 zorkmids.
  • Killing 4000 monsters means the player will have to pay a fine every once in a while.
  • Sacrificing 10 corpses costs 1000 zorkmids.
  • Sacrificing 20 corpses costs 2000 zorkmids.
  • Sacrificing 30 corpses means the player will have to pay a fine every once in a while.
  • Not having to pay any fine for 10000 zorkmids results in a fine of 1000 zorkmids.
  • If the player character farts, there is a fine of 500 zorkmids for each such incident.
  • Entering the Void will summon a lot of hostile kops and also potentially demon lords.
  • Playing the minigame initialized by the "Endorphic Scratching" artifact costs 200 zorkmids.
  • Having at least 10000 zorkmids will result in a one-time fine of 5000 zorkmids.
  • Converting an altar results in a one-time fine of 2000 zorkmids.
  • If the player is wearing armor in all seven armor slots and all of those items are at least +2, each of the player's worn armor pieces is disenchanted and there's also a fine of 3000 zorkmids.
  • Being polymorphed into a monster with a speed of at least 24, or riding a monster with a speed of at least 24, will cause a one-time effect of spawning a hostile trebuchet dragon.
  • Having both intrinsic and extrinsic regeneration at the same time will cause a one-time effect of afflicting the player with intrinsic blood loss, a nasty trap effect that will probably require a switcher to cure.
  • Wielding a sniper rifle will result in a one-time fine of having to pay all carried zorkmids, including those carried in containers. If the player has neither, there's a fine of 10000 zorkmids instead.
  • Staying on the quest nemesis level for 500 turns costs 50 zorkmids.
  • Staying on the quest nemesis level for 1000 turns costs 100 zorkmids.
  • Staying on the quest nemesis level for 1500 turns costs 200 zorkmids.
  • Staying on the quest nemesis level for 2000 turns costs 1000 zorkmids.
  • Entering a wait or search command that lasts at least 50 turns will result in a fine of 400 zorkmids. This can only happen once every 1000 turns.
  • If the player enhances their two-handed sword or axe skill to at least Basic, there's a one-time fine of 2000 zorkmids and 2000 nutrition (the latter is taken off directly from the player's current nutrition, possibly resulting in immediate fainting). This fine is also given if the player started the game with basic or higher knowledge of one of those skills, which can be done by picking certian playable races.
  • Having intrinsic or extrinsic detect monsters (from e.g. the blessed potion of monster detection; the detect monsters spell is safe as long as the player's skill is lower than Skilled) results in a one-time penalty of 20000 zorkmids.
  • If the player somehow obtains intrinsic magic resistance (including starting with it or polymorphing into a monster with that attribute), the player will have to pay a fine every once in a while.
  • Firing 100 gun ammos costs 2000 zorkmids.
  • Firing 200 gun ammos costs 4000 zorkmids.
  • Firing 300 gun ammos costs 8000 zorkmids, and also afflicts the player with a temporary nasty trap effects that makes all skills act as if the player was unskilled in them.
  • Wielding a heavy machine gun results in a one-time penalty of 1000 zorkmids and 1000 rocks.
  • Wielding a cigarette, electric cigarette or cigar results in an immediate fine of 5000 zorkmids, and if the player doesn't unwield it within 5 turns, the total fine that has to be paid is doubled and another 5000 added to it. This can loop, especially if the player is stuck with a cursed cigarette, eventually resulting in a fine of millions of zorkmids that can never be paid in a normal game.
  • Being fatally contaminated gives a one-time fine of 10000 zorkmids and disables the player's poison resistance for 20000 turns.
  • Having at least 900 sanity will result in a one-time fine of 2000 zorkmids.
  • Having at least 9000 sanity will result in a one-time fine of 20000 zorkmids.
  • Wielding an invisible weapon will make the weapon visible again, deactivate the player's invisibility for a while, and cost 5000 zorkmids.
  • If the player still has less than 10000 points of score after 10000 turns, there is a one-time penalty of 2000 zorkmids.
  • Having more than 500 max HP will result in a one-time effect of a noroela trapper spawning on some random dungeon level.
  • Having more than 500 max Pw will result in a one-time effect of a ragnarok timer being set, which will cause a ragnarok event later in the game.
  • If the game goes on for a very long time, there is a one-time ragnarok event. This is in addition to the aforementioned ragnarok timer, in case the player triggered that as well.
  • Having at least expert gun control skill (which practicants can't normally learn, so this applies only if the player somehow unlocks it with a cap of at least expert) gives the player a yes/no prompt asking them whether they want to give up; answering yes will reset all of the player's skills to zero, while answering no will spawn a hostile boss monster named Thai.
  • Creating an alchemy explosion costs 200 zorkmids.
  • Manufacturing a potion of cyanide with the chemistry set costs 5000 zorkmids.
  • Lighting a stick of dynamite costs 5000 zorkmids and 1000 rocks.
  • Branchporting costs 10000 zorkmids and also afflicts the player with the anti-teleportation nasty trap effect for a while.
  • Dropping a total of at least 10 items on an altar over the course of the game will result in a one-time penalty that causes the player to suffer from amnesia.
  • Putting on an amulet of change costs 20000 zorkmids.
  • Eating an item made of silk (which can be done if the player is polymorphed into e.g. a gelatinous cube) costs 20 arrows.
  • Dipping items into lethe fountains costs 2500 zorkmids and also randomly curses the player's inventory.
  • Hearing the howling of the CwnAnnwn or the scream of the Banshee results in a fine of (total amount of those incidents) * 100 zorkmids every time it happens, starting with the fifth time it happened.
  • Obtaining the stone of magic resistance from the Deep Mines branch costs 6000 zorkmids.
  • Using the force against a farting monster costs 100 zorkmids.
  • If the player character has an orgasm due to being kicked by a monster with beautiful sandals or being whacked with inka boots, there's a fine of 200 zorkmids.
  • Consorting with a foocubus without using a condome costs 5000 zorkmids and causes a random bad effect.
  • Killing Lady Ariane (a boss in the Green Cross dungeon branch) costs 50000 zorkmids.
  • Killing at least 5 shopkeepers results in a one-time penalty of 8000 zorkmids.
  • Killing at least 20 shopkeepers, vault guards, temple priests or watchmen causes the player to have to pay a fine every once in a while.
  • Killing a boss monster results in a one-time fine of 10000 zorkmids.
  • Using a gaze attack against a monster (usually when polymorphed into something with gaze attacks) costs 200 zorkmids.
  • Throwing a potion of cyanide at a monster costs 10000 zorkmids and results in the player character being banished.
  • Diluting a potion of oil in a pool of water costs 10000 zorkmids and temporarily increases the player's carried weight by 1000 units, so the player can carry less other items for a while.
  • Praying to the Porcelain God costs 2500 zorkmids.
  • Using a magic marker to create scrolls or spellbooks costs 5000 zorkmids.
  • Using enchant armor to increase an armor piece's enchantment to +5 or higher results in a one-time penalty of 1000 zorkmids and 1000 rocks.

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