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sink-343.txt  Last edited 2004-07-15 for NetHack 3.4.3
Effects of kicking and quaffing from sinks in NetHack 3.4
Compiled by Dylan O'Donnell <>.

Quaffing from sinks
11/20: No effect. One of the following messages:
        "You take a sip of (very) <hot|warm|cold> water."
        "You hear clanking from the pipes..."
        "You hear snatches of song from among the sewers..."
        "From the murky drain, a hand reaches up... --oops--" (only if

1/20: If you are fire resistant, no effect; otherwise, you lose d6 hit
        "You take a sip of scalding hot water."
        "It seems quite tasty." (fire resistant)

1/20: A sewer rat is generated (unless genocided or extinct).
        "Eek!  There's a sewer rat in the sink!" (unblind)
        "Eek!  There's something squirmy in the sink!" (blind)
        "The sink seems quite dirty." (genocided or extinct)

1/20: You suffer the effect of quaffing a random uncursed potion (other
      than water).
        "Some <potion appearance> liquid flows from the faucet." (unblind)
        "Some odd liquid flows from the faucet." (blind)

1/20: If you have already acquired a ring from this sink (by quaffing or
      kicking), no effect; otherwise, a random ring is created and your
      wisdom exercised.
        "You find a ring in the sink!"
        "Some dirty water backs up in the drain." (already got one)

1/20: The sink becomes a fountain.
        "The pipes break!  Water spurts out!"

1/20: A water elemental is created (unless extinct).
        "The water moves as though of its own will!"
        "But it quiets down." (extinct)

1/20: You gain one experience point.
        "Yuk, this water tastes awful."

1/20: You vomit and your hunger is increased.
        "Gagg... this tastes like sewage!  You vomit."

1/20: If you have unchanging, no effect; otherwise, you polymorph.
        "This water contains toxic wastes!"
        "You undergo a freakish metamorphosis!" (polymorph)

Kicking sinks
4/5: Your dexterity is exercised.
       "Klunk!  The pipes vibrate noisily."

1/5: Something else, as follows:

  If you haven't yet got a black pudding from the sink, 1/3 chance of
  one being generated and your dexterity being exercised.
    "A <black> ooze gushes up from the drain!" (unblind)
    "You hear a gushing sound." (blind)

  If you didn't get a pudding and haven't yet had a dish washer, 1/3
  chance of one being summoned (an incubus if a female humanoid,
  a succubus if a male humanoid, otherwise an equal chance of either),
  and your dexterity being exercised.
    "The dish washer returns!" (unblind)
    "Something returns!" (blind), and

  If you didn't get either of the above, 1/3 chance of a random ring
  being created provided the sink hasn't yet given one through kicking or
  quaffing, and your wisdom and dexterity being exercised.
    "Flupp!  Muddy waste pops up from the drain." (unblind)
    "Flupp!  You hear a sloshing sound." (blind)
    "You see a ring shining in its midst." (unblind, ring created)

  If you didn't get any of the above, you get a hurt foot. Your dexterity
  and strength are abused, there is a 1/3 chance of your right leg being
  hurt for 5 to 10 turns, and you lose d5 HP (d3 HP if your constitution
  is greater than 15).
    "Ouch! That hurts!"

Other sink effects
Sinks, as the name suggests, will cause anything in the air above them
to fall to the floor: thrown weapons, or you when levitating (inflicting
d8 + 24 - CON damage, plus d3 for each weapon or stack of weapons on the
square). Dropping rings onto a sink will usually cause them to be lost
down it, with a message that may enable you to identify the ring; see
ring-343.txt for a list of these effects. Digging down on a sink square
will convert it into a fountain as in the quaffing result above ("The
pipes break!  Water spurts out!").

Corrections and clarifications provided by Topi Linkala and Seraph.

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