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) Club.png
Name club
Appearance club
Damage vs. small 1d6
Damage vs. large 1d3
To-hit bonus +0
Weapon skill club
Size one-handed
Base price 3 zm
Weight 30
Material wood

A club is a kind of weapon. Clubs are made of wood and therefore will not be rusted by rust monsters or wetting; however, most iron weapons do more damage.

Club skill

Max Role

The club and the aklys both use the club skill. There are no artifact clubs.


Clubs make up about 1.2% of randomly generated weapons (on the floor, as death drops, or in shops).

In addition, ogres,[1] ettins,[2] and Keystone Kops of all ranks[3] may be generated with a club.

Cavepeople start with a +1 club.[4]


SLASH'EM added two new items that use the club skill: the baseball bat and the torch. The first sacrifice gift for Rogues is the Bat from Hell, a chaotic baseball bat. The first sacrifice gift for Cavemen is Skullcrusher, a lawful club.


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