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The Transvestite is a role specific to Slash'EM Extended. They are a melee combat class, and can be any race or alignment. Some of their features may seem offensive to some players, but Amy Bluescreenofdeath (creator of Slash'EM Extended) explicitly states it's not meant to offend anyone; rather, the Transvestite role is just meant to be unique. Slash'EM Extended is just a video game; NHINRL. Also, the role's inclusion in the game does not represent any things that real-life transvestites do; instead, it's based on Amy's own bizarre fantasies.

Transvestites start the game with very little equipment and no intrinsics, but they can use their signature attire charm technique while wearing high heels. If they are created female, they will instantly become male and identify the amulet of change in the process. However, they can use another amulet of change to revert back to female, which has some strategic implications (see below).

Any transvestite who wears high heels is very fast. However, a male transvestite cannot use any other source of speed (including speed boots, zapping himself with a wand of speed monster etc.), and since they are a slow role (base speed 10 instead of the standard 12), taking off the starting heels is not recommended.

The Transvestite's starting pet is either a little girl or a little boy, and they start with a saddle and basic riding skill which can be used on their starting pet. This is based on Elona, a video game where it's also possible to have a little girl as a pet and ride her.

The Transvestite quest sees you fighting Wendy for the Lovely Pink Pumps.

Starting Equipment


Transvestites gain techniques at these experience levels:


Transvestite Skills
Max Skills


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  • Lawful: Olivia
  • Neutral: Peyman
  • Chaotic: Lady Gaga

Transvestite rank titles

The status line shows you to be one of the following ranks when you reach the specified experience level:

  • XL 1-2: Clacker
  • XL 3-5: Staggerer
  • XL 6-9: Pseudo Model
  • XL 10-13: Disguiser
  • XL 14-17: Carnevalist
  • XL 18-21: Heeler
  • XL 22-25: Crossdresser
  • XL 26-29: Drag Lord
  • XL 30: Drag Queen


The Transvestite is a melee-oriented class, with a specialization in blunt weapons of all kinds. They also get damage bonuses while wielding any hammer; handheld footwear (like the starting wedged little-girl sandal) counts as a hammer and uses the hammer skill for this purpose. The starting pet will also have one of these in his/her inventory but doesn't start out wielding it; usually they will start wielding it if a monster wanders into view though.

Players may choose to start riding the pet immediately; transvestites have a much higher chance of saddling/riding a pet compared to other roles. However, the pet only has a speed of 12, and while the player is still wearing wedge sandals or other high heels, he will be faster than the pet. If the player somehow loses their heels, their base speed of 10 and inability to use any other means of becoming fast/very fast makes it very useful to ride a speed 12 pet, though. Using an amulet of change to become female, and thus able to use speed boots, wands of speed monster and similar items on itself, may also be a good strategy; a Transvestite who started out female will recognize the amulet if it appears.

The little boy/girl pet can evolve four times by leveling up. Reaching level 10, they grow up into a young adult boy/girl, which has a speed of 13 and does more damage. They will grow up again at level 15, becoming a young man/woman that does more damage, then become an adult gentleman/lady at level 20, reducing their speed to 11 but doing even more damage. Their final evolution comes at level 25, turning them into an old grandpa/granny who does yet more damage but only has a base speed of 6. This means the player may want to avoid their pet from gaining their last evolution, which can be done by zapping them with drain life or preventing them from killing too many monsters.

Another useful ability of the Transvestite is the attire charm technique, which can be used to turn any humanoid monsters (including almost everything represented by the letter @) into a pet. It doesn't work on non-humanoid, unique or quest nemesis monsters though. By using the attire charm, the player can get lots of strong pets, and Slash'EM Extended also allows all of them to be saddled and ridden.

The Transvestite quest is a relatively hard quest, but the swarms of humans spawning there may be turned into pets with the attire charm technique. However, Transvestites will have to fight Wendy, one of the most dangerous quest nemeses in the game, who will use the Lovely Pink Pumps as a deadly melee weapon, and she can also drain life with no chance of the player resisting, inflict severe trample damage and walk through walls. Taking her out quickly (possibly with a highly enchanted automatic firearm) is recommended.


The Transvestite is not based on the real-life travesty/crossdressing subculture, but on Amy's own bizarre fantasies. Any similarities or dissimilarities with real-life transvestites are purely coincidental.