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Sheol.txt is a document written by the author of the Sheol branch.

Sheol - The icy cold netherworld.
(c) 2012 Mikko Juola

    Sheol is a branch in Gehennom that features more danger and less

    It adds:

    - Ice walls and crystal ice walls
      They act like normal walls but can be melted with a wand
      of fire. Crystal ice walls are immune to everything except
      fire and crystal picks. Ice walls can be shattered with
      a mattock or a pick-axe but wands of digging don't work
      on them.

    - Ice traps
      Like fire traps but ice you instead. Protect your potions!

    - New monsters:
      Crystal ice golem, ice golem, black angel, chillbug, Punisher,
      white naga and the Executioner. Many of these have abilities
      not seen in vanilla. Some are highly dangerous!

    - New items:
      crystal pick
      It can dig crystal ice walls and has high damage.

    - New levels:
      Sheol has a new map generator and some hand-made levels.

      Vlad has been put inside Sheol. It will be found somewhere below or at
      the middle level of Sheol.

    This branch is aimed at experienced players who think Gehennom is too
    easy or too tedious. It provides a refreshing change to all those