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gods-343.txt  Last edited 2003-12-17 for NetHack 3.4.3
Gods, races and alignments in NetHack 3.4
Compiled by Dylan O'Donnell <psmith@spod-central.org>.

Gods and alignments
The format of this spoiler is as follows:

Role (mythos from which gods are drawn)
Lawful:  Lawful god(dess) (races that can start as lawful in this role)
Neutral: Neutral god(dess)(races that can start as neutral in this role)
Chaotic: Chaotic god      (races that can start as chaotic in this role)

Archeologist (Central American)
Lawful:  Quetzalcoatl      (humans, dwarves)
Neutral: Camaxtli          (humans, gnomes)
Chaotic: Huhetotl

Barbarian (Hyborian)
Lawful:  Mitra
Neutral: Crom              (humans)
Chaotic: Set               (humans, orcs)

Cave(wo)man (Babylonian)
Lawful:  Anu               (humans, dwarves)
Neutral: Ishtar            (humans, gnomes)
Chaotic: Anshar

Healer (Greek)
Lawful:  Athena
Neutral: Hermes            (humans, gnomes)
Chaotic: Poseidon

Knight (Celtic)
Lawful:  Lugh              (humans)
Neutral: Brigit
Chaotic: Manannan Mac Lir

Monk (Chinese)
Lawful:  Shan Lai Ching    (humans)
Neutral: Chih Sung-tzu     (humans)
Chaotic: Huan Ti           (humans)

Priest(ess) (Random)
Priests are assigned the pantheon of one of the other roles at
random on starting the game. Thus a human Priest can worship any
of the 36 gods; elven Priests are always chaotic.

Ranger (Roman)
Lawful:  Mercury
Neutral: Venus             (humans, gnomes)
Chaotic: Mars              (humans, elves, orcs)

Rogue (Nehwon)
Lawful:  Issek
Neutral: Mog
Chaotic: Kos               (humans, orcs)

Samurai (Japanese)
Lawful:  Amaterasu Omikami (humans)
Neutral: Raijin
Chaotic: Susanowo

Tourist (Discworld)
Lawful:  Blind Io
Neutral: The Lady          (humans)
Chaotic: Offler

Valkyrie (Norse)
Lawful:  Tyr               (humans, dwarves)
Neutral: Odin              (humans)
Chaotic: Loki

Wizard (Egyptian)
Lawful:  Ptah
Neutral: Thoth             (humans, gnomes)
Chaotic: Anhur             (humans, elves, orcs)

Races and alignments
Races can thus play the following roles:

Dwarves (Law): Arc   Cav                        Val 
Elves   (Cha):                   PriRan            Wiz 
Gnomes  (Neu): Arc   CavHea         Ran            Wiz 
Humans  (Law): Arc   Cav   KniMonPri      Sam   Val 
Humans  (Neu): ArcBarCavHea   MonPriRan      TouValWiz 
Humans  (Cha):    Bar         MonPriRanRog         Wiz 
Orcs    (Cha):    Bar               RanRog         Wiz 

Corrections and clarifications provided by Rast.

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