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Below is the full text to dat/quest.txt from the source code of NetHack 3.4.3.

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1.    #	SCCS Id: @(#)quest.txt	3.4	2002/01/30
2.    #	Copyright (c) 1991 by M. Stephenson
3.    # NetHack may be freely redistributed.  See license for details.
4.    #
5.    #	The quest text file for NetHack 3.4
6.    #
7.    #	These are the "standard" message numbers from qtext.h.  All class
8.    #	dialogue must have at least these entries.
9.    #
10.   #	QT_FIRSTTIME	 1
11.   #	QT_NEXTTIME	 2
12.   #	QT_OTHERTIME	 3
13.   #
14.   #	QT_GUARDTALK	 5	/* 5 random things guards say before quest */
15.   #	QT_GUARDTALK2	10	/* 5 random things guards say after quest */
16.   #
18.   #	QT_NEXTLEADER	16
20.   #	QT_LASTLEADER	18
21.   #	QT_BADLEVEL	19
22.   #	QT_BADALIGN	20
24.   #
25.   #	QT_ENCOURAGE	25	/* 1-10 random encouragement messages */
26.   #
28.   #	QT_NEXTLOCATE	36
29.   #
32.   #
36.   #	QT_NEMWANTSIT	53	/* you somehow got the artifact */
37.   #
38.   #	QT_DISCOURAGE	60	/* 1-10 random maledictive messages */
39.   #
40.   #	QT_GOTIT	70
41.   #
42.   #	QT_KILLEDNEM	80
43.   #	QT_OFFEREDIT	81
44.   #	QT_OFFEREDIT2	82	/* if you throw artifact to leader after #81 */
45.   #
46.   #	QT_POSTHANKS	90
47.   #	QT_HASAMULET	91
48.   #
49.   #
50.   #	Archeologist
51.   #
52.   %Cc Arc 00001
53.   You are suddenly in familiar surroundings.  The buildings in the distance
54.   appear to be those of your old alma mater, but something is wrong.  It looks
55.   as if there has been a riot recently, or %H has
56.   been under siege.
58.   All of the windows are boarded up, and there are objects scattered around
59.   the entrance.
61.   Strange forbidding shapes seem to be moving in the distance.
62.   %E
63.   %Cp Arc 00002
64.   Once again, you are back at %H.
65.   %E
66.   %Cp Arc 00003
67.   You are back at %H.
68.   You have an odd feeling this may be the last time you ever come here.
69.   %E
70.   %Cp Arc 00005
71.   "Did you see Lash LaRue in 'Song of Old Wyoming' the other night?"
72.   %E
73.   %Cp Arc 00006
74.   "Hey man, got any potions of hallucination for sale?"
75.   %E
76.   %Cp Arc 00007
77.   "Did you see the artifact %l brought back from the last dig?"
78.   %E
79.   %Cp Arc 00008
80.   "So what species do *you* think we evolved from?"
81.   %E
82.   %Cp Arc 00009
83.   "So you're %ls prize pupil!  I don't know what he sees in you."
84.   %E
85.   %Cp Arc 00010
86.   "Did you see Lash LaRue in 'Song of Old Wyoming' the other night?"
87.   %E
88.   %Cp Arc 00011
89.   "Hey man, got any potions of hallucination for sale?"
90.   %E
91.   %Cp Arc 00012
92.   "I guess you are guaranteed to make full professor now."
93.   %E
94.   %Cp Arc 00013
95.   "So, what was worse, %n or your entrance exams?"
96.   %E
97.   %Cp Arc 00014
98.   "%oC is impressive, but nothing like the bones I dug up!"
99.   %E
100.  %Cc Arc 00015
101.  "Finally you have returned, %p.  You were always
102.  my most promising student.  Allow me to see if you are ready for the
103.  most difficult task of your career."
104.  %E
105.  %Cp Arc 00016
106.  "Again, %p, you stand before me.
107.  Let me see if you have gained experience in the interim."
108.  %E
109.  %Cp Arc 00017
110.  "Once more, %p, you have returned from the field.
111.  Are you finally ready for the task that must be accomplished?"
112.  %E
113.  %Cc Arc 00018
114.  "%p, you have failed us.  All of my careful training has been in
115.  vain.  Begone!  Your tenure at this college has been revoked!
117.  "You are a disgrace to the profession!"
118.  %E
119.  %Cc Arc 00019
120.  "%p, you are yet too inexperienced to undertake such a demanding
121.  quest.  A mere %r could not possibly face the rigors demanded and
122.  survive.  Go forth, and come here again when your adventures have further
123.  taught you."
124.  %E
125.  %Cc Arc 00020
126.  "%pC!  I've heard that you've been using sloppy techniques.  Your
127.  results lately can hardly be called suitable for %ra!
129.  "How could you have strayed from the %a path?  Go from here, and come
130.  back only when you have purified yourself."
131.  %E
132.  %Cc Arc 00021
133.  "Grave times have befallen the college, for %na has
134.  stolen %o.  Without it, the board of directors of
135.  the university will soon have no choice but to revoke our research grants.
137.  "You must locate the entrance to %i.  Within it,
138.  you will find %n.
140.  "You must then defeat %n and return %o
141.  to me.
143.  "Only in this way will we be able to prevent the budget cuts that could
144.  close this college.
146.  "May the wisdom of %d be your guide."
147.  %E
148.  %Cp Arc 00025
149.  "Beware, for %n is powerful and cunning."
150.  %E
151.  %Cp Arc 00026
152.  "To locate the entrance to %i, you must pass
153.  many traps."
154.  %E
155.  %Cp Arc 00027
156.  "A %nt may be vulnerable to attacks by magical cold."
157.  %E
158.  %Cp Arc 00028
159.  "Call upon %d when you encounter %n."
160.  %E
161.  %Cp Arc 00029
162.  "You must destroy %n.  It will pursue you otherwise."
163.  %E
164.  %Cp Arc 00030
165.  "%oC is a mighty talisman.  With it you
166.  can destroy %n."
167.  %E
168.  %Cp Arc 00031
169.  "Go forth with the blessings of %d."
170.  %E
171.  %Cp Arc 00032
172.  "I will have my %gP watch for your return."
173.  %E
174.  %Cp Arc 00033
175.  "Remember not to stray from the true %a path."
176.  %E
177.  %Cp Arc 00034
178.  "You may be able to sense %o when you are near."
179.  %E
180.  %Cc Arc 00035
181.  A plain opens before you.  Beyond the plain lies a foreboding edifice.
183.  You have the feeling that you will soon find the entrance to
184.  %i.
185.  %E
186.  %Cp Arc 00036
187.  Once again, you are near the entrance to %i.
188.  %E
189.  %Cc Arc 00040
190.  A strange feeling washes over you, and you think back to things you
191.  learned during the many lectures of %l.
193.  You realize the feeling must be the presence of %o.
194.  %E
195.  %Cp Arc 00041
196.  The familiar presence of %o is in the ether.
197.  %E
198.  %Cc Arc 00050
199.  "So, %p, you think that you can succeed in recovering
200.  %o, when your teacher, %l, has already failed.
202.  "Come, try your best!  I shall destroy you, and gnaw on your bones."
203.  %E
204.  %Cc Arc 00051
205.  "Again you try to best me, eh %p?  Well, you shall fail again.
207.  "You shall never recover %o.
209.  "I shall bear your soul to the Plane of Origins for my master's pleasure."
210.  %E
211.  %Cp Arc 00052
212.  "You persist yet %p!  Good.  Now, you shall die!"
213.  %E
214.  %Cp Arc 00053
215.  "I shall have %o from you, %p, then feast
216.  upon your entrails!"
217.  %E
218.  %Cp Arc 00060
219.  "Try your best, %p.  You cannot defeat me."
220.  %E
221.  %Cp Arc 00061
222.  "I shall rend the flesh from your body whilst you still breathe!"
223.  %E
224.  %Cp Arc 00062
225.  "First you, %p, then I shall destroy your mentor, %l."
226.  %E
227.  %Cp Arc 00063
228.  "Tiring yet, %p?  I draw my power from my master and cannot
229.  falter!"
230.  %E
231.  %Cp Arc 00064
232.  "I shall rend thy soul from thy body and consume it!"
233.  %E
234.  %Cp Arc 00065
235.  "You are far too %a -- it weakens you.  You shall die in this place."
236.  %E
237.  %Cp Arc 00066
238.  "%d has forsaken you!  You are lost now!"
239.  %E
240.  %Cp Arc 00067
241.  "A mere %r cannot hope to defeat me!"
242.  %E
243.  %Cp Arc 00068
244.  "If you are the best %l can send, I have nothing to fear."
245.  %E
246.  %Cp Arc 00069
247.  "Die %c!  I shall exhibit your carcass as a trophy."
248.  %E
249.  %Cc Arc 00070
250.  The power of %o flows through your body!  You feel
251.  as if you could now take on the Wizard of Yendor himself and win, but
252.  you know you must return %o to %l.
253.  %E
254.  %Cp Arc 00080
255.  The body of %n dissipates in a cloud of noxious fumes.
256.  %E
257.  %Cc Arc 00081
258.  %lC touches %o briefly, gazes into it,
259.  then smiles at you and says:
261.  "Well done, %p.  You have defeated %n and
262.  recovered %o.  But I fear that it shall never be safe
263.  here.
265.  Please take %o with you.  You, %p, can
266.  guard it now far better than I.
268.  May the blessings of %d follow you and guard you."
269.  %E
270.  # assumes Orb of Detection (glass object)
271.  %Cc Arc 00082
272.  "Careful, %p!  %oC might break, and that would be
273.  a tragic loss.  You are its keeper now, and the time has come to
274.  resume your search for the Amulet.  %Z await your
275.  return through the magic portal that brought you here."
276.  %E
277.  %Cc Arc 00090
278.  "Welcome back, %p.  Have you progressed with your quest to
279.  regain the Amulet of Yendor for %d?"
280.  %E
281.  %Cc Arc 00091
282.  "Congratulations, %p.  I wondered if anyone could prevail against
283.  the Wizard and the minions of Moloch.  Now, you must embark on one
284.  final adventure.
286.  "Take the Amulet, and find your way onto the astral plane.
287.  There you must find the altar of %d and sacrifice the
288.  Amulet on that altar to fulfill your destiny.
290.  "Remember, your path now should always be upwards."
291.  %E
292.  #
293.  #	Barbarian
294.  #
295.  %Cc Bar 00001
296.  Warily you scan your surroundings, all of your senses alert for signs
297.  of possible danger.  Off in the distance, you can %x the familiar shapes
298.  of %H.
300.  But why, you think, should %l be there?
302.  Suddenly, the hairs on your neck stand on end as you detect the aura of
303.  evil magic in the air.
305.  Without thought, you ready your weapon, and mutter under your breath:
307.      "By %d, there will be blood spilt today."
308.  %E
309.  %Cp Bar 00002
310.  Once again, you near %H.  You know that %l
311.  will be waiting.
312.  %E
313.  %Cp Bar 00003
314.  Again, and you think possibly for the last time, you approach
315.  %H.
316.  %E
317.  %Cp Bar 00005
318.  "The battles here have been good -- our enemies' blood soaks the soil!"
319.  %E
320.  %Cp Bar 00006
321.  "Remember that glory is crushing your enemies beneath your feet!"
322.  %E
323.  %Cp Bar 00007
324.  "There has been little treasure to loot, since the horde arrived."
325.  %E
326.  %Cp Bar 00008
327.  "The horde is mighty in numbers, but they have little courage."
328.  %E
329.  %Cp Bar 00009
330.  "%lC is a strange one, but he has helped defend us."
331.  %E
332.  %Cp Bar 00010
333.  "The battles here have been good -- our enemies' blood soaks the soil!"
334.  %E
335.  %Cp Bar 00011
336.  "Remember that glory is crushing your enemies beneath your feet!"
337.  %E
338.  %Cp Bar 00012
339.  "Times will be good again, now that the horde is vanquished."
340.  %E
341.  %Cp Bar 00013
342.  "You have brought our clan much honor in defeating %n."
343.  %E
344.  %Cp Bar 00014
345.  "You will be a worthy successor to %l."
346.  %E
347.  %Cc Bar 00015
348.  "Ah, %p.  You have returned at last.  The world is in dire
349.  need of your help.  There is a great quest you must undertake.
351.  "But first, I must see if you are ready to take on such a challenge."
352.  %E
353.  %Cp Bar 00016
354.  "%p, you are back.  Are you ready now for the challenge?"
355.  %E
356.  %Cp Bar 00017
357.  "Again, you stand before me, %p.  Surely you have prepared yourself."
358.  %E
359.  %Cc Bar 00018
360.  "Pah!  You have betrayed the gods, %p.  You will never attain
361.  the glory which you aspire to.  Your failure to follow the true path has
362.  closed this future to you.
364.  "I will protect these people as best I can, but soon %n will overcome
365.  me and destroy all who once called you %s.  Now begone!"
366.  %E
367.  %Cc Bar 00019
368.  "%p, I fear that you are as yet too inexperienced to face
369.  %n.  Only %Ra with the help of %d could ever hope to
370.  defeat him."
371.  %E
372.  %Cc Bar 00020
373.  "%pC!  You have wandered from the path of the %a!
374.  If you attempt to overcome %n in this state, he will surely
375.  enslave your soul.  Your only hope, and ours, lies in your purification.
376.  Go forth, and return when you feel ready."
377.  %E
378.  %Cc Bar 00021
379.  "The world is in great need of your assistance, %p.
381.  "About six months ago, I learned that a mysterious sorcerer, known
382.  as %n, had begun to gather a large group of cutthroats and brigands
383.  about him.
385.  "At about the same time, these people you once rode with `liberated' a
386.  potent magical talisman, %o, from a Turanian caravan.
388.  "%nC and his Black Horde swept down upon %i and defeated
389.  the people there, driving them out into the desert.  He has taken
390.  %o, and seeks to bend it to his will.  I detected the
391.  subtle changes in the currents of fate, and joined these people.
392.  Then I sent forth a summons for you.
394.  "If %n can bend %o to his will, he will become
395.  almost indestructible.  He will then be able to enslave the minds of
396.  men across the world.  You are the only hope.  The gods smile upon you,
397.  and with %d behind you, you alone can defeat %n.
399.  "You must go to %i.  From there, you can track down
400.  %n, defeat him, and return %o to us.  Only
401.  then will the world be safe."
402.  %E
403.  %Cp Bar 00025
404.  "%nC is strong in the dark arts, but not immune to cold steel."
405.  %E
406.  %Cp Bar 00026
407.  "Remember that %n is a great sorcerer.  He lived in the time
408.  of Atlantis."
409.  %E
410.  %Cp Bar 00027
411.  "If you fail, %p, I will not be able to protect these people long."
412.  %E
413.  %Cp Bar 00028
414.  "To enter %i, you must be very stealthy.  The horde will be on
415.  guard."
416.  %E
417.  %Cp Bar 00029
418.  "Call upon %d in your time of need."
419.  %E
420.  %Cp Bar 00030
421.  "May %d protect you, and guide your steps."
422.  %E
423.  %Cp Bar 00031
424.  "If you can lay hands upon %o, carry it for good fortune."
425.  %E
426.  %Cp Bar 00032
427.  "I cannot stand against %ns sorcery.  But %d will help you."
428.  %E
429.  %Cp Bar 00033
430.  "Do not fear %n.  I know you can defeat him."
431.  %E
432.  %Cp Bar 00034
433.  "You have a great road to travel, %p, but only after you defeat
434.  %n."
435.  %E
436.  %Cc Bar 00035
437.  The scent of water comes to you in the desert breeze.  You know that
438.  you have located %i.
439.  %E
440.  %Cp Bar 00036
441.  Yet again you have a chance to infiltrate %i.
442.  %E
443.  %Cc Bar 00040
444.  The hairs on the nape of your neck lift as you sense an energy in the
445.  very air around you.  You fight down a primordial panic that seeks to
446.  make you turn and run.  This is surely the lair of %n.
447.  %E
448.  %Cp Bar 00041
449.  Yet again you feel the air around you heavy with malevolent magical energy.
450.  %E
451.  %Cc Bar 00050
452.  "So.  This is what that second rate sorcerer %l sends to do his bidding.
453.  I have slain many before you.  You shall give me little sport.
455.  "Prepare to die, %c."
456.  %E
457.  %Cp Bar 00051
458.  "I have wasted too much time on you already.  Now, you shall die."
459.  %E
460.  %Cp Bar 00052
461.  "You return yet again, %c!  Are you prepared for death now?"
462.  %E
463.  %Cp Bar 00053
464.  "I shall have %o back, you pitiful excuse for %ca.
465.  And your life as well."
466.  %E
467.  %Cp Bar 00060
468.  "My pets will dine on your carcass tonight!"
469.  %E
470.  %Cp Bar 00061
471.  "You are a sorry excuse for %ra."
472.  %E
473.  %Cp Bar 00062
474.  "Run while you can, %c.  My next spell will be your last."
475.  %E
476.  %Cp Bar 00063
477.  "I shall use your very skin to bind my next grimoire."
478.  %E
479.  %Cp Bar 00064
480.  "%d cannot protect you now.  Here, you die."
481.  %E
482.  %Cp Bar 00065
483.  "Your %a nature makes you weak.  You cannot defeat me."
484.  %E
485.  %Cp Bar 00066
486.  "Come, %c.  I shall kill you, then unleash the horde on your tribe."
487.  %E
488.  %Cp Bar 00067
489.  "Once you are dead, my horde shall finish off %l, and your tribe."
490.  %E
491.  %Cp Bar 00068
492.  "Fight, %c, or are you afraid of the mighty %n?"
493.  %E
494.  %Cp Bar 00069
495.  "You have failed, %c.  Now, my victory is complete."
496.  %E
497.  %Cc Bar 00070
498.  As you pick up %o, you feel the power of it
499.  flowing through your hands.  It seems to be in two or more places
500.  at once, even though you are holding it.
501.  %E
502.  %Cc Bar 00080
503.  %nC falls to the ground, and utters a last curse at you.  Then his
504.  body fades slowly, seemingly dispersing into the air around you.  You
505.  slowly become aware that the overpowering aura of magic in the air has
506.  begun to fade.
507.  %E
508.  %Cc Bar 00081
509.  When %l sees %o, he smiles, and says:
511.      Well done, %p.  You have saved the world from certain doom.
512.      What, now, should be done with %o?
514.      These people, brave as they are, cannot hope to guard it from
515.      other sorcerers who will detect it, as surely as %n did.
517.      Take %o with you, %p.  It will guard you in
518.      your adventures, and you can best guard it.  You embark on a
519.      quest far greater than you realize.
521.      Remember me, %p, and return when you have triumphed.  I
522.      will tell you then of what you must do.  You will understand when the
523.      time comes.
524.  %E
525.  %Cc Bar 00082
526.  %l gazes reverently at %o, then back at you.
528.  "You are its keeper now, and the time has come to resume your search
529.  for the Amulet.  %Z await your return through the
530.  magic portal which brought you here."
531.  %E
532.  %Cp Bar 00090
533.  "Tell us, %p, have you fared well on your great quest?"
534.  %E
535.  %Cc Bar 00091
536.  "This is wondrous, %p.  I feared that you could not possibly
537.  succeed in your quest, but here you are in possession of the Amulet
538.  of Yendor!
540.  "I have studied the texts of the magi constantly since you left.  In
541.  the Book of Skelos, I found this:
543.      %d will cause a child to be sent into the world.  This child is to
544.      be made strong by trial of battle and magic, for %d has willed it so.
545.      It is said that the child of %d will recover the Amulet of Yendor
546.      that was stolen from the Creator at the beginning of time.
548.  "As you now possess the amulet, %p, I suspect that the Book
549.  speaks of you.
551.      The child of %d will take the Amulet, and travel to the Astral
552.      Plane, where the Great Temple of %d is to be found.  The Amulet
553.      will be sacrificed to %d, there on His altar.  Then the child will
554.      stand by %d as champion of all %cP for eternity.
556.  "This is all I know, %p.  I hope it will help you."
557.  %E
558.  #
559.  #	Cave(wo)man
560.  #
561.  %Cc Cav 00001
562.  You descend through a barely familiar stairwell that you remember
563.  %l showing you when you embarked upon your vision quest.
565.  You arrive back at %H, but something seems
566.  wrong here.  The usual smoke and glowing light of the fires of the
567.  outer caves are absent, and an uneasy quiet fills the damp air.
568.  %E
569.  %Cp Cav 00002
570.  Once again, you arrive back at %H.
571.  %E
572.  %Cp Cav 00003
573.  For some reason, you think that this may be the last time you will
574.  enter %H.
575.  %E
576.  %Cp Cav 00005
577.  "We have not been able to gather as much food since the Giants sealed
578.  off our access to the outer world."
579.  %E
580.  %Cp Cav 00006
581.  "Since %n sent her minions, we have been constantly fighting."
582.  %E
583.  %Cp Cav 00007
584.  "I have heard your vision quest was successful.  Is this so?"
585.  %E
586.  %Cp Cav 00008
587.  "So, tell me, %p, how have you fared?"
588.  %E
589.  %Cp Cav 00009
590.  "%lC grows old.  We know not who will guide us after he ascends."
591.  %E
592.  %Cp Cav 00010
593.  "The rains have returned and the land grows lush again."
594.  %E
595.  %Cp Cav 00011
596.  "Peace has returned, give thanks to %d!"
597.  %E
598.  %Cp Cav 00012
599.  "Welcome back!  Did you find %o?"
600.  %E
601.  %Cp Cav 00013
602.  "So, %p, tell us the story of your fight with %n."
603.  %E
604.  %Cp Cav 00014
605.  "%lC grows old.  Perhaps you will guide us after he ascends."
606.  %E
607.  %Cc Cav 00015
608.  "You have returned from your vision quest, %p.  Thank %d.
610.  "We are in dire need of your help, my %S.
612.  "But first, I must see if you are yet capable of the quest I would
613.  ask you to undertake."
614.  %E
615.  %Cp Cav 00016
616.  "Again, you return to us, %p.  Let me see if you are ready now."
617.  %E
618.  %Cp Cav 00017
619.  "Ah, %p.  Are you finally ready?"
620.  %E
621.  %Cc Cav 00018
622.  "%pC!  You have sealed our fate.  You seem unable to reform yourself,
623.  so I must select another to take your place.
625.  "Begone from %H!  You have betrayed us by choosing
626.  the path of the %C over the true path of the %L.
628.  "You no longer live in our eyes."
629.  %E
630.  %Cc Cav 00019
631.  "Alas, %p, you are as yet too inexperienced to embark upon such
632.  a difficult quest as that I propose to give you.
634.  "%rA could not possibly survive the rigors demanded to find
635.  %i, never mind to confront %n herself.
637.  "Adventure some more, and you will learn the skills you will require.
638.  %d decrees it."
639.  %E
640.  %Cc Cav 00020
641.  "%pC!  You have deviated from my teachings.  You no longer follow
642.  the path of the %a as you should.  I banish you from these caves, to
643.  go forth and purify yourself.  Then, you might be able to accomplish this
644.  quest."
645.  %E
646.  %Cc Cav 00021
647.  "You are indeed ready now, %p.  I shall tell you a tale of
648.  great suffering among your people:
650.  "Shortly after you left on your vision quest, the caves were invaded by
651.  the creatures sent against us by %n.
653.  "She, herself, could not attack us due to her great size, but her minions
654.  have harassed us ever since.  In the first attacks, many died, and the
655.  minions of %n managed to steal %o.
656.  They took it to %i and there, none of our
657.  %g warriors have been able to go.
659.  "You must find %i, and within it wrest
660.  %o from %n.  She guards it as
661.  jealously as she guards all treasures she attains.  But with it,
662.  we can make our caves safe once more.
664.  "Please, %p, recover %o for us, and return it here."
665.  %E
666.  %Cp Cav 00025
667.  "%nC is immune to her own breath weapons.
668.  You should use magic upon her that she does not use herself."
669.  %E
670.  %Cp Cav 00026
671.  "When you encounter %n, call upon %d for assistance."
672.  %E
673.  %Cp Cav 00027
674.  "There will be nowhere to hide inside %ns inner sanctum."
675.  %E
676.  %Cp Cav 00028
677.  "Your best chance with %n will be to keep moving."
678.  %E
679.  %Cp Cav 00029
680.  "Do not be distracted by the great treasures in %ns lair.
681.  Concentrate on %o."
682.  %E
683.  %Cp Cav 00030
684.  "%oC is the only object that %n truly fears."
685.  %E
686.  %Cp Cav 00031
687.  "Do not be fooled by %ns size.  She is fast, and it is
688.  rumored that she uses magic."
689.  %E
690.  %Cp Cav 00032
691.  "I would send a party of %gP with you, but we will need all
692.  of our strength to defend ourselves."
693.  %E
694.  %Cp Cav 00033
695.  "Remember, be %a at all times.  This is your strength."
696.  %E
697.  %Cp Cav 00034
698.  "If only we had an amulet of reflection, this would not have happened."
699.  %E
700.  %Cc Cav 00035
701.  You %x many large claw marks on the ground.  The tunnels ahead
702.  of you are larger than most of those in any cave complex you have
703.  ever been in before.
705.  Your nose detects the smell of carrion from within, and bones litter
706.  the sides of the tunnels.
707.  %E
708.  %Cp Cav 00036
709.  Once again, you approach %i.
710.  %E
711.  %Cc Cav 00040
712.  You find yourself in a large cavern, with neatly polished walls, that
713.  nevertheless show signs of being scorched by fire.
715.  Bones litter the floor, and there are objects scattered everywhere.
716.  The air is close with the stench of sulphurous fumes.
718.  %nC is clearly visible, but she seems to be asleep.
719.  %E
720.  %Cp Cav 00041
721.  Once again, you find yourself in the lair of %n.
722.  %E
723.  %Cc Cav 00050
724.  "So, follower of %l, you seek to invade the lair of %n.
725.  Only my meals are allowed down here.  Prepare to be eaten!"
726.  %E
727.  %Cp Cav 00051
728.  "So, again you face me, %c.  No one has ever before escaped me.
729.  Now I shall kill you."
730.  %E
731.  %Cp Cav 00052
732.  "You are getting annoying, %c.  Prepare to die."
733.  %E
734.  %Cp Cav 00053
735.  "I'll have %o from you, %c.  You shall die."
736.  %E
737.  %Cp Cav 00060
738.  "You are weak, %c.  No challenge for the Mother of all Dragons."
739.  %E
740.  %Cp Cav 00061
741.  "I grow hungry, %r.  You look like a nice appetizer!"
742.  %E
743.  %Cp Cav 00062
744.  "Join me for lunch?  You're the main course, %c."
745.  %E
746.  %Cp Cav 00063
747.  "With %o, I am invincible!  You cannot succeed."
748.  %E
749.  %Cp Cav 00064
750.  "Your mentor, %l has failed.  You are nothing to fear."
751.  %E
752.  %Cp Cav 00065
753.  "You shall die here, %c.  %rA cannot hope to defeat me."
754.  %E
755.  %Cp Cav 00066
756.  "You, a mere %r challenge the might of %n?  Hah!"
757.  %E
758.  %Cp Cav 00067
759.  "I am the Mother of all Dragons!  You cannot hope to defeat me."
760.  %E
761.  %Cp Cav 00068
762.  "My claws are sharp now.  I shall rip you to shreds!"
763.  %E
764.  %Cp Cav 00069
765.  "%d has deserted you, %c.  This is my domain."
766.  %E
767.  %Cc Cav 00070
768.  As you pick up %o it seems heavy at first, but as you
769.  hold it strength flows into your arms.
771.  You suddenly feel full of power, as if nothing could possibly stand
772.  in your path.
773.  %E
774.  %Cp Cav 00080
775.  %nC sinks to the ground, her heads flailing about.
776.  As she dies, a cloud of noxious fumes billows about her.
777.  %E
778.  %Cc Cav 00081
779.  %lC glimpses %o in your possession.
780.  He smiles and says:
782.      You have done it!  We are saved.  But I fear that %o
783.      will always be a target for %C forces who will want it for their
784.      own.
786.      To prevent further trouble, I would like you, %p,
787.      to take %o away with you.  It will help you as you
788.      quest for the Amulet of Yendor.
789.  %E
790.  %Cc Cav 00082
791.  %l grasps %o proudly for a moment, then looks at you.
793.  "You are its keeper now, and the time has come to resume your search
794.  for the Amulet.  %Z await your return through the
795.  magic portal which brought you here."
796.  %E
797.  %Cp Cav 00090
798.  "%pC!  Welcome back.
799.  How goes your quest to recover the Amulet for %d?"
800.  %E
801.  %Cc Cav 00091
802.  "You have been successful, I see, %p.
804.  "Now that the Amulet of Yendor is yours, here is what you must do:
806.  "Journey upwards to the open air.  The Amulet you carry will then
807.  take you into the Astral Planes, where the Great Temple of %d
808.  casts its influence throughout our world.
810.  "Sacrifice the Amulet on the altar.  Thus shall %d become supreme!"
811.  %E
812.  #
813.  #	Healer
814.  #
815.  %Cc Hea 00001
816.  What sorcery has brought you back to %H?  The smell
817.  of fresh funeral pyres tells you that something is amiss with the healing
818.  powers that used to practice here.
820.  No rhizotomists are tending the materia medica gardens, and where are the
821.  common folk who used to come for the cures?
823.  You know that you must quickly make your way to the collegium, and
824.  %ls iatreion, and find out what has happened in your
825.  absence.
826.  %E
827.  %Cp Hea 00002
828.  After your last experience you expected to be here, but you certainly
829.  did not expect to see things so much worse.  This time you must
830.  succeed.
831.  %E
832.  %Cp Hea 00003
833.  Again, you %x %H in the distance.
835.  The smell of death and disease permeates the air.  You do not have
836.  to be %Ra to know that %n is on the verge of victory.
837.  %E
838.  %Cp Hea 00005
839.  "Did you read that new treatise on the therapeutic use of leeches?"
840.  %E
841.  %Cp Hea 00006
842.  "Paint a red caduceus on your shield and monsters won't hit you."
843.  %E
844.  %Cp Hea 00007
845.  "I passed handwriting so they are demoting me a rank."
846.  %E
847.  %Cp Hea 00008
848.  "I've heard that even %l has not been able to cure Chiron."
849.  %E
850.  %Cp Hea 00009
851.  "We think %n has used his alchemists, and %o,
852.  to unleash a new disease we call 'the cold' on Gehennom."
853.  %E
854.  %Cp Hea 00010
855.  "Did you read that new treatise on the therapeutic use of leeches?"
856.  %E
857.  %Cp Hea 00011
858.  "Paint a red caduceus on your shield and monsters won't hit you."
859.  %E
860.  %Cp Hea 00012
861.  "How are you feeling?  Perhaps a good bleeding will improve your sprits."
862.  %E
863.  %Cp Hea 00013
864.  "Have you heard the absurd new theory that diseases are caused by
865.  microscopic organisms, and not ill humors?"
866.  %E
867.  %Cp Hea 00014
868.  "I see that you bring %o, now you can cure this plague!"
869.  %E
870.  %Cc Hea 00015
871.  Feebly, %l raises his head to look at you.
873.  "It is good to see you again, %p.  I see the concern in your
874.  eyes, but do not worry for me.  I am not ready for Hades yet.  We have
875.  exhausted much of our healing powers holding off %n.
876.  I need your fresh strength to carry on our work.
878.  "Come closer and let me lay hands on you, and determine if you have
879.  the skills necessary to accomplish this mission."
880.  %E
881.  %Cp Hea 00016
882.  "Again you return to me, %p.  I sense that each trip back
883.  the pleurisy and maladies of our land begin to infect you.  Let us
884.  hope and pray to %d that you become ready for your task before
885.  you fall victim to the bad humors."
886.  %E
887.  %Cp Hea 00017
888.  "Chiron has fallen, Hermes has fallen, what else must I tell you to
889.  impress upon you the importance of your mission!  I hope that you
890.  have come prepared this time."
891.  %E
892.  %Cc Hea 00018
893.  "You have failed us, %p.  You are a quack!  A charlatan!
895.  "Hades will be happy to hear that you are once again practicing your
896.  arts on the unsuspecting."
897.  %E
898.  %Cc Hea 00019
899.  "Alas, %p, you are yet too inexperienced to deal with the rigors
900.  of such a task.  You must be able to draw on the knowledge of botany,
901.  vetenary, and alchemy before I can send you on this quest with good
902.  conscience.
904.  "Return when you wear %Ra's caduceus."
905.  %E
906.  %Cc Hea 00020
907.  "You have learned much of the remedies that benefit, but you must also
908.  know which physic for which ail.  That is why %ds teachings are a
909.  part of your training.
911.  "Return to us when you have healed thyself."
912.  %E
913.  %Cc Hea 00021
914.  For the first time, you sense a smile on %ls face.
916.      You have indeed learned as much as we can teach you in preparation
917.      for this task.  Let me tell you what I know of the symptoms and hope
918.      that you can provide a cure.
920.      A short while ago, the dreaded %nt was fooled by the gods
921.      into thinking that he could use %o to find a
922.      cure for old age.  Think of it, eternal youth!  But his good
923.      health is accomplished by drawing the health from those around him.
925.      He has exhausted his own supply of healthy people and now he seeks to
926.      extend his influence into our world.  You must recover from him
927.      %o and break the spell.
929.      You must travel into the swamps to %i, and from there
930.      follow the trail to %ns island lair.  Be careful.
931.  %E
932.  %Cp Hea 00025
933.  "Remember, %p, to always wash your hands before operating."
934.  %E
935.  %Cp Hea 00026
936.  "%nC has no real magic of his own.  To this he is vulnerable."
937.  %E
938.  %Cp Hea 00027
939.  "If you have been true to %d, you can draw on the power of
940.  %o."
941.  %E
942.  %Cp Hea 00028
943.  "Bring with you antidotes for poisons."
944.  %E
945.  %Cp Hea 00029
946.  "Remember this, %n can twist the powers of %o
947.  to hurt instead of heal."
948.  %E
949.  %Cp Hea 00030
950.  "I have sent for Chiron, but I am afraid he will come too late."
951.  %E
952.  %Cp Hea 00031
953.  "Maybe when you return the snakes will once again begin to shed."
954.  %E
955.  %Cp Hea 00032
956.  "The plague grows worse as we speak.  Hurry, %p!"
957.  %E
958.  %Cp Hea 00033
959.  "Many times %n has caused trouble in these lands.  It is
960.  time that he was eradicated like the diseases he has caused."
961.  %E
962.  %Cp Hea 00034
963.  "With but one eye, %n should be easy to blind.  Remember this."
964.  %E
965.  %Cc Hea 00035
966.  You stand before the entrance to %i.  Strange
967.  scratching noises come from within the building.
969.  The swampy ground around you seems to stink with disease.
970.  %E
971.  %Cp Hea 00036
972.  Once again you stand at the entrance to %i.
973.  %E
974.  %Cc Hea 00040
975.  You stand within sight of the infamous Isle of %n.  Even
976.  the words of %l had not prepared you for this.
978.  Steeling yourself against the wails of the ill that pierce your ears,
979.  you hurry on your task.  Maybe with %o you can
980.  heal them on your return, but not now.
981.  %E
982.  %Cp Hea 00041
983.  Once again, you %x the Isle of %n in the distance.
984.  %E
985.  %Cc Hea 00050
986.  "They have made a mistake in sending you, %p.
988.  "When I add your youth to mine, it will just make it easier for me
989.  to defeat %l."
990.  %E
991.  %Cp Hea 00051
992.  "Unlike your patients, you seem to keep coming back, %p!"
993.  %E
994.  %Cp Hea 00052
995.  "Which would you like, %p?  Boils, pleurisy, convulsions?"
996.  %E
997.  %Cp Hea 00053
998.  "I'll have %o back from you, %r.  You are
999.  not going to live to escape this place."
1000. %E
1001. %Cp Hea 00060
1002. "They might as well give scalpels to wizards as to let you try to
1003. use %o!"
1004. %E
1005. %Cp Hea 00061
1006. "If I could strike %l, surrounded by his %gP, imagine what I
1007. can do to you here by yourself."
1008. %E
1009. %Cp Hea 00062
1010. "I will put my %Rp to work making a physic out of your ashes."
1011. %E
1012. %Cp Hea 00063
1013. "As we speak, Hades gathers your patients to join you."
1014. %E
1015. %Cp Hea 00064
1016. "After I'm done with you, I'll destroy %l as well."
1017. %E
1018. %Cp Hea 00065
1019. "You will have to kill me if you ever hope to leave this place."
1020. %E
1021. %Cp Hea 00066
1022. "I will impale your head on my caduceus for all to see."
1023. %E
1024. %Cp Hea 00067
1025. "There is no materia medica in your sack which will cure you of me!"
1026. %E
1027. %Cp Hea 00068
1028. "Do not fight too hard, I want your soul strong, not weakened!"
1029. %E
1030. %Cp Hea 00069
1031. "You should have stopped studying at vetenary."
1032. %E
1033. %Cc Hea 00070
1034. As you pick up %o, you feel its healing begin to
1035. warm your soul.  You curse Zeus for taking it from its rightful owner,
1036. but at least you hope that %l can put it to good use once
1037. again.
1038. %E
1039. %Cc Hea 00080
1040. The battered body of %n slumps to the ground and gasps
1041. out one last curse:
1043.     You have defeated me, %p, but I shall have my revenge.
1044.     How, I shall not say, but this curse shall be like a
1045.     cancer on you.
1047. With that %n dies.
1048. %E
1049. %Cc Hea 00081
1050. As soon as %l sees %o he summons his %gP.
1052. Gently, %l reaches out and touches %o.
1053. He instructs each of the assembled to do the same.  When everyone
1054. has finished he speaks to you.
1056.     Now that we have been replenished we can defeat this plague.  You must
1057.     take %o with you and replenish the worlds you have
1058.     been called upon to travel next.  I wish you could ride Chiron to the
1059.     end of your journey, but I need him to help me spread the cure.  Go
1060.     now and continue your journey.
1061. %E
1062. %Cc Hea 00082
1063. %l cautiously handles %o while watching you.
1065. "You are its keeper now, and the time has come to resume your search
1066. for the Amulet.  %Z await your return through the
1067. magic portal which brought you here."
1068. %E
1069. %Cp Hea 00090
1070. "You have again returned to us, %p.  We have done well in your
1071. absence, yes?  How fare you upon your quest for the Amulet?"
1072. %E
1073. %Cc Hea 00091
1074. "Ah, you have recovered the Amulet, %p.  Well done!
1076. "Now, you should know that you must travel through the elemental planes
1077. to the astral, and there return the Amulet to %d.  Go forth and
1078. may our prayers be as a wind upon your back."
1079. %E
1080. #
1081. #	Knight
1082. #
1083. %Cc Kni 00001
1084. You materialize in the shadows of %H.  Immediately, you notice
1085. that something is wrong.  The fields around the castle are trampled and
1086. withered, as if some great battle has been recently fought.
1088. Looking closer, you %x long gouges in the walls of %H.
1089. You know of only one creature that makes those kinds of marks...
1090. %E
1091. %Cp Kni 00002
1092. Once again you stand in the shadows of %H.
1093. %E
1094. %Cp Kni 00003
1095. Again, you stand before %H.  You vaguely sense that this
1096. may be the last time you stand before %l.
1097. %E
1098. %Cp Kni 00005
1099. "Hail, %p!  Verily, thou lookest well."
1100. %E
1101. %Cp Kni 00006
1102. "There is word, %p, that %n hath been sighted in the fens
1103. near %i."
1104. %E
1105. %Cp Kni 00007
1106. "Thou art our only hope now, %p."
1107. %E
1108. %Cp Kni 00008
1109. "Verily, %l could have no better champion, %p."
1110. %E
1111. %Cp Kni 00009
1112. "Many brave %cP died when %n attacked."
1113. %E
1114. %Cp Kni 00010
1115. "Hail, %p!  Verily, thou lookest well."
1116. %E
1117. %Cp Kni 00011
1118. "So, %p, didst thou find %n in the fens
1119. near %i?"
1120. %E
1121. %Cp Kni 00012
1122. "Worthy %p, hast thou proven thy right purpose on the body of %n?"
1123. %E
1124. %Cp Kni 00013
1125. "Verily, %l could have no better champion, %p."
1126. %E
1127. %Cp Kni 00014
1128. "Hast thou indeed recovered %o?"
1129. %E
1130. %Cc Kni 00015
1131. "Ah, %p.  We see thou hast received Our summons.
1132. We are in dire need of thy prowess.  But first, We must needs
1133. decide if thou art ready for this great undertaking."
1134. %E
1135. %Cp Kni 00016
1136. "Welcome again, %p.  We hope thou art ready now."
1137. %E
1138. %Cp Kni 00017
1139. "Once again, thou standest before Us, %p.  Art thou ready now?"
1140. %E
1141. %Cc Kni 00018
1142. "Thou disgracest this noble court with thine impure presence.  We have been
1143. lenient with thee, but no more.  Thy name shall be spoken no more.  We
1144. hereby strip thee of thy title, thy lands, and thy standing as %ca.
1145. Begone from Our sight!"
1146. %E
1147. %Cc Kni 00019
1148. "Verily, %p, thou hast done well.  That thou hast survived thus
1149. far is a credit to thy valor, but thou art yet unprepared for
1150. the demands required as Our Champion.  %rA, no matter how
1151. pure, could never hope to defeat the foul %n.
1153. "Journey forth from this place, and hone thy skills.  Return to
1154. Our presence when thou hast attained the noble title of %R."
1155. %E
1156. %Cc Kni 00020
1157. "Thou dishonourest Us, %p!  Thou hast strayed from the path of
1158. chivalry! Go from Our presence and do penance.  Only when thou art again
1159. pure mayst thou return hence."
1160. %E
1161. %Cc Kni 00021
1162. "Ah, %p.  Thou art truly ready, as no %c before thee hath
1163. been.  Hear now Our words:
1165. "As thou noticed as thou approached %H, a great battle hath
1166. been fought recently in these fields.  Know thou that Merlin himself
1167. came to aid Us here as We battled the foul %n.  In the midst of that
1168. battle, %n struck Merlin a great blow, felling him.  Then, as Our
1169. forces were pressed back, %n stole %o.
1171. "We eventually turned the tide, but lost many %cP in doing so.
1172. Merlin was taken off by his apprentice, but hath not recovered.  We have
1173. been told that so long as %n possesseth %o,
1174. Merlin will not regain his health.
1176. "We hereby charge thee with this most important of duties:
1178. "Go forth from this place, to the fens, and there thou wilt find
1179. %i.  From there, thou must track down %n.  Destroy the
1180. beast, and return to Us %o.  Only then can
1181. We restore Merlin to health."
1182. %E
1183. %Cp Kni 00025
1184. "Remember, %p, follow always the path of %d."
1185. %E
1186. %Cp Kni 00026
1187. "Though %n is verily a mighty foe, We have confidence in thy victory."
1188. %E
1189. %Cp Kni 00027
1190. "Beware, for %n hath surrounded himself with hordes of foul creatures."
1191. %E
1192. %Cp Kni 00028
1193. "Great treasure, 'tis said, is hoarded in the lair of %n."
1194. %E
1195. %Cp Kni 00029
1196. "If thou possessest %o, %p, %ns magic
1197. shall therewith be thwarted."
1198. %E
1199. %Cp Kni 00030
1200. "The gates of %i are guarded by forces unseen, %p.
1201. Go carefully."
1202. %E
1203. %Cp Kni 00031
1204. "Return %o to Us quickly, %p."
1205. %E
1206. %Cp Kni 00032
1207. "Destroy %n, %p, else %H shall surely fall."
1208. %E
1209. %Cp Kni 00033
1210. "Call upon %d when thou art in need."
1211. %E
1212. %Cp Kni 00034
1213. "To find %i, thou must keep thy heart pure."
1214. %E
1215. %Cc Kni 00035
1216. You stand at the foot of %i.  Atop, you can %x a shrine.
1217. Strange energies seem to be focused here, and the hair on the back
1218. of your neck stands on end.
1219. %E
1220. %Cp Kni 00036
1221. Again, you stand at the foot of %i.
1222. %E
1223. %Cc Kni 00040
1224. As you exit the swamps, you %x before you a huge, gaping hole in the
1225. side of a hill.  From within, you smell the foul stench of carrion.
1227. The pools on either side of the entrance are fouled with blood, and
1228. pieces of rusted metal and broken weapons show above the surface.
1229. %E
1230. %Cp Kni 00041
1231. Again, you stand at the entrance to %ns lair.
1232. %E
1233. %Cc Kni 00050
1234. "Hah!  Another puny %c seeks death.  I shall dine well tonight,
1235. then tomorrow, %H shall fall!"
1236. %E
1237. %Cp Kni 00051
1238. "Again, thou challengest me, %r?  So be it.  Thou wilt die here."
1239. %E
1240. %Cp Kni 00052
1241. "Thou art truly foolish, %r.  I shall dispatch thee anon."
1242. %E
1243. %Cp Kni 00053
1244. "So, thou darest touch MY property!  I shall have that bauble back,
1245. puny %r.  Thou wilt die in agony!"
1246. %E
1247. %Cp Kni 00060
1248. "A mere %r can never withstand me!"
1249. %E
1250. %Cp Kni 00061
1251. "I shall kill thee now, and feast!"
1252. %E
1253. %Cp Kni 00062
1254. "Puny %c.  What manner of death dost thou wish?"
1255. %E
1256. %Cp Kni 00063
1257. "First thee, %p, then I shall feast upon %l."
1258. %E
1259. %Cp Kni 00064
1260. "Hah!  Thou hast failed, %r.  Now thou shalt die."
1261. %E
1262. %Cp Kni 00065
1263. "Die, %c.  Thou art as nothing against my might."
1264. %E
1265. %Cp Kni 00066
1266. "I shall suck the marrow from thy bones, %c."
1267. %E
1268. %Cp Kni 00067
1269. "Let's see...  Broiled?  No.  Fried?  Nay.  Baked?  Yea verily,
1270. that is the way I like my %c for dinner."
1271. %E
1272. %Cp Kni 00068
1273. "Thy strength waneth, %p.  The time of thy death draweth near."
1274. %E
1275. %Cp Kni 00069
1276. "Call upon thy precious %d, %p.  It shall not avail thee."
1277. %E
1278. %Cc Kni 00070
1279. As you pick up %o, you feel its protective fields
1280. form around your body.  You also feel a faint stirring in your mind,
1281. as if you are in two places at once, and in the second, you are waking
1282. from a long sleep.
1283. %E
1284. %Cc Kni 00080
1285. As %n sinks to the ground, blood gushing from his open mouth, he
1286. defiantly curses you and %l:
1288.     Thou hast not won yet, %r.  By the gods, I shall return and dog
1289.     thy steps to the grave!
1291. His tail flailing madly, %n tries to crawl towards you, but slumps
1292. to the ground and dies in a pool of his own blood.
1293. %E
1294. %Cc Kni 00081
1295. As you approach %l, he beams at you and says:
1297.     Well done!  Thou art truly the Champion of %H.  We
1298.     have received word that Merlin is recovering, and shall soon
1299.     rejoin Us.
1301.     He hath instructed Us that thou art now to be the guardian of
1302.     %o.  He feeleth that thou mayst have need of
1303.     its powers in thine adventures.  It is Our wish that thou keepest
1304.     %o with thee as thou searchest for the fabled
1305.     Amulet of Yendor.
1306. %E
1307. # assumes Magic Mirror of Merlin (glass object)
1308. %Cc Kni 00082
1309. "Careful, %p!  %oC might break, and that would
1310. be a tragic loss.  Thou art its keeper now, and the time hath come
1311. to resume thy search for the Amulet.  %Z await thy
1312. return through the magic portal that brought thee here."
1313. %E
1314. %Cp Kni 00090
1315. "Well met, %p.  How goeth thy search for the Amulet of Yendor?"
1316. %E
1317. %Cc Kni 00091
1318. "Thou hast succeeded, We see, %p!  Now thou art commanded to take
1319. the Amulet to be sacrificed to %d in the plane of the astral.
1321. "Merlin hath counseled Us that thou must travel always upwards through
1322. the planes of the elements, to achieve this goal.
1324. "Go with %d, %p."
1325. %E
1326. #
1327. #       Monk
1328. #
1329. # The quest artifact is "The Eyes of the Overworld", hence needs
1330. # to be treated as plural by messages which use %o.
1331. #
1332. %Cc Mon 00001
1333. You find yourself standing in sight of %H.  Something
1334. is obviously wrong here. Strange shapes lumber around
1335. outside %H!
1337. You realize that the %l needs your assistance!
1338. %E
1339. %Cp Mon 00002
1340. Once again, you stand before %H.
1341. %E
1342. %Cp Mon 00003
1343. Again you face %H.  Your intuition hints that this may be
1344. the final time you come here.
1345. %E
1346. %Cp Mon 00005
1347. "Greetings, honorable %r.  It is good to see you."
1348. %E
1349. %Cp Mon 00006
1350. "Ah, %p!  Surely you can help us in our hour of need."
1351. %E
1352. %Cp Mon 00007
1353. "Greetings, %s.  %lC has great need of your help."
1354. %E
1355. %Cp Mon 00008
1356. "Alas, it seems as if even %d has deserted us."
1357. %E
1358. %Cp Mon 00009
1359. "May %d be with you, %s."
1360. %E
1361. %Cp Mon 00010
1362. "Greetings, honorable %r.  It is good to see you again."
1363. %E
1364. %Cp Mon 00011
1365. "Ah, %p!  Our deepest gratitude for all of your help."
1366. %E
1367. %Cp Mon 00012
1368. "Greetings, %s.  Perhaps you will take some time to meditate with us?"
1369. %E
1370. %Cp Mon 00013
1371. "With this test behind you, may %d bring you enlightenment."
1372. %E
1373. %Cp Mon 00014
1374. "May %d be with you, %s."
1375. %E
1376. %Cc Mon 00015
1377. "Ah, %p, my %S.  You have returned to us at last.
1378. A great blow has befallen our order; perhaps you can help us.
1379. First, however, I must determine if you are prepared for this
1380. great challenge."
1381. %E
1382. %Cp Mon 00016
1383. "Again, my %S, you stand before me.  Are you ready now to help us?"
1384. %E
1385. %Cp Mon 00017
1386. "Once more, %p, you stand within the sanctum.  Are you ready now?"
1387. %E
1388. %Cc Mon 00018
1389. "You are a heretic, %p!  How can you, %ra, deviate so from the
1390. teachings of %d?  Begone from this temple.  You are no longer
1391. %sa to this order.  We will pray to %d for other assistance,
1392. as you have failed us utterly."
1393. %E
1394. %Cc Mon 00019
1395. "Alas, %p, it is not yet to be.  A mere %r could never
1396. withstand the might of %n.  Go forth, again into the world, and return
1397. when you have attained the post of %R."
1398. %E
1399. %Cc Mon 00020
1400. "This is terrible, %p.  You have deviated from the true path!
1401. You know that %d requires the most strident devotion of this
1402. order.  The %shood must stand for utmost piety.
1404. "Go from here, atone for your sins against %d.  Return only when
1405. you have purified yourself."
1406. %E
1407. %Cc Mon 00021
1408. "Yes, %p.  You are truly ready now.  Attend to me and I shall
1409. tell you of what has transpired:
1411. "During one of the Great Meditations a short time ago, %n and
1412. a legion of elementals invaded %H.  Many %gP were
1413. killed, including the one bearing %o.
1415. Now, there are barely enough %gP left to keep the
1416. elementals at bay.
1418. "We need you to find %i, then, from there, travel
1419. to %ns lair.  If you can manage to defeat %n
1420. and return %o here, we can then drive off the
1421. legions of elementals that slay our students.
1423. "Go with %d as your guide, %p."
1424. %E
1425. %Cp Mon 00025
1426. "You can prevail, if you rely on %d."
1427. %E
1428. %Cp Mon 00026
1429. "Remember that %n has great magic at his command."
1430. %E
1431. %Cp Mon 00027
1432. "Be pure, my %S."
1433. %E
1434. %Cp Mon 00028
1435. "Beware, %i is surrounded by hordes of earth elementals."
1436. %E
1437. %Cp Mon 00029
1438. "Remember your studies, and you will prevail!"
1439. %E
1440. %Cp Mon 00030
1441. "Acquire and wear %o if you can.  They will aid you
1442. against %n."
1443. %E
1444. %Cp Mon 00031
1445. "Call upon %d when your need is greatest.  You will be answered."
1446. %E
1447. %Cp Mon 00032
1448. "Remember to use the elementals' strength against them!"
1449. %E
1450. %Cp Mon 00033
1451. "Do not lose faith, %p.  If you do so, %n will grow stronger."
1452. %E
1453. %Cp Mon 00034
1454. "Wear %o.  They will assist you in your efforts."
1455. %E
1456. %Cc Mon 00035
1457. You remember the descriptions of %i, given to you
1458. by the %l.  It is ahead that you will find %n's trail.
1459. %E
1460. %Cp Mon 00036
1461. Again, you stand before %i.
1462. %E
1463. %Cc Mon 00040
1464. The stench of brimstone is all about you, and the elementals close in
1465. from all sides!
1467. Ahead, there is a small clearing amidst the bubbling pits of lava...
1468. %E
1469. %Cp Mon 00041
1470. Again, you have invaded %ns domain.
1471. %E
1472. %Cc Mon 00050
1473. "Ah, so %l has sent another %g to retrieve
1474. %o.
1476. "No, I see you are no %g.  Perhaps I shall have some fun today
1477. after all.  Prepare to die, %r!  You shall never regain
1478. %o."
1479. %E
1480. %Cp Mon 00051
1481. "So, %r.  Again you challenge me."
1482. %E
1483. %Cp Mon 00052
1484. "Die now, %r.  %d has no power here to aid you."
1485. %E
1486. %Cp Mon 00053
1487. "You shall die, %r, and I will have %o back."
1488. %E
1489. %Cp Mon 00060
1490. "Submit to my will, %c, and I shall spare you."
1491. %E
1492. %Cp Mon 00061
1493. "Your puny powers are no match for me, %c."
1494. %E
1495. %Cp Mon 00062
1496. "I shall have you turned into a zombie for my pleasure!"
1497. %E
1498. %Cp Mon 00063
1499. "Despair now, %r.  %d cannot help you."
1500. %E
1501. %Cp Mon 00064
1502. "I shall feast upon your soul for many days, %c."
1503. %E
1504. %Cp Mon 00065
1505. "Your death will be slow and painful.  That I promise!"
1506. %E
1507. %Cp Mon 00066
1508. "You cannot defeat %n, you fool.  I shall kill you now."
1509. %E
1510. %Cp Mon 00067
1511. "Your precious %lt will be my next victim."
1512. %E
1513. %Cp Mon 00068
1514. "I feel your powers failing you, %r.  You shall die now."
1515. %E
1516. %Cp Mon 00069
1517. "With %o, nothing can stand in my way."
1518. %E
1519. %Cc Mon 00070
1520. As you pick up %o, you feel the essence of
1521. %d fill your soul.  You know now why %n stole them from
1522. %H, for with them, %ca of %d could
1523. easily defeat his plans.
1525. You sense a message from %d.  Though not verbal, you
1526. get the impression that you must return to %l as soon
1527. as possible.
1528. %E
1529. %Cc Mon 00080
1530. %nC gasps:
1532.     "You have only defeated this mortal body.  Know this: my spirit
1533.     is strong.  I shall return and reclaim what is mine!"
1535. With that, %n expires.
1536. %E
1537. %Cc Mon 00081
1538. "You have returned, %p.  And with %o, I see.
1539. Congratulations.
1541. "I have been in meditation, and have received direction from
1542. a minion of %d.  %d commands that you retain
1543. %o.  With them, you must recover the Amulet
1544. of Yendor.
1546. "Go forth, and let %d guide your steps."
1547. %E
1548. %Cc Mon 00082
1549. %lC studies %o for a moment,
1550. then returns his gaze to you.
1552. "%oC must remain with you.  Use them
1553. as you resume your search for the Amulet.
1554. %Z await your return through the magic portal
1555. that brought you here."
1556. %E
1557. %Cp Mon 00090
1558. "Welcome back, %p.  How is your quest for the Amulet going?"
1559. %E
1560. %Cc Mon 00091
1561. "You have prevailed, %p!  %d is surely with you.  Now,
1562. you must take the amulet, and sacrifice it on %ds altar on
1563. the Astral plane.  I suspect that I shall never see you again in this
1564. life, but I hope to at %ds feet."
1565. %E
1566. #
1567. #	Priest
1568. #
1569. %Cc Pri 00001
1570. You find yourself standing in sight of %H.  Something
1571. is obviously wrong here.  The doors to %H, which usually
1572. stand open, are closed.  Strange human shapes shamble around
1573. outside.
1575. You realize that %l needs your assistance!
1576. %E
1577. %Cp Pri 00002
1578. Once again, you stand before %H.
1579. %E
1580. %Cp Pri 00003
1581. Again you face %H.  Your intuition hints that this may be
1582. the final time you come here.
1583. %E
1584. %Cp Pri 00005
1585. "Greetings, honored %r.  It is good to see you."
1586. %E
1587. %Cp Pri 00006
1588. "Ah, %p!  Surely you can help us in our hour of need."
1589. %E
1590. %Cp Pri 00007
1591. "Greetings, %s.  %lC has great need of your help."
1592. %E
1593. %Cp Pri 00008
1594. "Alas, it seems as if even %d has deserted us."
1595. %E
1596. %Cp Pri 00009
1597. "May %d be with you, %s."
1598. %E
1599. %Cp Pri 00010
1600. "Greetings, %r.  It is good to see you again."
1601. %E
1602. %Cp Pri 00011
1603. "Ah, %p!  Our deepest gratitude for all of your help."
1604. %E
1605. %Cp Pri 00012
1606. "Welcome back, %s!  With %o, no undead can stand against us."
1607. %E
1608. %Cp Pri 00013
1609. "Praise be to %d, for delivering us from %n."
1610. %E
1611. %Cp Pri 00014
1612. "May %d be with you, %s."
1613. %E
1614. %Cc Pri 00015
1615. "Ah, %p, my %S.  You have returned to us at last.
1616. A great blow has befallen our order; perhaps you can help us.
1617. First, however, I must determine if you are prepared for this
1618. great challenge."
1619. %E
1620. %Cp Pri 00016
1621. "Again, my %S, you stand before me.  Are you ready now to help us?"
1622. %E
1623. %Cp Pri 00017
1624. "Once more, %p, you stand within the sanctum.  Are you ready now?"
1625. %E
1626. %Cc Pri 00018
1627. "You are a heretic, %p!  How can you, %ra, deviate so from the
1628. teachings of %d?  Begone from this temple.  You are no longer
1629. %sa to this order.  We will pray to %d for other assistance,
1630. as you have failed us utterly."
1631. %E
1632. %Cc Pri 00019
1633. "Alas, %p, it is not yet to be.  A mere %r could never
1634. withstand the might of %n.  Go forth, again into the world, and return
1635. when you have attained the post of %R."
1636. %E
1637. %Cc Pri 00020
1638. "This is terrible, %p.  You have deviated from the true path!
1639. You know that %d requires the most strident devotion of this
1640. order.  The %shood must stand for utmost piety.
1642. "Go from here, atone for your sins against %d.  Return only when
1643. you have purified yourself."
1644. %E
1645. %Cc Pri 00021
1646. "Yes, %p.  You are truly ready now.  Attend to me and I shall
1647. tell you of what has transpired:
1649. "At one of the Great Festivals a short time ago, %n and a legion
1650. of undead invaded %H.  Many %gP were killed, including
1651. the one carrying %o.
1653. "As a final act of vengefulness, %n desecrated the altar here.
1654. Without it, we could not mount a counter-attack.  Now, there are
1655. barely enough %gP left to keep the undead at bay.
1657. "We need you to find %i, then, from there, travel
1658. to %ns lair.  If you can manage to defeat %n and return
1659. %o here, we can then drive off the legions of
1660. undead that befoul the land.
1662. "Go with %d as your guide, %p."
1663. %E
1664. %Cp Pri 00025
1665. "You can prevail, if you rely on %d."
1666. %E
1667. %Cp Pri 00026
1668. "Remember that %n has great magic at his command."
1669. %E
1670. %Cp Pri 00027
1671. "Be pure, my %S."
1672. %E
1673. %Cp Pri 00028
1674. "Beware, %i is surrounded by a great graveyard."
1675. %E
1676. %Cp Pri 00029
1677. "You may be able to affect %n with magical cold."
1678. %E
1679. %Cp Pri 00030
1680. "Acquire and wear %o if you can.  It will aid you
1681. against %n."
1682. %E
1683. %Cp Pri 00031
1684. "Call upon %d when your need is greatest.  You will be answered."
1685. %E
1686. %Cp Pri 00032
1687. "The undead legions are weakest during the daylight hours."
1688. %E
1689. %Cp Pri 00033
1690. "Do not lose faith, %p.  If you do so, %n will grow stronger."
1691. %E
1692. %Cp Pri 00034
1693. "Wear %o.  It will assist you against the undead."
1694. %E
1695. %Cc Pri 00035
1696. You stand facing a large graveyard.  The sky above is filled with clouds
1697. that seem to get thicker closer to the center.  You sense the presence of
1698. undead in larger numbers than you have ever encountered before.
1700. You remember the descriptions of %i, given to you by
1701. %lC.  It is ahead that you will find %ns trail.
1702. %E
1703. %Cp Pri 00036
1704. Again, you stand before %i.
1705. %E
1706. %Cc Pri 00040
1707. The stench of brimstone is all about you, and the shrieks and moans
1708. of tortured souls assault your psyche.
1710. Ahead, there is a small clearing amidst the bubbling pits of lava...
1711. %E
1712. %Cp Pri 00041
1713. Again, you have invaded %ns domain.
1714. %E
1715. %Cc Pri 00050
1716. "Ah, so %lC has sent another %g to retrieve
1717. %o.
1719. "No, I see you are no %g.  Perhaps I shall have some fun today
1720. after all.  Prepare to die, %r!  You shall never regain
1721. %o."
1722. %E
1723. %Cp Pri 00051
1724. "So, %r.  Again you challenge me."
1725. %E
1726. %Cp Pri 00052
1727. "Die now, %r.  %d has no power here to aid you."
1728. %E
1729. %Cp Pri 00053
1730. "You shall die, %r, and I will have %o back."
1731. %E
1732. %Cp Pri 00060
1733. "Submit to my will, %c, and I shall spare you."
1734. %E
1735. %Cp Pri 00061
1736. "Your puny powers are no match for me, %c."
1737. %E
1738. %Cp Pri 00062
1739. "I shall have you turned into a zombie for my pleasure!"
1740. %E
1741. %Cp Pri 00063
1742. "Despair now, %r.  %d cannot help you."
1743. %E
1744. %Cp Pri 00064
1745. "I shall feast upon your soul for many days, %c."
1746. %E
1747. %Cp Pri 00065
1748. "Your death will be slow and painful.  That I promise!"
1749. %E
1750. %Cp Pri 00066
1751. "You cannot defeat %n, you fool.  I shall kill you now."
1752. %E
1753. %Cp Pri 00067
1754. "Your precious %lt will be my next victim."
1755. %E
1756. %Cp Pri 00068
1757. "I feel your powers failing you, %r.  You shall die now."
1758. %E
1759. %Cp Pri 00069
1760. "With %o, nothing can stand in my way."
1761. %E
1762. %Cc Pri 00070
1763. As you pick up %o, you feel the essence of
1764. %d fill your soul.  You know now why %n stole it from
1765. %H, for with it, %ca of %d could
1766. easily defeat his plans.
1768. You sense a message from %d.  Though not verbal, you
1769. get the impression that you must return to %lC as soon
1770. as possible.
1771. %E
1772. %Cc Pri 00080
1773. You feel a wrenching shift in the ether as %ns body dissolves
1774. into a cloud of noxious gas.
1776. Suddenly, a voice booms out:
1778.     Thou hast defeated the least of my minions, %r.
1779.     Know now that Moloch is aware of thy presence.
1780.     As for thee, %n, I shall deal with thy failure
1781.     at my leisure.
1783. You then hear the voice of %n, screaming in terror...
1784. %E
1785. %Cc Pri 00081
1786. "You have returned, %p.  And with %o, I see.
1787. Congratulations.
1789. "I have been in meditation, and have received direction from
1790. a minion of %d.  %d commands that you retain
1791. %o.  With it, you must recover the Amulet
1792. of Yendor.
1794. "Go forth, and let %d guide your steps."
1795. %E
1796. %Cc Pri 00082
1797. %l reiterates that %o is yours now.
1799. "The time has come to resume your search for the Amulet.
1800. %Z await your return through the magic portal
1801. that brought you here."
1802. %E
1803. %Cp Pri 00090
1804. "Welcome back, %p.  How is your quest for the Amulet going?"
1805. %E
1806. %Cc Pri 00091
1807. "You have prevailed, %p!  %d is surely with you.  Now,
1808. you must take the amulet, and sacrifice it on %ds altar on
1809. the Astral plane.  I suspect that I shall never see you again in this
1810. life, but I hope to at %ds feet."
1811. %E
1812. #
1813. #	Ranger
1814. #
1815. %Cc Ran 00001
1816. You arrive in familiar surroundings.  In the distance, you %x the
1817. ancient forest grove, the place of worship to %d.
1819. Something is wrong, though.  Surrounding the grove are centaurs!
1820. And they've noticed you!
1821. %E
1822. %Cp Ran 00002
1823. Once again, you stand before %H.
1824. %E
1825. %Cp Ran 00003
1826. You have the oddest feeling that this may be the last time you
1827. are to enter %H.
1828. %E
1829. %Cp Ran 00005
1830. "%pC!  I have not seen you in many moons.  How do you fare?"
1831. %E
1832. %Cp Ran 00006
1833. "%nC continues to threaten the grove.  But we hold fast."
1834. %E
1835. %Cp Ran 00007
1836. "%lC is growing weak.  The magic required to defend the grove drains us."
1837. %E
1838. %Cp Ran 00008
1839. "Remember %i is hard to enter.  Beware the
1840. distraction of leatherwings."
1841. %E
1842. %Cp Ran 00009
1843. "We must regain %o.  Without it we will be overrun."
1844. %E
1845. %Cp Ran 00010
1846. "%pC!  I have not seen you in many moons.  How do you fare?"
1847. %E
1848. %Cp Ran 00011
1849. "Birdsong has returned to the grove, surely this means you have defeated %n."
1850. %E
1851. %Cp Ran 00012
1852. "%lC seems to have regained some of his strength."
1853. %E
1854. %Cp Ran 00013
1855. "So, tell us how you entered %i, in case some new evil arises there."
1856. %E
1857. %Cp Ran 00014
1858. "Is that truely %o that I see you carrying?"
1859. %E
1860. %Cc Ran 00015
1861. "%pC!  You have returned!  Thank %d.
1863. "We have great need of you.  But first, I must see if you have the
1864. required abilities to take on this responsibility."
1865. %E
1866. %Cp Ran 00016
1867. "Once again, %p, you stand in our midst.  Are you ready now?"
1868. %E
1869. %Cp Ran 00017
1870. "Ah, you are here again, %p.  Allow me to determine your readiness..."
1871. %E
1872. %Cc Ran 00018
1873. "%pC!  You have doomed us all.  You fairly radiate %L influences
1874. and weaken the power we have raised in this grove as a result!
1876. "Begone!  We renounce your %shood with us!  You are an outcast now!"
1877. %E
1878. %Cc Ran 00019
1879. "%p, you are yet too inexperienced to withstand the demands of that
1880. which we need you to do.  %RA might just be able to do this thing.
1882. "Return to us when you have learned more, my %S."
1883. %E
1884. %Cc Ran 00020
1885. "You have strayed, %p!  You know that %d requires that
1886. we maintain a pure devotion to things %a!
1888. "You must go from us.  Return when you have purified yourself."
1889. %E
1890. %Cc Ran 00021
1891. "You are indeed ready, %p.  I shall tell you what has transpired,
1892. and why we so desperately need your help:
1894. "A short time ago, the mountain centaurs to the east invaded
1895. and enslaved the plains centaurs in this area.  The local
1896. leader is now only a figurehead, and serves %n.
1898. "During our last gathering of worship here, we were beset by hordes of
1899. hostile centaurs, as you witnessed.  In the first onslaught a group,
1900. headed by %n himself, managed to breach the grove and
1901. steal %o.
1903. "Since then, we have been besieged.  We do not know how much longer
1904. we will be able to maintain our magical barriers.
1906. "If we are to survive, you, %p, must infiltrate
1907. %i.  There, you will find a pathway down, to the
1908. underground cavern of %n.  He has always coveted
1909. %o, and will surely keep it.
1911. "Recover %o for us, %p!  Only then will %d be safe."
1912. %E
1913. %Cp Ran 00025
1914. "It is rumored that the Forest and Mountain Centaurs have resolved
1915. their ancient feud and now band together against us."
1916. %E
1917. %Cp Ran 00026
1918. "%nC is strong, and very smart."
1919. %E
1920. %Cp Ran 00027
1921. "Use %o, when you find it.  It will help you survive
1922. to reach us."
1923. %E
1924. %Cp Ran 00028
1925. "Remember, let %d be your guide."
1926. %E
1927. %Cp Ran 00029
1928. "Call upon %d when you face %n.
1929. The very act of doing so will infuriate him, and give you advantage."
1930. %E
1931. %Cp Ran 00030
1932. "%n and his kind have always hated us."
1933. %E
1934. %Cp Ran 00031
1935. "We cannot hold the grove much longer, %p.  Hurry!"
1936. %E
1937. %Cp Ran 00032
1938. "To infiltrate %i, you must be very stealthy."
1939. %E
1940. %Cp Ran 00033
1941. "Remember that %n is a braggart.  Trust not what he says."
1942. %E
1943. %Cp Ran 00034
1944. "You can triumph, %p, if you trust in %d."
1945. %E
1946. %Cc Ran 00035
1947. This must be %i.
1949. You are in a cave built of many different rooms, all interconnected
1950. by tunnels.  Your quest is to find and shoot the evil wumpus that
1951. resides elsewhere in the cave without running into any bottomless
1952. pits or using up your limited supply of arrows.  Good luck.
1954. You are in room 9 of the cave.  There are tunnels to rooms
1955. 5, 8, and 10.
1956. *rustle* *rustle* (must be bats nearby)
1957. *sniff* (I can smell the evil wumpus nearby!)
1958. %E
1959. %Cc Ran 00036
1960. Once again, you descend into %i.
1962. *whoosh* (I feel a draft from some pits).
1963. *rustle* *rustle* (must be bats nearby)
1964. %E
1965. %Cc Ran 00040
1966. You descend into a weird place, in which roughly cut cave-like walls
1967. join with smooth, finished ones, as if someone was in the midst of
1968. finishing off the construction of a subterranean complex.
1970. Off in the distance, you hear a sound like the clattering of many
1971. hooves on rock.
1972. %E
1973. %Cp Ran 00041
1974. Once again, you enter the distorted castle of %n.
1975. %E
1976. %Cc Ran 00050
1977. "So, %c.  %lC has sent you to recover %o.
1979. "Well, I shall keep that bauble.  It pleases me.  You, %c, shall die."
1980. %E
1981. %Cp Ran 00051
1982. "Back again, eh?  Well, a mere %r is no threat to me!  Die, %c!"
1983. %E
1984. %Cp Ran 00052
1985. "You haven't learned your lesson, %c.  You can't kill me!  You shall die now."
1986. %E
1987. %Cp Ran 00053
1988. "I shall have %o from you, %r.  Then I shall
1989. kill you."
1990. %E
1991. %Cp Ran 00060
1992. "Your %d is nothing, %c.  You are mine now!"
1993. %E
1994. %Cp Ran 00061
1995. "Run away little %c!  You can never hope to defeat %n!"
1996. %E
1997. %Cp Ran 00062
1998. "My servants will rip you to shreds!"
1999. %E
2000. %Cp Ran 00063
2001. "I shall display your head as a trophy.  What do you think about that wall?"
2002. %E
2003. %Cp Ran 00064
2004. "I shall break your %ls grove, and destroy all the %gP!"
2005. %E
2006. %Cp Ran 00065
2007. "%d has abandoned you, %c.  You are doomed."
2008. %E
2009. %Cp Ran 00066
2010. "%rA?  %lC sends a mere %r against me?  Hah!"
2011. %E
2012. %Cp Ran 00067
2013. "%lC has failed, %c.  %oC will never leave here."
2014. %E
2015. %Cp Ran 00068
2016. "You really think you can defeat me, eh %c?  You are wrong!"
2017. %E
2018. %Cp Ran 00069
2019. "You weaken, %c.  I shall kill you now."
2020. %E
2021. %Cc Ran 00070
2022. As you pick up %o, it seems to glow, and a warmth
2023. fills you completely.  You realize that its power is what has protected
2024. your %sp against their enemies for so long.
2026. You must now return it to %l without delay -- their lives depend
2027. on your speed.
2028. %E
2029. %Cc Ran 00080
2030. %nC collapses to the ground, cursing you and %l, then says:
2032.     You have defeated me, %r!  But I curse you one final time, with my
2033.     dying breath!  You shall die before you leave my castle!
2034. %E
2035. %Cc Ran 00081
2036. "%pC!  You have succeeded!  I feared it was not possible!
2038. "You have returned with %o!
2040. "I fear, now, that the Centaurs will regroup and plot yet another raid.
2041. This will take some time, but if you can recover the Amulet of Yendor
2042. for %d before that happens, we will be eternally safe.
2044. "Take %o with you.  It will aid in your quest for
2045. the Amulet."
2046. %E
2047. # assumes The Longbow of Diana
2048. %Cc Ran 00082
2049. %l flexs %o reverently.
2051. "With this wondrous bow, one need never run out of arrows.
2052. You are its keeper now, and the time has come to resume your
2053. search for the Amulet.  %Z await your return
2054. through the magic portal that brought you here."
2055. %E
2056. %Cp Ran 00090
2057. "Welcome, %p.  How have you fared on your quest for the Amulet
2058. of Yendor?"
2059. %E
2060. %Cc Ran 00091
2061. "You have it!  You have recovered the Amulet of Yendor!
2062. Now attend to me, %p, and I will tell you what must be done:
2064. "The Amulet has within it magic, the capability to transport you to
2065. the Astral Plane, where the primary circle of %d resides.
2067. "To activate this magic, you must travel upwards as far as you can.
2068. When you reach the temple, sacrifice the Amulet to %d.
2070. "Thus will you fulfill your destiny."
2071. %E
2072. #
2073. #	Rogue (with apologies to all Norsk speakers -dean)
2074. #
2075. %Cc Rog 00001
2076. Unexpectedly, you find yourself back in Ransmannsby, where you trained to
2077. be a thief.  Quickly you make the guild sign, hoping that you AND word
2078. of your arrival reach %ls den.
2079. %E
2080. %Cp Rog 00002
2081. Once again, you find yourself back in Ransmannsby.  Fond memories are
2082. replaced by fear, knowing that %l is waiting for you.
2083. %E
2084. %Cp Rog 00003
2085. You rub your hands through your hair, hoping that the little ones on
2086. the back of your neck stay down, and prepare yourself for your meeting
2087. with %l.
2088. %E
2089. %Cp Rog 00005
2090. "I hear that Lady Tyvefelle's household is lightly guarded."
2091. %E
2092. %Cp Rog 00006
2093. "You're back?  Even the Twain don't come back anymore."
2094. %E
2095. %Cp Rog 00007
2096. "Can you spare an old cutpurse a zorkmid for some grog?"
2097. %E
2098. %Cp Rog 00008
2099. "Fritz tried to join the other side, and now he's hell-hound chow."
2100. %E
2101. %Cp Rog 00009
2102. "Be careful what you steal, I hear the boss has perfected turning
2103. rocks into worthless pieces of glass."
2104. %E
2105. %Cp Rog 00010
2106. "I was sure wrong about Lady Tyvefelle's house; I barely got away with my
2107. life and lost my lock pick in the process."
2108. %E
2109. %Cp Rog 00011
2110. "You're back?  Even the Twain don't come back anymore."
2111. %E
2112. %Cp Rog 00012
2113. "Can you spare an old cutpurse a zorkmid for some grog?"
2114. %E
2115. %Cp Rog 00013
2116. "Fritz tried to join the other side, and now he's hell-hound chow."
2117. %E
2118. %Cp Rog 00014
2119. "Be careful what you steal, I hear the boss has perfected turning
2120. rocks into worthless pieces of glass."
2121. %E
2122. %Cc Rog 00015
2123. "Well, look who it is boys -- %p has come home.  You seem to have
2124. fallen behind in your dues.  I should kill you as an example to these
2125. other worthless cutpurses, but I have a better plan.  If you are ready
2126. maybe you could work off your back dues by performing a little job for
2127. me.  Let us just see if you are ready..."
2128. %E
2129. %Cp Rog 00016
2130. "Well, I didn't expect to see you back.  It shows that you are either stupid,
2131. or you are finally ready to accept my offer.  Let us hope for your sake it
2132. isn't stupidity that brings you back."
2133. %E
2134. %Cp Rog 00017
2135. "Did you perhaps mistake me for some other %lt?  You must
2136. think me as stupid as your behavior.  I warn you not to try my patience."
2137. %E
2138. %Cc Rog 00018
2139. "Well %gp, it looks like our friend has forgotten who is the boss
2140. around here.  Our friend seems to think that %rp have been put in
2141. charge.  Wrong.  DEAD WRONG!"
2143. Your sudden shift in surroundings prevents you from hearing the end
2144. of %ls curse.
2145. %E
2146. %Cc Rog 00019
2147. "In the time that you've been gone you've only been able to master the
2148. arts of %ra?  I've trained ten times again as many %Rp
2149. in that time.  Maybe I should send one of them, no?  Where would that
2150. leave you, %p?  Oh yeah, I remember, I was going to kill you!"
2151. %E
2152. %Cc Rog 00020
2153. "Maybe I should chain you to my perch here for a while.  Perhaps watching
2154. real %a men at work will bring some sense back to you.  I don't
2155. think I could stand the sight of you for that long though.  Come back
2156. when you can be trusted to act properly."
2157. %E
2158. %Cc Rog 00021
2159. "Will everyone not going to retrieve %o from that
2160. jerk, %n, take one step backwards.  Good choice,
2161. %p, because I was going to send you anyway.  My other %gp
2162. are too valuable to me.
2164. "Here's the deal.  I want %o, %n
2165. has %o.  You are going to get %o
2166. and bring it back to me.  So simple an assignment even you can understand
2167. it."
2168. %E
2169. %Cp Rog 00025
2170. "You don't seem to understand,
2171. %o isn't here so neither should you be!"
2172. %E
2173. %Cp Rog 00026
2174. "May %d curse you with lead fingers.  Get going!"
2175. %E
2176. %Cp Rog 00027
2177. "We don't have all year.  GET GOING!"
2178. %E
2179. %Cp Rog 00028
2180. "How would you like a scar necklace?  I'm just the jeweler to do it!"
2181. %E
2182. %Cp Rog 00029
2183. "Lazy S.O.B.  Maybe I should call up someone else..."
2184. %E
2185. %Cp Rog 00030
2186. "Maybe I should open your skull and see if my instructions are inside?"
2187. %E
2188. %Cp Rog 00031
2189. "This is not a task you can complete in the afterlife, you know."
2190. %E
2191. %Cp Rog 00032
2192. "Inside every living person is a dead person trying to get out,
2193. and I have your key!"
2194. %E
2195. %Cp Rog 00033
2196. "We're almost out of hell-hound chow, so why don't you just get moving!"
2197. %E
2198. %Cp Rog 00034
2199. "You know, %o isn't going to come when you
2200. whistle.  You must get it yourself."
2201. %E
2202. %Cc Rog 00035
2203. Those damn little hairs tell you that you are nearer to
2204. %o.
2205. %E
2206. %Cp Rog 00036
2207. Not wanting to face %l without having stolen
2208. %o, you continue.
2209. %E
2210. %Cc Rog 00040
2211. You feel a great swelling up of courage, sensing the presence of
2212. %o.  Or is it fear?
2213. %E
2214. %Cp Rog 00041
2215. The hairs on the back of your neck whisper -- it's fear.
2216. %E
2217. %Cc Rog 00050
2218. "Ah!  You must be %ls ... er, `hero'.  A pleasure
2219. to meet you."
2220. %E
2221. %Cp Rog 00051
2222. "We meet again.  Please reconsider your actions."
2223. %E
2224. %Cp Rog 00052
2225. "Surely, %p, you have learned that you cannot trust any bargains
2226. that %l has made.  I can show you how to continue on
2227. your quest without having to run into him again."
2228. %E
2229. %Cp Rog 00053
2230. "Please, think for a moment about what you are doing.  Do you truly
2231. believe that %d would want %l to have
2232. %o?"
2233. %E
2234. %Cp Rog 00060
2235. "May I suggest a compromise.  Are you interested in gold or gems?"
2236. %E
2237. %Cp Rog 00061
2238. "Please don't force me to kill you."
2239. %E
2240. %Cp Rog 00062
2241. "Grim times are upon us all.  Will you not see reason?"
2242. %E
2243. %Cp Rog 00063
2244. "I knew %l, and you're no %lt, thankfully."
2245. %E
2246. %Cp Rog 00064
2247. "It is a shame that we are not meeting under more pleasant circumstances."
2248. %E
2249. %Cp Rog 00065
2250. "I was once like you are now, %p.  Believe in me -- our way
2251. is better."
2252. %E
2253. %Cp Rog 00066
2254. "Stay with me, and I will make you %os guardian."
2255. %E
2256. %Cp Rog 00067
2257. "When you return, with or without %o,
2258. %l will have you killed."
2259. %E
2260. %Cp Rog 00068
2261. "Do not be fooled; I am prepared to kill to defend %o."
2262. %E
2263. %Cp Rog 00069
2264. "I can reunite you with the Twain.  Oh, the stories you can swap."
2265. %E
2266. %Cc Rog 00070
2267. As you pick up %o, the hairs on the back of your
2268. neck fall out.  At once you realize why %n was
2269. willing to die to keep it out of %ls hands.  Somehow
2270. you know that you must do likewise.
2271. %E
2272. %Cc Rog 00080
2273. "I know what you are thinking, %p.  It is not too late for you
2274. to use %o wisely.  For the sake of your guild
2275. %sp, do what is right."
2277. You sit and wait for death to come for %n, and then you
2278. brace yourself for your next meeting with %l!
2279. %E
2280. %Cc Rog 00081
2281. "Well, I'll be damned.  You got it.  I am proud of you, a fine %r
2282. you've turned out to be.
2284. "While you were gone I got to thinking, you and %o
2285. together could bring me more treasure than either of you apart, so why don't
2286. you take it with you.  All I ask is a cut of whatever loot you come by.
2287. That is a better deal than I offered %n.
2289. "But, you see what happened to %n when he refused.
2290. Don't make me find another to send after you this time."
2291. %E
2292. # assumes Master Key of Thievery (small object)
2293. %Cc Rog 00082
2294. %l seems tempted to swap %o for
2295. the mundane one you detect in his pocket, but noticing your alertness,
2296. evidently chickens out.
2298. "Go filch the Amulet before someone else beats you to it.
2299. %Z are back the way you came, through the magic portal."
2300. %E
2301. %Cc Rog 00090
2302. "Quite the little thief, aren't we, %p.  Can I interest you in a
2303. swap for %o.  Look around, anything in the keep
2304. is yours for the asking."
2305. %E
2306. %Cc Rog 00091
2307. "I see that with your abilities, and my brains, we could rule this world.
2309. "All that we would need to be all-powerful is for you to take that little
2310. trinket you've got there up to the Astral plane.  From there, %d will
2311. show you what to do with it.  Once that's done, we will be invincible!"
2312. %E
2313. #
2314. #	Samurai
2315. #
2316. %Cc Sam 00001
2317. Even before your senses adjust, you recognize the kami of
2318. %H.
2320. You %x the standard of your teki, %n, flying above
2321. the town.  How could such a thing have happened?  Why are ninja
2322. wandering freely; where are the samurai of your daimyo, %l?
2324. You quickly say a prayer to Izanagi and Izanami and walk towards
2325. town.
2326. %E
2327. %Cp Sam 00002
2328. Once again, you are back at %H.
2329. %E
2330. %Cp Sam 00003
2331. You are back at %H.
2333. Instantly you sense a subtle change in your karma.  You seem to know that
2334. if you do not succeed in your quest, %n will have destroyed
2335. the kami of %H before you return again.
2336. %E
2337. %Cp Sam 00005
2338. "To succeed, you must walk like a butterfly on the wind."
2339. %E
2340. %Cp Sam 00006
2341. "Ikaga desu ka?"
2342. %E
2343. %Cp Sam 00007
2344. "I fear for The Land of The Gods."
2345. %E
2346. %Cp Sam 00008
2347. "%nC has hired the Ninja -- be careful."
2348. %E
2349. %Cp Sam 00009
2350. "If %o is not returned, we will all be ninja."
2351. %E
2352. %Cp Sam 00010
2353. "Come, join us in celebrating with some sake."
2354. %E
2355. %Cp Sam 00011
2356. "Ikaga desu ka?"
2357. %E
2358. %Cp Sam 00012
2359. "You have brought our clan and %l much honor."
2360. %E
2361. %Cp Sam 00013
2362. "Please %r, sit for a while and tell us how you overcame the Ninja."
2363. %E
2364. %Cp Sam 00014
2365. "%lC still lives!  You have saved us from becoming ronin."
2366. %E
2367. %Cc Sam 00015
2368. "Ah, %p-san, it is good to see you again.  I need someone who can
2369. lead my samurai against %n.  If you are ready, you will be
2370. that person."
2371. %E
2372. %Cp Sam 00016
2373. "Once again, %p-san, you kneel before me.  Are you yet capable of
2374. being my vassal?"
2375. %E
2376. %Cp Sam 00017
2377. "You begin to test my matsu, %p-san.
2378. If you cannot determine what I want in a samurai, how can I rely on you
2379. to figure out what I need from a samurai?"
2380. %E
2381. %Cc Sam 00018
2382. "You are no longer my samurai, %p.
2384. "Hara-kiri is denied.  You are ordered to shave your head and then to
2385. become a monk.  Your fief and family are forfeit.  Wakarimasu?"
2386. %E
2387. %Cc Sam 00019
2388. "%p-san, you have learned well and honored your family.
2389. I require the skills of %Ra in order to defeat %n.
2390. Go and seek out teachers.  Learn what they have learned.  When you
2391. are ready, return to me."
2392. %E
2393. %Cc Sam 00020
2394. "%p-san, you would do better to join the kyokaku.
2396. "You have skills, but until you can call upon the bushido to know when and
2397. how to use them you are not samurai.  When you can think %a and
2398. act %a then return."
2399. %E
2400. %Cc Sam 00021
2401. "Domo %p-san, indeed you are ready.  I can now tell you what
2402. it is that I require of you.
2404. "The daimyo, %n, has betrayed us.  He has stolen from us
2405. %o and taken it to his donjon deep within
2406. %i.
2408. "If I cannot show the emperor %o when he comes
2409. for the festival he will know that I have failed in my duty, and
2410. request that I commit seppuku.
2412. "You must gain entrance to %i and retrieve the
2413. emperor's property.  Be quick!  The emperor will be here for the
2414. cha-no-you in 5 sticks.
2416. "Wakarimasu?"
2417. %E
2418. %Cp Sam 00025
2419. "To defeat %n you must overcome the seven emotions:
2420. hate, adoration, joy, anxiety, anger, grief, and fear."
2421. %E
2422. %Cp Sam 00026
2423. "Remember your honor is my honor, you perform in my name."
2424. %E
2425. %Cp Sam 00027
2426. "I will go to the temple and burn incense for your safe return."
2427. %E
2428. %Cp Sam 00028
2429. "Sayonara."
2430. %E
2431. %Cp Sam 00029
2432. "There can be honor in defeat, but no gain."
2433. %E
2434. %Cp Sam 00030
2435. "Your kami must be strong in order to succeed."
2436. %E
2437. %Cp Sam 00031
2438. "You are indeed a worthy %R, but now you must be a worthy samurai."
2439. %E
2440. %Cp Sam 00032
2441. "If you fail, %n will be like a tai-fun on the land."
2442. %E
2443. %Cp Sam 00033
2444. "If you are truly %a, %d will listen."
2445. %E
2446. %Cp Sam 00034
2447. "Sharpen your swords and your wits for the task before you."
2448. %E
2449. %Cc Sam 00035
2450. You instinctively reach for your swords.  You do not recognize the
2451. lay of this land, but you know that your teki are everywhere.
2452. %E
2453. %Cp Sam 00036
2454. Thankful that your %sp at %H cannot see
2455. your fear, you prepare again to advance.
2456. %E
2457. %Cc Sam 00040
2458. In your mind, you hear the taunts of %n.
2460. You become like the rice plant and bend to the ground, offering a
2461. prayer to %d.  But when the wind has passed, you stand
2462. proudly again.  Putting your kami in the hands of fate, you advance.
2463. %E
2464. %Cp Sam 00041
2465. As you arrive once again at the home of %n, your thoughts
2466. turn only to %o.
2467. %E
2468. %Cc Sam 00050
2469. "Ah, so it is to be you, %p-san.  I offer you seppuku.
2470. I will be your second if you wish."
2471. %E
2472. %Cp Sam 00051
2473. "I have offered you the honorable exit.  Now I will have your
2474. head to send unwashed to %l."
2475. %E
2476. %Cp Sam 00052
2477. "After I have dispatched you, I will curse your kami."
2478. %E
2479. %Cp Sam 00053
2480. "You have fought my samurai; surely you must know that you
2481. will not be able to take %o back to
2482. %H."
2483. %E
2484. %Cp Sam 00060
2485. "Ahh, I finally meet the daimyo of the kyokaku!"
2486. %E
2487. %Cp Sam 00061
2488. "There is no honor for me in your death."
2489. %E
2490. %Cp Sam 00062
2491. "You know that I cannot resash my swords until they have killed."
2492. %E
2493. %Cp Sam 00063
2494. "Your presence only compounds the dishonor of %l in not coming himself."
2495. %E
2496. %Cp Sam 00064
2497. "I will make tea with your hair and serve it to %l."
2498. %E
2499. %Cp Sam 00065
2500. "Your fear shows in your eyes, coward!"
2501. %E
2502. %Cp Sam 00066
2503. "I have not heard of you, %p-san; has your life been that unworthy?"
2504. %E
2505. %Cp Sam 00067
2506. "If you will not obey me, you will die."
2507. %E
2508. %Cp Sam 00068
2509. "Kneel now and make the two cuts of honor.  I will tell your %sp
2510. of your honorable death."
2511. %E
2512. %Cp Sam 00069
2513. "Your master was a poor teacher.  You will pay for his mistakes in
2514. your teaching."
2515. %E
2516. %Cc Sam 00070
2517. As you pick up %o, you feel the strength of its karma.
2518. You realize at once why so many good samurai had to die to defend it.
2519. You are humbled knowing that you hold one of the artifacts of the
2520. sun goddess.
2521. %E
2522. %Cc Sam 00080
2523. Your healing skills tell you that %ns wounds are mortal.
2525. You know that the bushido tells you to finish him and let his kami
2526. die with honor, but the thought of so many samurai dead due to this
2527. man's dishonor prevents you from giving the final blow.
2529. You order that his unwashed head be given to the crows and his body
2530. thrown into the sea.
2531. %E
2532. %Cc Sam 00081
2533. As you bow before %l, he welcomes you:
2535.     You have brought your family great honor, %p-sama.
2537.     While you have been gone the emperor's advisors have discovered in
2538.     the ancient texts that the karma of the samurai who seeks to recover
2539.     the amulet and the karma of %o are joined
2540.     as the seasons join to make a year.
2542.     Because you have shown such fidelity, the emperor requests
2543.     that you take leave of other obligations and continue on the
2544.     road that fate has set your feet upon.  I would consider it
2545.     an honor if you would allow me to watch your household until
2546.     you return with the amulet.
2548. With that, %l bows, and places his sword atop
2549. %o.
2550. %E
2551. %Cc Sam 00082
2552. %l holds %o tightly for a moment, then returns
2553. his gaze to you.
2555. "The time is ripe to recover the Amulet.  Return to %Z
2556. through the magic portal that transported you here so that you may
2557. achieve the destiny which awaits you."
2558. %E
2559. %Cp Sam 00090
2560. %lC bows.  "%p-sama, tell us of your search for the Amulet."
2561. %E
2562. %Cc Sam 00091
2563. "Ah, %p-sama.  You have wasted your efforts returning home.
2564. Now that you are in possession of the Amulet, you are honor-bound to
2565. finish the quest you have undertaken.  There will be plenty of time
2566. for saki and stories when you have finished.
2568. "Go now, and may our prayers be a wind at your back."
2569. %E
2570. #
2571. #	Tourist
2572. #
2573. %Cc Tou 00001
2574. You breathe a sigh of relief as you find yourself back in the familiar
2575. surroundings of %H.
2577. You quickly notice that things do not appear the way they did when you
2578. left.  The town is dark and quiet.  There are no sounds coming from
2579. behind the town walls, and no campfires burning in the fields.  As a
2580. matter of fact, you do not %x any movement in the fields at all, and
2581. the crops look as though they have been untended for many weeks.
2582. %E
2583. %Cp Tou 00002
2584. Once again, you are back at %H.
2585. %E
2586. %Cp Tou 00003
2587. You are back at %H.
2588. Things appear to have become so bad that you fear that soon
2589. %H will not be here to return to.
2590. %E
2591. %Cp Tou 00005
2592. "Gehennom on 5 zorkmids a day -- more like 500 a day if you ask me."
2593. %E
2594. %Cp Tou 00006
2595. "Do you know where I could find some nice postcards of The Gnomish Mines?"
2596. %E
2597. %Cp Tou 00007
2598. "Have you tried the weird toilets?"
2599. %E
2600. %Cp Tou 00008
2601. "Don't stay at the Inn, I hear the food is terrible and it has rats."
2602. %E
2603. %Cp Tou 00009
2604. "They told me that this was the off season!"
2605. %E
2606. %Cp Tou 00010
2607. "Gehennom on 5 zorkmids a day -- more like 500 a day if you ask me."
2608. %E
2609. %Cp Tou 00011
2610. "Do you know where I could find some nice postcards of The Gnomish Mines?"
2611. %E
2612. %Cp Tou 00012
2613. "Have you tried the weird toilets?"
2614. %E
2615. %Cp Tou 00013
2616. "If you stick around, I'll show you the pictures from my latest trip."
2617. %E
2618. %Cp Tou 00014
2619. "Did you bring me back any souvenirs?"
2620. %E
2621. %Cc Tou 00015
2622. "Is it really you, %p!  I had given up hope for your return.
2623. As you can %x, we are desperately in need of your talents.  Someone must
2624. defeat %n if our town is become what it once was.
2626. "Let me see if you are ready to be that someone."
2627. %E
2628. %Cp Tou 00016
2629. "Things are getting worse, %p.
2630. I hope that this time you are ready."
2631. %E
2632. %Cp Tou 00017
2633. "I hope that for the sake of %H you have prepared
2634. yourself this time."
2635. %E
2636. %Cc Tou 00018
2637. "It is too late, %p.  You are not even worthy to die amongst us.
2638. Leave %H and never return."
2639. %E
2640. %Cc Tou 00019
2641. "There is still too much that you have to learn before you can undertake
2642. the next step.  Return to us as a proven %R, and perhaps then
2643. you will be ready.
2645. "Go back now, and may the teachings of %d serve you well."
2646. %E
2647. %Cc Tou 00020
2648. "It would be an affront to %d to have one not true to the
2649. %a path undertake her bidding.
2651. "You must not return to us until you have purified yourself of these
2652. bad influences on your actions.  Remember, only by following the %a
2653. path can you hope to overcome the obstacles you will face."
2654. %E
2655. %Cc Tou 00021
2656. "You have indeed proven yourself a worthy %c, %p.
2658. "But now your kinfolk and I must ask you to put aside your travels and
2659. help us in our time of need.  After you left us we elected a new mayor,
2660. %n.  He proved to be a most heinous and vile creature.
2662. "Soon after taking office he absconded with %o
2663. and fled town, leaving behind his henchmen to rule over us.  In order
2664. for us to regain control of our town, you must enter %i
2665. and recover %o.
2667. "Do not be distracted on your quest.  If you do not return quickly I fear
2668. that all will be lost.  Let us both pray now that %d will guide you
2669. and keep you safe."
2670. %E
2671. %Cp Tou 00025
2672. "Do not be fooled by the false promises of %n."
2673. %E
2674. %Cp Tou 00026
2675. "To enter %i you must pass many traps."
2676. %E
2677. %Cp Tou 00027
2678. "If you do not return with %o, your quest
2679. will be in vain."
2680. %E
2681. %Cp Tou 00028
2682. "Do not be afraid to call upon %d if you truly need help."
2683. %E
2684. %Cp Tou 00029
2685. "If you do not destroy %n, he will follow you back here!"
2686. %E
2687. %Cp Tou 00030
2688. "Take %o from %n
2689. and you may be able to defeat him."
2690. %E
2691. %Cp Tou 00031
2692. "You must hurry, %p!"
2693. %E
2694. %Cp Tou 00032
2695. "You are like %Sa to me, %p.  Do not let me down."
2696. %E
2697. %Cp Tou 00033
2698. "If you are %a at all times you may succeed, %p."
2699. %E
2700. %Cp Tou 00034
2701. "Let all who meet you on your journey know that you are on an quest for
2702. %l and grant safe passage."
2703. %E
2704. %Cc Tou 00035
2705. Only your faith in %d keeps you from trembling.  You %x
2706. the handiwork of %ns henchlings everywhere.
2707. %E
2708. %Cp Tou 00036
2709. You know that this time you must find and destroy %n.
2710. %E
2711. %Cc Tou 00040
2712. You sense the presence of %o.
2713. %E
2714. %Cp Tou 00041
2715. You gain confidence, knowing that you may soon be united with
2716. %o.
2717. %E
2718. %Cc Tou 00050
2719. "So, %p, %l thinks that you can wrest
2720. %o from me!
2722. "It only proves how desperate he has become that he sends %ra to
2723. try and defeat me.  When this day is over, I will have you enslaved
2724. in the mines where you will rue the day that you ever entered
2725. %i."
2726. %E
2727. %Cp Tou 00051
2728. "I let you live the last time because it gave me pleasure.
2729. This time I will destroy you, %p."
2730. %E
2731. %Cc Tou 00052
2732. "These meetings come to bore me.  You disturb my workings with
2733. %o.
2735. "If you do not run away now, I will inflict so much suffering on you that
2736. %l will feel guilty for ever having sent his %S to me!"
2737. %E
2738. %Cc Tou 00053
2739. "You fool.  You do not know how to call upon the powers of
2740. %o.
2742. "Return it to me and I will teach you how to use it, and together we
2743. will rule %H.  But do so now, as my patience
2744. grows thin."
2745. %E
2746. %Cp Tou 00060
2747. "I defeated %l and I will defeat you, %p."
2748. %E
2749. %Cp Tou 00061
2750. "Where is %d now!  You must realize no one can help you here."
2751. %E
2752. %Cp Tou 00062
2753. "Beg for mercy now and I may be lenient on you."
2754. %E
2755. %Cp Tou 00063
2756. "If you were not so %a, you might have stood a chance."
2757. %E
2758. %Cp Tou 00064
2759. "Vengeance is mine at last, %p."
2760. %E
2761. %Cp Tou 00065
2762. "I only wish that %l had a more worthy %r to send against me."
2763. %E
2764. %Cp Tou 00066
2765. "With %o in my possession you cannot
2766. hope to defeat me."
2767. %E
2768. %Cp Tou 00067
2769. "%nC has never been defeated, NEVER!"
2770. %E
2771. %Cp Tou 00068
2772. "Are you truly the best %H has to send against me?
2773. I pity %l."
2774. %E
2775. %Cp Tou 00069
2776. "How do you spell %p?  I want to ensure the marker on your grave is
2777. correct as a warning to your %sp."
2778. %E
2779. %Cc Tou 00070
2780. As you pick up %o, you feel a great
2781. weight has been lifted from your shoulders.  Your only thoughts are
2782. to quickly return to %H and find %l.
2783. %E
2784. %Cc Tou 00080
2785. You turn in the direction of %n.  As his earthly body begins
2786. to vanish before your eyes, you hear him curse:
2788.     You shall never be rid of me, %p!
2789.     I will find you where ever you go and regain what is rightly mine.
2790. %E
2791. %Cc Tou 00081
2792. As %l detects the presence of %o,
2793. he almost smiles for the first time in many a full moon.
2795. As he looks up from %o he says:
2797.     You have recovered %o.  You are its
2798.     owner now, but not its master.  Let it work with you as you continue
2799.     your journey.  With its help, and %d to guide you on the
2800.     %a path, you may yet recover the Amulet of Yendor.
2801. %E
2802. %Cc Tou 00082
2803. "%oC is yours now.  %Z await your
2804. return through the magic portal that brought you here."
2805. %E
2806. %Cp Tou 00090
2807. "I could not be more proud than if you were my own %S, %p!
2808. Tell me of your adventures in quest of the Amulet of Yendor."
2809. %E
2810. %Cc Tou 00091
2811. "Stand back and let me look at you, %p.
2812. Now that you have recovered the Amulet of Yendor, I'm afraid living
2813. out your days in %H would seem pretty tame.
2815. "You have come too far to stop now, for there are still more tasks that
2816. our oral history foretells for you.  Forever more, though, your name shall
2817. be spoken by the %gP with awe.  You are truly an inspiration to your
2818. %sp!"
2819. %E
2820. #
2821. #	Valkyrie
2822. #
2823. %Cc Val 00001
2824. You materialize at the base of a snowy hill.  Atop the hill sits
2825. a place you know well, %H.  You immediately realize
2826. that something here is very wrong!
2828. In places, the snow and ice have been melted into steaming pools of
2829. water.  Fumaroles and pools of bubbling lava surround the hill.
2830. The stench of sulphur is carried through the air, and you %x creatures
2831. that should not be able to live in this environment moving towards you.
2832. %E
2833. %Cp Val 00002
2834. Once again, you are near the abode of %l.
2835. %E
2836. %Cp Val 00003
2837. Again you materialize near %ls abode.  You have a nagging feeling
2838. that this may be the last time you come here.
2839. %E
2840. %Cp Val 00005
2841. "Hail, and well met, brave %c."
2842. %E
2843. %Cp Val 00006
2844. "May %d guide your steps, %p."
2845. %E
2846. %Cp Val 00007
2847. "%lC weakens.  Without %o, her foresight is dim."
2848. %E
2849. %Cp Val 00008
2850. "You must hurry, %p, else Ragnarok may well come."
2851. %E
2852. %Cp Val 00009
2853. "I would deal with this foul %n myself, but %d forbids it."
2854. %E
2855. %Cp Val 00010
2856. "Hail, and well met, brave %c."
2857. %E
2858. %Cp Val 00011
2859. "May %d guide your steps, %p."
2860. %E
2861. %Cp Val 00012
2862. "%lC told us you had succeeded!"
2863. %E
2864. %Cp Val 00013
2865. "You recovered %o just in time, %p."
2866. %E
2867. %Cp Val 00014
2868. "Hail %d, for delivering %o back to us."
2869. %E
2870. %Cc Val 00015
2871. "Ah, %p, my %S.  You have returned to %H
2872. at last.  We are in dire need of your aid, but I must determine if you
2873. are yet ready for such an undertaking.
2875. "Let me read your fate..."
2876. %E
2877. %Cp Val 00016
2878. "Let me read the future for you now, %p, perhaps you have managed to
2879. change it enough..."
2880. %E
2881. %Cp Val 00017
2882. "Again, I shall read your fate, my %S.  Let us both hope that you have
2883. made changes to become ready for this task..."
2884. %E
2885. %Cc Val 00018
2886. "No, %p.  Your fate is sealed.  I must cast about for another
2887. champion.  Begone from my presence, and never return.  Know this, that
2888. you shall never succeed in this life, and Valhalla is denied to you."
2889. %E
2890. %Cc Val 00019
2891. "I see you and %n fighting, %p.  But you are not prepared and
2892. shall die at %ns hand if you proceed.  No.  This will not do.
2893. Go back out into the world, and grow more experienced at the ways of
2894. war.  Only when you have returned %Ra will you be able to defeat
2895. %n."
2896. %E
2897. %Cc Val 00020
2898. "NO!  This is terrible.  I see you becoming an ally of %n, and
2899. leading his armies in the final great battles.  This must not come to
2900. pass!  You have strayed from the %a path.  You must purge yourself,
2901. and return here only when you have regained a state of purity."
2902. %E
2903. %Cc Val 00021
2904. "It is not clear, %p, for my sight is limited without
2905. %o.  But it is now likely that you can defeat %n,
2906. and recover %o.
2908. "A short time ago, %n and his minions attacked this place.  They
2909. opened the huge volcanic vents you %x about the hill, and attacked.
2910. I knew that this was to come to pass, and had asked %d for a group
2911. of %gP to help defend this place.  The few you %x here are the
2912. mightiest of Valhalla's own, and are all that are left of one hundred
2913. %d sent.
2915. "Despite the great and glorious battle we fought, %n managed at last
2916. to steal %o.  This has upset the balance of the universe, and
2917. unless %o is returned into my care, %n may start Ragnarok.
2919. "You must find the entrance to %i.  Travel downward
2920. from there and you will find %ns lair.  Defeat him and
2921. return %o to me."
2922. %E
2923. %Cp Val 00025
2924. "Go with the blessings of %d."
2925. %E
2926. %Cp Val 00026
2927. "Call upon %d when you are in need."
2928. %E
2929. %Cp Val 00027
2930. "Use %o if you can.  It will protect you."
2931. %E
2932. %Cp Val 00028
2933. "Magical cold is very effective against %n."
2934. %E
2935. %Cp Val 00029
2936. "To face %n, you will need to be immune to fire."
2937. %E
2938. %Cp Val 00030
2939. "May %d strengthen your sword-arm."
2940. %E
2941. %Cp Val 00031
2942. "Trust in %d.  He will not desert you."
2943. %E
2944. %Cp Val 00032
2945. "It becomes more likely that Ragnarok will come with every passing moment.
2946. You must hurry, %p."
2947. %E
2948. %Cp Val 00033
2949. "If %n can master %o, he will be powerful enough to
2950. face %d far earlier than is fated.  This must not be!"
2951. %E
2952. %Cp Val 00034
2953. "Remember your training, %p.  You can succeed."
2954. %E
2955. %Cc Val 00035
2956. The ice and snow gives way to a valley floor.  You %x ahead of you
2957. a huge round hill surrounded by pools of lava.  This then is the entrance
2958. to %i.  It looks like you're not going to get in without
2959. a fight though.
2960. %E
2961. %Cp Val 00036
2962. Once again, you stand before the entrance to %i.
2963. %E
2964. %Cc Val 00040
2965. Through clouds of sulphurous gasses, you %x a rock palisade
2966. surrounded with a moat of bubbling lava.  You remember the description
2967. from something that %l said.  This is the lair of %n.
2968. %E
2969. %Cp Val 00041
2970. Once again, you stand in sight of %ns lair.
2971. %E
2972. %Cc Val 00050
2973. "So!  %lC has finally sent %ca to challenge me!
2975. "I thought that mastering %o would enable me to challenge %d,
2976. but it has shown me that first I must kill you!
2977. So come, little %s.  Once I defeat you, I can at last begin
2978. the final battle with %d."
2979. %E
2980. %Cp Val 00051
2981. "Again you challenge me, %r.  Good.  I will kill you now."
2982. %E
2983. %Cp Val 00052
2984. "Have you not learned yet?  You cannot defeat %n!"
2985. %E
2986. %Cp Val 00053
2987. "I will kill you, %c, and wrest %o from your mangled hands."
2988. %E
2989. %Cp Val 00060
2990. "I am your death, %c."
2991. %E
2992. %Cp Val 00061
2993. "You cannot prevail, %r.  I have foreseen your every move."
2994. %E
2995. %Cp Val 00062
2996. "With you out of the way, Valhalla will be mine for the taking."
2997. %E
2998. %Cp Val 00063
2999. "I killed scores of %ds best when I took %o.
3000. Do you really think that one %c can stand against me?"
3001. %E
3002. %Cp Val 00064
3003. "Who bears the souls of %cP to Valhalla, %r?"
3004. %E
3005. %Cp Val 00065
3006. "No, %d cannot help you here."
3007. %E
3008. %Cp Val 00066
3009. "Some instrument of %d you are, %p.  You are a weakling!"
3010. %E
3011. %Cp Val 00067
3012. "Never have I seen %ca so clumsy in battle."
3013. %E
3014. %Cp Val 00068
3015. "You die now, little %s."
3016. %E
3017. %Cp Val 00069
3018. "Your body I destroy now, your soul when my hordes overrun Valhalla!"
3019. %E
3020. %Cc Val 00070
3021. As you pick up %o, your mind is suddenly filled with images,
3022. and you perceive all of the possibilities of each potential choice you
3023. could make.  As you begin to control and channel your thoughts, you
3024. realize that you must return %o to %lC immediately.
3025. %E
3026. %Cc Val 00080
3027. A look of surprise and horror appears on %ns face.
3029.     No!!!  %o has lied to me!  I have been misled!
3031. Suddenly, %n grasps his head and screams in agony, then dies.
3032. %E
3033. %Cc Val 00081
3034. As you approach, %lC rises and touches %o.
3036. "You may take %o with you, %p.  I have removed from
3037. it the power to foretell the future, for that power no mortal should
3038. have.  Its other abilities, however, you have at your disposal.
3040. "You must now begin in %ds name to search for the Amulet of Yendor.
3041. May your steps be guided by %d, my %S."
3042. %E
3043. # assumes Orb of Fate (glass object)
3044. %Cc Val 00082
3045. "Careful, %p!  %oC might break, and that would be
3046. a tragic loss.  You are its keeper now, and the time has come to
3047. resume your search for the Amulet.  %Z await your
3048. return through the magic portal that brought you here."
3049. %E
3050. %Cp Val 00090
3051. "Greetings, %p.  I have not been able to pay as much attention to
3052. your search for the Amulet as I have wished.  How do you fare?"
3053. %E
3054. %Cc Val 00091
3055. "Excellent, %p.  I see you have recovered the Amulet!
3057. "You must take the Amulet to the Great Temple of %d, on the Astral
3058. plane.  There you must offer the Amulet to %d.
3060. "Go now, my %S.  I cannot tell you your fate, as the power of the
3061. Amulet interferes with mine.  I hope for your success."
3062. %E
3063. #
3064. #	Wizard
3065. #
3066. %Cc Wiz 00001
3067. You are suddenly in familiar surroundings.  You notice what appears to
3068. be a large, squat stone structure nearby.  Wait!  That looks like the
3069. tower of your former teacher, %l.
3071. However, things are not the same as when you were last here.  Mists and
3072. areas of unexplained darkness surround the tower.  There is movement in
3073. the shadows.
3075. Your teacher would never allow such unaesthetic forms to surround the
3076. tower...  unless something were dreadfully wrong!
3077. %E
3078. %Cp Wiz 00002
3079. Once again, you are back at %H.
3080. %E
3081. %Cp Wiz 00003
3082. You are back at %H.
3083. You have an odd feeling this may be the last time you ever come here.
3084. %E
3085. %Cp Wiz 00005
3086. "Would you happen to have some eye of newt in that overstuffed pack, %s?"
3087. %E
3088. %Cp Wiz 00006
3089. "Ah, the spell to create the magic portal worked.  Outstanding!"
3090. %E
3091. %Cp Wiz 00007
3092. "Hurry!  %lC may not survive that casting of the
3093. portal spell!!"
3094. %E
3095. %Cp Wiz 00008
3096. "The spells of %n were just too powerful for us to withstand."
3097. %E
3098. %Cp Wiz 00009
3099. "I, too, will venture into the world, because %n is but one of
3100. many evils to be vanquished."
3101. %E
3102. %Cp Wiz 00010
3103. "I have some eye of newt to trade, do you have a spare blind-worm's sting?"
3104. %E
3105. %Cp Wiz 00011
3106. "The magic portal now seems like it will remain stable for quite some time."
3107. %E
3108. %Cp Wiz 00012
3109. "Have you noticed how much stronger %l is since %o was recovered?"
3110. %E
3111. %Cp Wiz 00013
3112. "Thank %d!  We weren't positive you would defeat %n."
3113. %E
3114. %Cp Wiz 00014
3115. "I, too, will venture into the world, because %n was but one of
3116. many evils to be vanquished."
3117. %E
3118. %Cc Wiz 00015
3119. "Come closer, %p, for my voice falters in my old age.
3120. Yes, I see that you have come a long way since you went out into the
3121. world, leaving the safe confines of this tower.  However, I must first
3122. determine if you have all of the skills required to take on the task
3123. I require of you."
3124. %E
3125. %Cp Wiz 00016
3126. "Well, %p, you have returned.  Perhaps you are now ready..."
3127. %E
3128. %Cp Wiz 00017
3129. "This is getting tedious, %p, but perseverance is a sign of a true mage.
3130. I certainly hope that you are truly ready this time!"
3131. %E
3132. %Cc Wiz 00018
3133. "You fool, %p!  Why did I waste all of those years teaching you
3134. the esoteric arts?  Get out of here!  I shall find another."
3135. %E
3136. %Cc Wiz 00019
3137. "Alas, %p, you have not yet shown your proficiency as a worthy
3138. spellcaster.  As %ra, you would surely be overcome in the challenge
3139. ahead.  Go, now, expand your horizons, and return when you have attained
3140. renown as %Ra."
3141. %E
3142. %Cc Wiz 00020
3143. "You amaze me, %p!  How many times did I tell you that the way of a mage
3144. is an exacting one.  One must use the world with care, lest one leave it
3145. in ruins and simplify the task of %n.
3147. "You must go back and show your worthiness.  Do not return until you are
3148. truly ready for this quest.  May %d guide you in this task."
3149. %E
3150. %Cc Wiz 00021
3151. "Yes, %p, you truly are ready for this dire task.  Listen,
3152. carefully, for what I tell you now will be of vital importance.
3154. "Since you left us to hone your skills in the world, we unexpectedly came
3155. under attack by the forces of %n.  As you know, we thought
3156. %n had perished at the end of the last age, but, alas, this was
3157. not the case.
3159. "%nC sent an army of abominations against us.  Among them was a
3160. minion, mindless and ensorcelled, and thus, in the confusion, it was able
3161. to penetrate our defenses.  Alas, this creature has stolen
3162. %o and I fear it has delivered %o
3163. to %n.
3165. "Over the years, I had woven most of my power into this amulet, and thus,
3166. without it, I have but a shadow of my former power, and I fear that I
3167. shall soon perish.
3169. "You must travel to %i, and within its dungeons,
3170. find and overcome %n, and return %o to me.
3172. "Go now, with %d, and complete this quest before it is too late."
3173. %E
3174. %Cp Wiz 00025
3175. "Beware, for %n is immune to most magical attacks."
3176. %E
3177. %Cp Wiz 00026
3178. "To enter %i you must pass many traps."
3179. %E
3180. %Cp Wiz 00027
3181. "%nC may be vulnerable to physical attacks."
3182. %E
3183. %Cp Wiz 00028
3184. "%d will come to your aid when you call."
3185. %E
3186. %Cp Wiz 00029
3187. "You must utterly destroy %n.  He will pursue you otherwise."
3188. %E
3189. %Cp Wiz 00030
3190. "%oC is a mighty artifact.  With it you can
3191. destroy %n."
3192. %E
3193. %Cp Wiz 00031
3194. "Go forth with the blessings of %d."
3195. %E
3196. %Cp Wiz 00032
3197. "I will have my %gP watch for your return."
3198. %E
3199. %Cp Wiz 00033
3200. "Feel free to take any items in that chest that might aid you."
3201. %E
3202. %Cp Wiz 00034
3203. "You will know when %o is near.  Proceed with care!"
3204. %E
3205. %Cc Wiz 00035
3206. Wisps of fog swirl nearby.  You feel that %ns lair is close.
3207. %E
3208. %Cp Wiz 00036
3209. You believe that you may once again invade %i.
3210. %E
3211. %Cc Wiz 00040
3212. You feel your mentor's presence; perhaps %o is nearby.
3213. %E
3214. %Cp Wiz 00041
3215. The aura of %o tingles at the edge of your perception.
3216. %E
3217. %Cc Wiz 00050
3218. "Ah, I recognize you, %p.  So, %l has sent you to steal
3219. %o from me, hmmm?  Well, %l is a
3220. fool to send such a mental weakling against me.
3222. "Your destruction, however, should make for good sport.  In the end, you
3223. shall beg me to kill you!"
3224. %E
3225. %Cc Wiz 00051
3226. "How nice of you to return, %p!  I enjoyed our last meeting.  Are you
3227. still hungry for more pain?
3229. "Come!  Your soul, like %o, shall soon be mine to
3230. command."
3231. %E
3232. %Cp Wiz 00052
3233. "I'm sure that your perseverance shall be the subject of innumerable
3234. ballads, but you shall not be around to hear them, I fear!"
3235. %E
3236. %Cp Wiz 00053
3237. "Thief!  %o belongs to me, now.  I shall feed
3238. your living flesh to my minions."
3239. %E
3240. %Cp Wiz 00060
3241. "Your puny powers are no match for me, fool!"
3242. %E
3243. %Cp Wiz 00061
3244. "When you are defeated, your torment will last for a thousand years."
3245. %E
3246. %Cp Wiz 00062
3247. "After your downfall, %p, I shall devour %l
3248. for dessert!"
3249. %E
3250. %Cp Wiz 00063
3251. "Are you ready yet to beg for mercy?  I could be lenient..."
3252. %E
3253. %Cp Wiz 00064
3254. "Your soul shall join the enslaved multitude I command!"
3255. %E
3256. %Cp Wiz 00065
3257. "Your lack of will is evident, and you shall die as a result."
3258. %E
3259. %Cp Wiz 00066
3260. "Your faith in %d is for naught!  Come, submit to me now!"
3261. %E
3262. %Cp Wiz 00067
3263. "A mere %r is nothing compared to my skill!"
3264. %E
3265. %Cp Wiz 00068
3266. "So, you are the best hope of %l?  How droll."
3267. %E
3268. %Cp Wiz 00069
3269. "Feel my power, %c!  My victory is imminent!"
3270. %E
3271. %Cc Wiz 00070
3272. As you touch %o, its comforting power infuses you
3273. with new energy.  You feel as if you can detect others' thoughts flowing
3274. through it.  Although you yearn to wear %o
3275. and attack the Wizard of Yendor, you know you must return it to its
3276. rightful owner, %l.
3277. %E
3278. %Cc Wiz 00080
3279. %nC croaks out, as his body begins to shrivel up:
3281.     I shall haunt your progress until the end of time.  A thousand
3282.     curses on you and %l.
3284. Then, the body bursts into a cloud of choking dust, and blows away.
3285. %E
3286. %Cc Wiz 00081
3287. %lC notices %o in your possession,
3288. beams at you and says:
3290.     I knew you could defeat %n and retrieve
3291.     %o.  We shall never forget this
3292.     brave service.
3294.     Take %o with you in your quest for
3295.     the Amulet of Yendor.  I can sense that it has attuned
3296.     itself to you already.
3298.     May %d guide you in your quest, and keep you from harm.
3299. %E
3300. %Cc Wiz 00082
3301. "You are the keeper of %o now.  It is time to
3302. recover the /other/ Amulet.  %Z await your return through
3303. the magic portal which brought you here."
3304. %E
3305. %Cp Wiz 00090
3306. "Come near, my %S, and share your adventures with me.
3307. So, have you succeeded in your quest for the Amulet of Yendor?"
3308. %E
3309. %Cc Wiz 00091
3310. "Congratulations, %p.  I always knew that if anyone could succeed
3311. in defeating the Wizard of Yendor and his minions, it would be you.
3313. "Go now, and take the Amulet to the astral plane.  Once there, present
3314. the Amulet on the altar of %d.  Along the way you shall pass through the
3315. four elemental planes.  These planes are like nothing you have ever
3316. experienced before, so be prepared!
3318. "For this you were born, %s!  I am very proud of you."
3319. %E
3320. #
3321. #	General
3322. #
3323. %Cc - 00001
3324. It is written in the Book of %d:
3326.     After the Creation, the cruel god Moloch rebelled
3327.     against the authority of Marduk the Creator.
3328.     Moloch stole from Marduk the most powerful of all
3329.     the artifacts of the gods, the Amulet of Yendor,
3330.     and he hid it in the dark cavities of Gehennom, the
3331.     Under World, where he now lurks, and bides his time.
3333. Your %G %d seeks to possess the Amulet, and with it
3334. to gain deserved ascendance over the other gods.
3336. You, a newly trained %r, have been heralded
3337. from birth as the instrument of %d.  You are destined
3338. to recover the Amulet for your deity, or die in the
3339. attempt.  Your hour of destiny has come.  For the sake
3340. of us all:  Go bravely with %d!
3341. %E
3342. %Cp - 00002
3343. You receive a faint telepathic message from %l:
3344. Your help is urgently needed at %H!
3345. Look for a ...ic transporter.
3346. You couldn't quite make out that last message.
3347. %E
3348. %Cp - 00003
3349. You again sense %l pleading for help.
3350. %E
3351. %Cp - 00004
3352. You again sense %l demanding your attendance.
3353. %E
3354. # Completed the quest by returning with artifact, but not carrying
3355. # the Bell of Opening; quest leader lets you know that it is needed.
3356. #[ Should this be role-specific so that each leader has variant text? ]
3357. %Cp - 00005
3358. "The silver bell which was hoarded by %n will be
3359. essential in locating the Amulet of Yendor."
3360. %E
3361. #
3362. #	Angelic maledictions.
3363. #
3364. %Cp - 00010
3365. "Repent, and thou shalt be saved!"
3366. %E
3367. %Cp - 00011
3368. "Thou shalt pay for thine insolence!"
3369. %E
3370. %Cp - 00012
3371. "Very soon, my child, thou shalt meet thy maker."
3372. %E
3373. %Cp - 00013
3374. "The great %D has sent me to make you pay for your sins!"
3375. %E
3376. %Cp - 00014
3377. "The wrath of %D is now upon you!"
3378. %E
3379. %Cp - 00015
3380. "Thy life belongs to %D now!"
3381. %E
3382. %Cp - 00016
3383. "Dost thou wish to receive thy final blessing?"
3384. %E
3385. %Cp - 00017
3386. "Thou art but a godless void."
3387. %E
3388. %Cp - 00018
3389. "Thou art not worthy to seek the Amulet."
3390. %E
3391. %Cp - 00019
3392. "No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!"
3393. %E
3394. #
3395. #	Demonic maledictions.
3396. #
3397. %Cp - 00030
3398. "I first mistook thee for a statue, when I regarded thy head of stone."
3399. %E
3400. %Cp - 00031
3401. "Come here often?"
3402. %E
3403. %Cp - 00032
3404. "Doth pain excite thee?  Wouldst thou prefer the whip?"
3405. %E
3406. %Cp - 00033
3407. "Thinkest thou it shall tickle as I rip out thy lungs?"
3408. %E
3409. %Cp - 00034
3410. "Eat slime and die!"
3411. %E
3412. %Cp - 00035
3413. "Go ahead, fetch thy mama!  I shall wait."
3414. %E
3415. %Cp - 00036
3416. "Go play leapfrog with a herd of unicorns!"
3417. %E
3418. %Cp - 00037
3419. "Hast thou been drinking, or art thou always so clumsy?"
3420. %E
3421. %Cp - 00038
3422. "This time I shall let thee off with a spanking, but let it not happen again."
3423. %E
3424. %Cp - 00039
3425. "I've met smarter (and prettier) acid blobs."
3426. %E
3427. %Cp - 00040
3428. "Look!  Thy bootlace is undone!"
3429. %E
3430. %Cp - 00041
3431. "Mercy!  Dost thou wish me to die of laughter?"
3432. %E
3433. %Cp - 00042
3434. "Run away!  Live to flee another day!"
3435. %E
3436. %Cp - 00043
3437. "Thou hadst best fight better than thou canst dress!"
3438. %E
3439. %Cp - 00044
3440. "Twixt thy cousin and thee, Medusa is the prettier."
3441. %E
3442. %Cp - 00045
3443. "Methinks thou wert unnaturally stirred by yon corpse back there, eh, varlet?"
3444. %E
3445. %Cp - 00046
3446. "Up thy nose with a rubber hose!"
3447. %E
3448. %Cp - 00047
3449. "Verily, thy corpse could not smell worse!"
3450. %E
3451. %Cp - 00048
3452. "Wait!  I shall polymorph into a grid bug to give thee a fighting chance!"
3453. %E
3454. %Cp - 00049
3455. "Why search for the Amulet?  Thou wouldst but lose it, cretin."
3456. %E
3457. #
3458. #	Banishment message (for converted hero)
3459. #
3460. %Cc - 00060
3461. "You have betrayed all those who hold allegiance to %d, as you once did.
3462. My allegiance to %d holds fast and I cannot condone or accept what you 
3463. have done.
3465. Leave this place.  You shall never set foot at %H again.
3466. That which you seek is now lost forever, for without the Bell of Opening, 
3467. you will never be able to enter the place where he who has the Amulet 
3468. resides.
3470. Go now!  You are banished from this place.
3471. %E
3472. #
3474. #
3475. %Cc - 00099
3476.  %p:	return(plname);
3477.  %c:	return(pl_character);
3478.  %r:	return((char *)rank_of(u.ulevel));
3479.  %R:	return((char *)rank_of(MIN_QUEST_LEVEL));
3480.  %s:	return((flags.female) ? "sister" : "brother" );
3481.  %S:	return((flags.female) ? "daughter" : "son" );
3482.  %l:	return((char *)ldrname());
3483.  %i:	return(intermed());
3484.  %o:	return(artiname());
3485.  %n:	return((char *)neminame());
3486.  %g:	return((char *)guardname());
3487.  %G:	return((char *)align_gtitle(u.ualignbase[1]));
3488.  %H:	return((char *)homebase());
3489.  %a:	return(Alignnam(u.ualignbase[1]));
3490.  %A:	return(Alignnam(u.ualign.type));
3491.  %d:	return((char *)align_gname(u.ualignbase[1]));
3492.  %D:	return((char *)align_gname(A_LAWFUL));
3493.  %C:	return("chaotic");
3494.  %N:	return("neutral");
3495.  %L:	return("lawful");
3496.  %x:	return((Blind) ? "sense" : "see");
3497.  %Z:	return("The Dungeons of Doom");
3498.  %%:	return(percent_sign);
3499.  a suffix:	return an(root);
3500.  A suffix:	return An(root);
3501.  C suffix:	return capitalized(root);
3502.  p suffix:	return makeplural(root);
3503.  P suffix:	return makeplural(capitalized(root));
3504.  s suffix:	return s_suffix(root);
3505.  S suffix:	return s_suffix(capitalized(root));
3506.  t suffix:	return strip_the_prefix(root);
3507. %E