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SlashTHEM adds 9 races to the 5 from vanilla (dwarf, elf, human, gnome, orc) and another 5 from its grandparent SLASH'EM (doppelgänger, drow, hobbit, lycanthrope, vampire), namely clockwork automata, ghouls, giants, illithids, incantifiers, kobolds, nymphs, ogres and trolls, for a total of 19.

Their possible alignments are as follows: clockwork automata are always neutral, illithids, ogres, trolls and ghouls are chaotic, nymphs and kobolds can be neutral or chaotic, and giants and incantifiers can be any alignment.

Like in dNetHack, they get a skill boost:

  • Clockworks: Basic in Long Sword.
  • Doppelganger: Basic in Dagger, Skilled in Body Spells
  • Drow: Basic in Music and Saber, Skilled in Bow.
  • Dwarves: Skilled in Pickaxe, Axe and Hammer
  • Elves: Skilled in Bow and Expert
  • Ghouls: Basic in Attack Spells, Skilled in Bare Handed Combat.
  • Giants: Skilled in Two-Handed Sword
  • Gnomes: Basic in Pickaxe, Club and Crossbow
  • Hobbits: Expert in Slings
  • Illithids: Skilled in Enchantment and Divination spells, Expert in Attack and Matter spells.
  • Incantifiers: Expert in all Spellcasting
  • Kobolds: Basic in Spear, Dagger and Dart.
  • Lycanthropes: Skilled in Short Sword and Expert in Bare Handed Combat
  • Nymphs: Skilled in Music, Basic in Healing Spells
  • Ogres: Skilled in Clubs
  • Orcs: Skilled in Scimitar.
  • Trolls: Skilled in Polearms
  • Vampires: Basic in Bare-Handed Combat, Dagger and Knife.

Most skills listed will be bumped up a level if the role you're playing as also have that skill.