Wand of punishment

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Name punishment
Appearance random
Abundance 0.5%
Base price 500 zm
Weight 7
Type non-directional
Maximum charges 15
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A wand of punishment, when zapped or engraved with, punishes you by chaining a heavy iron ball to you. If you are already punished, the iron ball gets heavier. This wand only exists in Slash'EM Extended.


If your carrying capacity allows it, you may want to zap the wand of punishment repeatedly to get a very heavy iron ball that does more melee damage. However, a heavier ball is less useful for throwing as it will travel over a shorter distance. This wand may be especially useful to a Convict to get a replacement iron ball if the player somehow lost their starting one or inadvertently allowed a monster to unlink the chain. Iron balls use the flail skill in Slash'EM Extended, so a character with good flail skill may want to use iron balls regularly; however, non-Convicts need to train the skill with a regular flail first.

Mainly, however, the wand of punishment is a bad item and it's better to avoid it entirely. Nymphs and rust monsters may help the player get rid of the ball and chain, or polymorphing into a rust monster and eating the ball. If you can't remove the ball, wield it before going down stairs to reduce the falling damage done by the collision.