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This is a list of notable NetHack websites. If adding a website, be sure to include a short description and place it in the proper section below.

All sites listed here are archived via the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive unless otherwise stated.

Official resources

Playing NetHack

  • The public server article lists where you can play NetHack without installing it locally.
  • The graphical user interface article has a list of GUI ports if you want to play using one instead of a terminal.
  • NetHack is also available in the Windows Store for download.

Introductions to NetHack




Variants have their own articles on this wiki, which typically include external links to their hosting sites where applicable. What Fools These Mortals is notable among them for allowing you to play as one of NetHack's gods, rather than their servants.

Fun and community


  • Most of the active channels for NetHack and its variants are listed on the Libera page. IRCnet also has a #nethack channel.
  • The #nethack Quote database @ captures the best chatter on IRC.

Social media

Other creative endeavours

NetHack on Other Wikis

Websites about older versions

Before the NetHackWiki existed, people collected information about the game mechanics on "spoiler" pages. Some of these are still online, while others are archived:



Old community sites

Help in other languages

See also NetHack in Other Languages.