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Started at 3.4.3, the last vanilla nethack version.

The initial release (Pirate plus artifacts, monsters, etc) was retroactively declared to be 3.5

Incremented to 3.6 with the advent of the Noble role.

Incremented to 3.7 with the advent of the Binder role. 3.7.0 -> 3.7.1 indicates the advent of the true Binder quest goal level and Alignment spirits

Incremented to 3.8 with the introduction of Clockwork upgrades and the finished Drow quests.

Incremented to 3.9 with the introduction of Half-dragons, Dread Seraphs, and damp libraries.

3.8 Changelog

Config file changes

  • Two new floor tile squares, just duplicate whatever you use as a normal floor.

Clockwork upgrades

  • Phase engine: Walk through walls, at the cost of 10x nutrition consumption
  • Stove upgrades:
    • Oil Stove: Gain nutrition from drinking potions of oil in combination with potions of water
    • Wood Stove: Gain nutrition from eating woody corpses or dried tins in combination with potions of water.
    • Hellfire Furnace: Gain nutrition from eating almost anything in combination with water, but only 1/10 the normal amount
    • If you do not drink water while using these upgrades, you will heat up instead of gaining nutrition, adding extra damage to your attacks, but potentially damaging your inventory and melting yourself.
  • Switch Upgrades
    • Efficient Switch: Switching to high speed mode no longer consumes 10 nutrition
    • Fast Switch: Switching speeds no longer costs a turn.
  • Armor Plating: Your natural AC bonus goes from 3 to 10.
  • Magic Furnace: Consume magic items to gain magic energy. Destroys the consumed item
  • Scrap Maw: Eat rustable items to regain HP.
  • High Tension Spring: Increase your maximum nutrition by 2000. This upgrade can be take multiple times.

Sensorium Changes

  • Drow see in darkness, are blinded by light
  • Vampires can see anything that has blood in their line of sight, regardless of invis or blindness.
  • Metroids (polyself only) can see anything that is alive in their line of sight, important as they are otherwise blind.
  • Sharks (polyself only) can see anything in water that is injured.

General Artifacts

  • Remove arbitrary cap on energy boost items
  • Atma weapon interferes with health recovery
  • Limited Moon
    • 2x damage Moon Axe (silver axe)
    • is less powerful the less magical energy you have left (% based).
  • Best armors are now intelligent, require 20 alignment record, and enough XP to not be a beginner any more
    • Platinum Dragon Plate: Lawful
    • Tie Dye Shirt of Shambhala: Neutral
    • Chromatic Dragon Scales: Chaotic
  • Added Houchou from Slash'Em, but I don't think there is a way to get it currently.
  • Fixed Nighthorn etc not acting as luckstones
  • Added new demon lord weapons
    • The three headed flail of Yeenoghu
    • Baphomet's Heartcleaver
    • Kostchtchie's Wrathful Wind
    • The Scourge of Lolth
    • The Wand of Orcus
  • If you are wielding Mjollnir or Axe of the Dwarvis Lords, are eligible to throw it, and your quiver is either empty or contains ammo for which you are not wielding the launcher (prob cause you are wielding an axe or a hammer....), you can use the "fire" command to throw the artifact.


  • Magical energy recovers a bit faster, especially if you have high int and wis
  • Pet tameness does not decrease if left on your quest home level
  • Pet hunger does not increase on your home level, whether you are there or not.


  • Archeologist
    • Itlachiayaque gives MR when carried.
  • Barbarians
    • Barbarians now have iterative attacks when in their natural form:
      • At 11th level, they start making two attacks per turn, one at full to-hit, the next at -10.
      • At 21st level, they start making three attacks per turn, at full, -10, and -20.
      • At 30th level, they make four attacks per turn, at full, -10,-20, and -30.
      • Should they wish to make fewer attacks, they may do so as n(number)F
  • Convicts
    • Get the Iron SPOON of liberation, instead of the iron ball of liberation
      • Invoke for phasing, grants luck, improved and automatic searching, warning, and stealth when wielded
      • Can be used to dig and engraves as an athame.
    • Also start with a spoon in inventory.
  • Drow Rogue, Ranger, Priest, and Wizard
    • Share quests based on gender
    • Drow (Female):
      • Quest Objects
      • Silver Starlight
      • Wrathful Spider
      • Tentacle Rod
      • Crescent Blade
      • Crowning Artifacts
      • The Web of Lolth
      • Claws of the Revenancer
        • Silvered gauntlets of dexterity
        • Adds life draining to your unarmed attacks
        • Grants life drain resistance when worn
        • Invoke for an undead turning effect
        • Dig up graves while wearing to recruit undead
        • Grants energy regeneration when worn
        • Fills your right ring slot
      • Sickle Moon
        • Silvered sickle (not aligned or intelligent, but Lawful Crowning gift only)
        • 2x damage throwing weapon
        • Returns to the quiver when thrown
        • Can be multishot
    • Hedrow (Male):
      • Magicbane is NOT given to male wizards
      • Quest Objects
      • Darkweaver's Cloak
      • Spidersilk
      • Tentacle Rod
      • Webweaver's Crook
      • Crowning Artifacts
      • Lolth's Fang
      • Indwelling of the Eddergud
  • Drow Nobles get a different set of gender based quests
    • Drow Noble:
      • First Gift
      • The Sceptre of Lolth
      • Quest Object
      • The Web of the Chosen
      • Crowning Artifacts
      • The Web of Lolth
      • Claws of the Revenancer
      • Liecleaver
    • Hedrow Noble:
      • First Gift
      • The Rod of Lordly Might
      • Quest Object
      • The Cloak of the Consort
      • Crowning Artifacts
      • Ruinous Descent of Stars
      • Lolth's Fang
      • Liecleaver
  • Dwarf Knight
    • First Gift
    • Glamdring
    • Quest Object
    • The Armor of Erebor
  • Dwarf Noble
    • First Gift
    • The Armor of Khazad-dum
    • Quest Object
    • The War-mask of Durin
    • Crowning Artifact
    • Durin's Axe
  • Elf Noble, Ranger, Priest, and Wizard get a shared quest
    • First Gift
    • Nobles get The Rod of the Elvish Lords
    • Wizards get Magicbane as normal
    • Quest Objects
    • Crowning Artifacts
    • Note: Elves may convert pre-quest and still be allowed on the quest
    • Arcor Kerym
    • Aryfaern Kerym
    • Aryvelahr Kerym
  • Monks
    • Get water walking at level 21, instead of see invis again
  • Priests
    • Priests will typically get the first gift and crowning gift of the role who's pantheon they worship
  • Pirates
    • Get fractionally less energy per level (3/4x instead of 1x)
  • Valkyries
    • Get fractionally more energy per level (1x instead of 3/4x)
    • Crowing gift (all alignments): Bow of Skadi
      • adds 1d24 cold damage to arrows fired from it.
      • adds 5d6 frost explosion to arrows fired from it.
      • destroys arrows fired from it.
      • 'r'ead to learn "Cone of Cold" spell.
    • Lord Surtur's sword: Sol Valtiva (the Sun of the Gods of the Dead)
      • Also obtained from the quest nemesis, but not a quest artifact
      • Chaotic two-handed sword
      • Adds 1d24 fire damage to attacks
      • May add 5d6 fire explosions to hits
      • May blind targets, stones trolls and dusts gremlins
      • Is a light source
      • Can be used as a polearm

Quest changes

  • Law
    • Introduced actual Eladrin
      • Oona is an 'A' now.
      • Statue-trap Eladrin have-less good equipment, and are much scarier in combat.

Item changes

  • Showing a signet ring to a drow, elf, or edderkop may either pacify or enrage them, based on the factions of the ring and the monster
    • Depending on your gender, you may have to wear compatible torso armor, as well.
    • Your true faction DOES NOT MATTER for this check
  • Aklys are reach weapons
  • Levitation Boots replaced with Flying Boots

New Items

  • Crystal Sword
    • Uses longsword skill, has double the base damage (ie, 2d8 and 2d10 instead of 1d8 and 1d10)
    • Made of glass (breaks if thrown)
    • Will not dull if used to engrave (but engraves as slow as a regular weapon, not fast like an athame)
  • Sheafs of hay (NetHack brass)
    • Can be eaten by herbivorous pets
  • Silver Khakkhara
    • Use quarterstaff skill
    • Two handed
    • deal 1-3 dice of silver damage (ie, (1d3)d20 )
    • block stealth when wielded
  • Moon Axe
    • Silver Axes
    • Two handed
    • Increase in weight and damage based on the phase of the moon when found
    • Can be wished for in any phase

  • Clockwork components have uses!
    • Regular can be used to create tame C Soldiers, C Dwarfs, and Faberge spheres
      • 10 per each
    • Subethaic create tame golden hearts
    • Hellfire components create tame hellfire orbs
    • Scrap is useless
  • Upgrade kits exist

Monster Changes

  • Dragon breath is no longer blocked by reflection

3.9 Changelog

Rules Change

  • You now MUST complete the quest (bring quest artifact to quest leader) before you can be crowned
    • Crowning happens automatically the first time you pray on an altar while meeting all the prerequisites (20 alignment, 10 luck, have completed the quest)

New monsters

  • Dread Seraph
  • Lamashtu, Queen of Demons
  • Knight Quest Nemesis: Nimune
  • living lecturns
  • Half-dragons
  • Pseudodragons
  • manticore

New Levels

  • Sea variant: Peanut Island
  • Brine flats variant: Lamashtu's lair

New rooms

  • Damp library: Mostly blank books, some living lecterns
  • Dread Seraph Sepulcher

New Artifacts

  • Gilded Sword of Y'ha-Talla: Poison-based 2x damage, permanently poisoned, can be invoked to change form
  • Knight Artifacts
    • Carnwennan: Nameable dagger
    • Rhongomyniad: First gift, artifact lance
    • Clarent: Crowning gift
  • Convict Artifacts
    • The Iron Spoon of Liberation: Dig, engrave, phase through walls.
    • The Iron Ball of Levitation: Makes your inventory lighter