Elven arrow

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) Elven arrow.png
Name elven arrow
Appearance runed arrow
Damage vs. small 1d7
Damage vs. large 1d6
To-hit bonus +0
Weapon skill bow
Size one-handed
Base price 2 zm
Weight 1
Material wood

An elven arrow is a type of projectile that appears in NetHack. It is made of wood, and appears as a runed arrow when unidentified.

Elven arrows are made for use with a bow, and gain +1 multishot and a +1 damage bonus when fired by an elf (including an elven character) from an elven bow.[1][2]


Elven Rangers start each game with +0 and +2 stacks of elven arrows in place of the role's standard arrows.[3]

General stores, used armor dealerships and antique weapon outlets can sell elven arrows.

13 of live elven monsters are generated with an elven bow and 3–14 elven arrows.[4]


Elven arrows are marginally stronger than standard arrows, and are generally the most preferable type to use with a bow for characters not aiming to maximize multishot bonuses. One of their primary advantages is immunity to erosion from rusting effects, which are generally more common than burning and rotting - in return, a character should switch to another set of projectiles when dealing with monsters with fiery passive attacks such as fire elementals, as well as monsters like gelatinous cubes that can engulf and eat them.


The elven arrow is introduced in NetHack 3.0.0.



In SLASH'EM, upgrading elven arrows will produce standard arrows, and upgrading standard arrows has a 13 chance of producing elven arrows.

Shooting non-cursed elven arrows from any bow has a 13 chance of an additional +1 multishot bonus.[5]


In UnNetHack, the second alternate layout of the Castle has a chance of generating blessed and enchanted elven arrows in the barracks overlooking the drawbridge.


In dNetHack and notdNetHack, elven arrows deal 1d7 damage to small monsters and 1d5 damage to large monsters, with a +2 to-hit bonus.


In EvilHack, elven Rangers that invoke The Longbow of Diana will generate elven arrows instead of standard ones.

Elven arrows can be used at a forge to create a couple of items:

  • 2 elven arrows can be combined with a knife to create an elven dagger.
  • 2 elven arrows can be combined with an elven dagger to create an elven spear.


In Hack'EM, upgrading standard arrows will produce elven arrows, and upgrading elven arrows will produce orcish arrows.

In addition to EvilHack forge recipes, 2 darts can be combined with 2 elven arrows to create a knife.