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This wiki is growing in size. It contains mostly spoiler information about vanilla NetHack, but it also has some other NetHack-related articles. To track what we are doing, we have created this list of current projects.

Project Goal Status
Update incoming links NetHackWiki:Community Portal#Help update incoming links Ongoing
Tasks on Community Portal Often related to The Move. Ongoing
Project Goal Status
Upload NetHack graphics. Upload and add all the 16x16 windows tiles to their relevant articles. Done
Standardize pages. Create standard page templates for similar NetHack articles, and implement the style guide. Ongoing
Game history Explain the history and development of the game, and document the introduction of new features and monsters. Major articles for all versions established
Source code Upload wikified source code for all major versions Up to NetHack 3.6.1
Items Represent every NetHack item with its own article, including an infobox. Ongoing: almost every item has an infobox, but some still need individual articles.
Monsters Represent every NetHack monster with its own article, including an infobox. Ongoing: every monster has an infobox, but some monsters still need individual articles, and may have incorrect or missing attributes or reference parameters. (See Template:Monster for more information.)
Next version Identify articles that do or do not need to be updated when the next version of NetHack is released. Either {{nethack-343}} or {{noversion}} needs to be added to many articles; some templates may need categorization as well. Ongoing.