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) Knife.png
Name knife
Appearance knife
Damage vs. small 1d3
Damage vs. large 1d2
To-hit bonus +0
Weapon skill knife
Size one-handed
Base price 4 zm
Weight 5
Material iron

A knife is a kind of weapon. Samurai will know it as a shito. It can be used in melee or thrown.

Knife skill

Max Role

The following weapons use the knife skill:

There are no artifact knives.


Knives make up about 2% of randomly generated weapons (on the floor, as death drops, or in shops).

The knife can appear in many a monster's starting inventory:


Knives can be multishot; the knife class is the only ranged weapon class that gives Healers a multishot bonus at Skilled level.[5]

As wielded weapons, knives are generally some of the lowest damage weapons in NetHack. The sole exception is the crysknife, roughly comparable to a long sword in terms of damage; the next best knife is the rare scalpel, whose damage is only on par with an orcish dagger, and is mostly seen on Healers as their starting wielded weapon.


In NetHack 3.4.3 and earlier versions, knives were not included in the list of weapons that could be multishot.[6] As of NetHack 3.6.0, any stackable weapon can be thrown multishot, if you are Skilled or higher in the appropriate weapon skill.[7]

Encyclopedia entries


Possibly perceiving an expression of dubiosity on their
faces, the globetrotter went on adhering to his adventures.

-- And I seen a man killed in Trieste by an Italian chap.
Knife in his back. Knife like that.

Whilst speaking he produced a dangerous looking clasp knife,
quite in keeping with his character, and held it in the
striking position.

-- In a knockingshop it was count of a tryon between two
smugglers. Fellow hid behind a door, come up behind him.
Like that. Prepare to meet your God, says he. Chuck! It
went into his back up to the butt.

[ Ulysses, by James Joyce ]


A Japanese stabbing knife.


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