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The ungenomold (subspecies of fungus) is a playable race specific to Slash'EM Extended. They can be any role and alignment, and they start with uncurable polymorphitis and no way to acquire polymorph control or unchanging. Ungenomolds are also unbreathing, mindless, lacking limbs and a head, and have difficulties picking up items from the ground while in their natural form, all of which is irrelevant because upon starting the game, they instantly polymorph into a random monster and genocide their own species.

Using the #youpoly command allows the ungenomold to polymorph at will, but what monster they polymorph into is random.

Ungenomolds start with the following techniques: world fall, poke ball, research, weapon practice, calm steed, turn undead, blessing, draw blood and surgery. They also get intrinsic searching and warning at the start of the game, and a cursed wand of death is added to their inventory.

Their maximum stats are as follows:

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
Ungenomold 25 25 25 25 25 25


Ungenomolds don't experience the risk of "bad" polymorphs (system shock or polymorphing into a new version of oneself, which has the potential of instakilling a low-level character), and in fact they won't shift out of their polymorph form after some time; rather, they will always stay polymorphed unless their hit points run out. Care should be exercised though, as they will instantly die if something reverts them back to ungenomoldic form, with no chance of life saving. It used to be possible to be reverted by praying while in a form without hands or by being zapped by a monster's wand of cancellation but those bugs have been fixed. Still, there is no way to prevent the genocide of the ungenomold species from happening, and a scroll of undo genocide won't revert it either.

Wearing a ring of polymorph control or an amulet of unchanging will not stop the ungenomold from randomly polymorphing. The fact that they may never allow a monster to kill them while polymorphed means that weak polymorph forms like newts or lichen are like a death sentence; monsters will be quick to knock off the one single max hit point of such a form. If you're polymorphed into something useless and/or are on the verge of dying, try #youpoly!

A set of dragon scales or a dragon scale mail increases the likelihood to polymorph into a dragon without breaking the armor. However, even while polymorphed into a dragon, ungenomolds can still randomly polymorph into something else, and if the new monster species is a nalfeshnee or other big monster, the player may break their dragon scales/scale mail. Therefore, ungenomolds should be paired with a role that has the polymorphing skill, as enhancing that reduces the risk that armor breaks when polymorphing into something big and gives a chance to simply slip out of the armor instead.