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NetHack 3.6.1 is the 31st public release of NetHack and the 27th by the DevTeam. It was announced and released on the official NetHack website on 27 April 2018.


NetHack 3.6.1 is readily available from the official NetHack website. Binaries are provided for MS Windows (version 7 or later), and the source code is available, both from and from GitHub, so people can port NetHack 3.6.1 to other platforms, something the DevTeam encourages.

NetHack 3.6.1 was the first release to be made publicly available on GitHub as it was being developed, a pattern that is expected to continue for future updates.

Significant changes

This is not a comprehensive list.

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The documented list of changes is visible here.

  • Several further changes to Elbereth:
    • It must be the only text on the square
    • It will not erode or try to erode when scaring a monster
    • It will immediately vanish when the player makes a hostile action, such as attacking, firing, or zapping a wand, additionally causing a -5 alignment penalty.
  • When traveling, you will automatically displace pets if they can be displaced, instead of stopping.
  • Autopickup no longer works on unpaid items in shops.
  • Improved status hilites and hitpointbar.
  • Monsters forget where they have stepped when they flee, meaning that they no longer have a tendency to get "stuck".
  • Globs of black pudding can now give intrinsics.
  • The : command always gives a message (overriding any MSGTYPE=norep setting).
  • Barbarians and samurai can now enhance their special spell's school (escape and divination respectively) to Basic.
  • Undetected hiding monsters will be automatically detected when you move next to them and have warning.
  • The Wizard of Yendor will steal any quest artifact, not just your role's. This means that relying on another role's quest artifact for magic resistance is no longer a safe strategy.
  • In the inventory screen, leashes now show which monster they are attached to.
  • If you have lycanthropy, eating the class of creature you turn into is considered cannibalism.
  • Lembas wafers now give 200 more nutrition to elves and 200 less nutrition to orcs. Cram rations give 100 more nutrition to dwarves.
  • Mazes may now generate with wide corridors or thick walls, and dead ends may be converted into loops.
  • Several artifacts have received buffs:
    • Trollsbane prevents trolls from reviving while wielded.
    • Ogresmasher grants 25 Constitution while wielded.
    • Demonbane prevents demon gating while wielded.
    • Dragonbane grants reflection while wielded.
    • Cleaver attacks in an arc, and may hit monsters to the left and right of the target monster.
    • The Master Key of Thievery always finds traps on doors and chests when blessed (for non-rogues) and non-cursed (for rogues), and offers to disarm them with 100% success. This duplicates the invoke effect, and the invoke effect may be changed in the future.
    • The Master Key also warns about adjacent undetected floor traps when wielded without gloves.
  • Naming Sting or Orcrist breaks illiterate conduct.
  • Iron bars can be dissolved by wielding a potion of acid and fighting the bars.
  • Poison breath attacks leave a trail of poison gas.
  • Stoning, strangulation, deafness, levitation, flying, and riding are all now shown on the status line.
  • The vibrating square now appears as ~ instead of ^.
  • Werejackals can summon foxes and coyotes in addition to jackals. Werewolves can summon wargs in addition to wolves.
  • Monkeys and apes can be tamed with bananas.
  • The extended #turn command takes less time as your experience level increases.
  • Horses are rarely generated with a saddle.
  • A warning is given before levitation from the spell or potion is about to expire.
  • The calculation for the result of a Foocubus encounter now uses the sum of Intelligence and Charisma capped at 32, which results in a minimum chance of 2/35 (~5.7%) for a negative effect.
  • Vlad the Impaler has been made significantly stronger: he is faster (speed 18 → 26, now second-fastest monster in the game), hits harder (1d10+1d10 → 2d10+1d12), has better AC (-3 → -6) and a lot more hit points (base level 14 → 28, which means 17d8..21d8≈85 → 28d8..30d8≈130 HP).
  • Many bug fixes, including:
    • Genociding vampires kills shapeshifted vampires instead of making them unkillable.
    • Sleep resistance is now respected when reading a dull spellbook.
    • Closed a loophole that allowed you to generate free credit in shops.
    • The chest in the castle with the wand of wishing will never be generated as trapped.
    • Chameleons that imitate vampires now eventually shapeshift into another random monster instead of staying in that form.
    • Gelatinous cubes won't eat scrolls of scare monster.
    • Fire and cold explosions from the fireball or cone of cold spells don't disregard walls anymore.
    • Diagonal jumping through an open doorway is no longer possible.
    • Stilettos and knives can be used to open tins.
    • Peaceful monsters may react (possibly fleeing or turning hostile) when they see you attack another peaceful.

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