Shambling horror (Slash'EM Extended)

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For the related monsters in Sporkhack or UnNetHack, see shambling horror (Sporkhack) or shambling horror (UnNetHack).

In Slash'EM Extended, there are quite a bunch of shambling horror monsters. The following ones will have their properties randomized at the start of each game:

  • Unnethack horror
  • Sporkhack horror
  • Unnethackplus horror
  • Slashem horror

Their names are references to NetHack variants; originally, the shambling horror was a Unnethack/Sporkhack monsters. The Unnethackplus and Slashem horrors will always try to avoid the player, similar to a unicorn. These creatures can randomly be harmless, dangerous or anything in between, depending on their random attacks; unlike Sporkhack/Unnethack, they can actually get rider-grade attacks (touch of death, illness or hunger) or random breath weapons (including disintegration). Approaching them without the respective resistances is like playing russian roulette; you'll never know if they have an instakill attack.

Additionally, Slash'EM Extended has a bunch of shambling horrors with pre-defined attributes (some of them have been inspired by KoboldLord's excellent SporkHack Let's Play, having attributes that are very similar to what he randomly encountered during his runs):

  • Shambling horror, level 10, speed 12, ac 0, attacks: engulf blindness, passive disease, arcane spellcasting; flying, concealed, resists poison.
  • Skeletal horror, level 15, speed 12, ac -6, attacks: kick disease, claw shock; breathless, regenerates, resists poison/death.
  • Ferrous horror, level 20, speed 12, ac -8, attacks: bite rust, gaze confuse; amphibious, mindless, can't be tamed, resists poison/death/drain/stoning.
  • Tunnel horror, level 25, speed 12, ac -10, attacks: arcane spellcasting, engulf acid; unsolid, passes through walls, wanders, can't be tamed, resists poison/death/drain/stoning/sleep.
  • World-ending horror, level 30, speed 13, ac -12, attacks: touch death, kick hallucination, kick stun; tunnels, is a humanoid, stalks, can't be tamed, resists poison/death/drain/stoning/sleep/disintegration.

The player may not polymorph into any of these creatures.