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SlashTHEM (github page) is a variant of Slash'EM Extended version 75 currently maintained and developed by Soviet5lo. Originally called “Slash'EM Extended Mod”, its name was then changed to SlashTHEM, short for “Super Lotsa Added Stuff Hack—The Heavily Extended Mod”. SlashTHEM's primary goals are to make all of the added roles and races feel unique to each other, and balance the game back to Slash'EM levels.

Primary changes

A Changelog of differences between versions can be found here, while a changelog of differences before version numbers were used is found here. Some notable examples include:

  • A large amount of new artifacts have been introduced. Some quest artifacts for roles added in Slash'EM Extended have been changed to become more useful, and every role is guaranteed one sacrifice gift. Some artifacts also no longer count against sacrifice gifts, such as the alignment keys and alignment level artifacts, the special level artifacts from Nethack: The Next Generation, Thiefbane and Warforger.
  • New objects have been added from other variants and patches. Examples of this are the gnomish armor set from Sporkhack, the Sharpened Pencil and Expensive Suit from NetHack--, and the Rubber Gloves and Gauntlets of Reflection from patches by Mikael Lind.
  • The Forge has been fully re-implemented from Nethack--. Players now have the option of paying large amounts of gold to get an artifact created, depending on how much has been paid. The blacksmith has also been raised in level to compensate, and now starts with equipment similar to One-eyed Sam.
  • Slings now gain a strength bonus. This makes slings very powerful ranged weapons for high strength characters.
  • The added races and roles have been given features to make them more unique. Gastly players no longer suffer cannibalism penalty, nor do they suffer from rotten food effects. Locksmiths gain a high bonus when using unlocking tools. The Lunatic role has been completely overhauled to function like the Lycanthrope role from SLASH 6.

A few changes made in Slash'EM Extended have been reverted in SlashTHEM. A few examples of these are:

  • Players can no longer have an infinite/unlimited inventory, and are once again limited to 52 stacks of objects.
  • Role and Racial minimum and maximum attribute values have been restored; no more low strength barbarians.
  • Artifact damage is no longer halved; all artifacts that existed in Slash'EM do their original amounts of damage. Artifacts that were added in SlashTHEM never took this into account.
  • Certain traps are no longer generated above certain dungeon levels, behaving similar to Slash'EM now. Traps are also no longer generated in corridors.
  • Mazes are no longer randomly generated in the Dungeons of Doom, and most of the changes to special level placement has been reverted to Slash'EM behavior. This also means the Gnomish Mines, Delphi, Sokoban, and Slash'EM special levels always appear again.
  • Several objects from Slash'EM Extended have been removed, such as the wand of banishment, scroll of tele level, scroll of barrhing, helm of steel, and steel shield.
  • Rocks, Venom, Food, Potions, Spellbooks, and Scrolls are no longer erodible.
  • Trees, Walls, Bars, Pools of Water and Lava no longer have a chance of being generated in the dungeon at random. This often placed a tree, pool of lava, or wall directly in the middle of a corridor, blocking progress.


As of version 0.7

The game is a bit harder than SLASH'EM, but still reasonably so. Some dangerous new attacks:

  • wither: bypasses fooproofing
  • passive disintegration: will disintegrate your weapon, bypasses disintegration resistance.

Be careful of item stealing monsters, they are a good deal of them. If SLASH'EM loves baby dragons, SlashTHEM loves stealing monsters (true in version 0.7). You can defend from some of them by zapping your entire inventory with a wand of make invisible. Probably the worst are the mermaid, deep sea thieving fish and the swamp nymph. The mermaid and deep sea thieving fish are sea monsters so good luck getting your stuff back even if you kill them. There are some others, but these are the most frequent. The swamp nymph has a passive illness attack, so you should attack her with ranged weapons.

The weight cap is much higher, and lots of objects are lighter. So you can carry much more, with weight been less of a problem. Early in the game, you can carry a box to put your stuff inside, in the same manner as a bag. You can carry around an icebox with several corpses in it without being burdened. With a bag of holding, you can pick up all the junk you find for selling to shops or polypiling. The wallet of Perseus is really overkill.

You can get all resistances, at least extrinsically. You can even get petrification and illness resistances, which are otherwise impossible to get in SLASH'EM. On the other hand, all resistances are more important than before because of new monster attacks.

In the Lawful Quest, be prepared with scare monster scrolls for the mind flayer room, because you can't engrave on the floor of the cloud bank any more. Bring a tinning kit, scroll of charging or some other way to charge the guaranteed tinning kit. At least bring an icebox or two and put the dragons and mind flayer corpses in, for later. Because of all the new monsters, it is more difficult to get telepathy, you can very well not have it even in the mid-game. The guaranteed mind flayers are the most probable source of telepathy now. The dragon corpses are now even more valuable for any missing intrinsic, especially sleep and disintegration (new monster attacks). Dragon corpses are so big, though, that they may grow mold while you are eating them.

In general, water levels are filled with numerous sea monsters. You should be prepared with telepathy, or at least warning and ranged attacks. Quite a few of them have stealing attacks or are lycanthropes.

In Gehennom, in the Sheol branch, beware of father Dagon and mother Hydra at the final sheol level. They both are capable of +100 damage in one turn, so keep your guard up.

In Moloch's Sanctum, beware of Cthulhu. He can strike for +100 of damage, amnesia attacks and ignores Elbereth. When defeated he explodes in a stinking cloud only to reform in some turns. Once you have the amulet, get out of there as fast as possible, preferably with a cursed potion of gain level.


It is currently playable at the server, simply type ssh or use putty if on windows.

Apparently, it's not as hard to compile on *nix as Slash'EM Extended once was, so compiling at home is more feasible.

Compiling in Ubuntu variants

Here how to compile it on Ubuntu variants, and probably other UNIX systems. The final result is available above for download.

  • Install what you'll need:
   sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev bison flex checkinstall make
  • Download the source files from the server:
   git clone
  • Move in the created directory:
   cd SlashTHEM
  • In the future, you can update the source code with this command.
   git remote update
  • Run the setup script
   sh ./sys/unix/
  • A minor edit in the makefile
   gedit ./src/Makefile

Comment out line 340. This "WINTTYLIB = -ltermlib", should become this "#WINTTYLIB = -ltermlib".

uncomment line 339. This"#WINTTYLIB = -lncurses", should become this "WINTTYLIB = -lncurses". And don't forget to save.

  • Now compile and install. The command will also create a sloppy package( Warning, it will take a while!):
   make ; sudo checkinstall
  • Easy uninstall with your regular package manager.

Compiling in FreeBSD

Note: This only works if you have the GNU version of make (should be an executable called "gmake")

  • Get the code
git clone && cd SlashTHEM
  • Get the Makefiles where they need to be
sh sys/unix/ && ln -s sys/unix/GNUmakefile ./GNUmakefile
  • (Optional) Change options to suit your preference: You can:

             Change the value of PREFIX in GNUmakefile


      Change the values of WIZARD and WIZARD_NAME in include/config.h

  • build
gmake -f GNUmakefile
  • And, install!!!
gmake -f GNUmakefile install

Compiling in Mac OSX

Note: This has only been tested on OSX 10.10.0, 10.10.5, and 10.12.6

Compiling on Mac OS X is very similar to compiling on Linux, but this section is meant to clear up ambiguity which may cause problems.

  • Open ""
   Located at "/Applications/"
  • Download the source files from the server:
   git clone
  • Move in the created directory:
   cd SlashTHEM
  • In the future, you can update the source code with this command.
   git remote update
  • Run the setup script
   sh ./sys/unix/
  • A minor edit in the makefile
   vi ./src/Makefile

Type a Colon, type `340` into the prompt, then press `enter/return` to go to line 340

Comment out line 340. This "WINTTYLIB = -ltermlib", should become this "#WINTTYLIB = -ltermlib".

uncomment line 339. This"#WINTTYLIB = -lncurses", should become this "WINTTYLIB = -lncurses". And don't forget to save!

  • Now compile and install (taking a few minutes, maybe logging some warnings, but no errors if all goes well):
   make ; sudo make install

Note: `sudo make install` will prompt you for a password. As you type, the characters typed will not appear on the screen. This is a standard security precaution, just type your password normally and press "enter/return" when you finish.

You're done! If all went well, you should be able to open a new Terminal window with "Command-N", and type `slashthem` to start the game. You may receive some errors about an invalid username/game name. If this happens, edit "Makefile" (inside the slashem directory) and comment out "GAME = slashem" and uncomment "GAME = slashem.prg". Run it once like that, and then un-comment/re-comment and run again. It may require a terminal restart to be active though.

Possible bug on OS X

The most likely bug to come across is probably related to missing dependencies. Most of these can be resolved through Homebrew, a package manager for Mac OS X.

  • Getting Homebrew

Got to the Homebrew Homepage and follow the given instructions to install Homebrew.

  • Getting the dependencies

With Homebrew installed, open a new Terminal window and type

   brew install ncurses bison flex make

This attempts to install all of the SlashThem dependencies. Once this process is complete, you may go back through the installation instructions.


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