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SLASH'EM (Super Lotsa Added Stuff Hack - Extended Magic) is a variant of NetHack based on version 3.4.3. The object of the game is the same: to fetch the Amulet of Yendor from the bottom of the Gehennom and offer it to your god.

SLASH'EM contains five new roles and five new races for the player to choose from, as well as several new special levels, monsters, items, and artifacts. The main dungeon is made longer in SLASH'EM than in NetHack, with Gehennom being shorter as a result.

SLASH'EM is considered much more difficult than vanilla NetHack, primarily due to the perception of the new content as unbalancing the game. Many of the more popular additions to SLASH'EM have been incorporated into actively developed variants, such as the Vampire starting race and the Black Market level in UnNetHack. There is also a successor named Slash'EM Extended, which also has a variant/second 'successor' named SlashTHEM.

Ancestors and successors

NetHack 3.2 NetHack-- SLASH Slash'EM Slash'EM Extended
0.01–0.75 →
Slash'EM Extended
NetHack Plus
Wizard Patch SlashTHEM
NetHack 3.33.4 NetHack

Public servers

SLASH'EM is hosted online at Hardfought, which adds an enhanced xlogfile and dumplogs. It is also hosted at, which is not available as of April 2021.


SLASH'EM is available for Windows, MS-DOS, Linux, OS/2, (obsolete) Mac classic and Mac OS X (tty only); the latest stable version of SLASH'EM is 0.0.7E7F3 and the latest development version is 0.0.8E0F1. As of September 16th, 2018, there are active forks of SLASH'EM being maintained; changes consist mainly of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. K2's version (with fixes contributed by amateurhour) can be found here; Elronnd's is here.

In addition, SLASH'EM is available as an Android app.

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