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Iron is the material composing a large portion of the items in the Dungeons of Doom. Iron can corrode or rust. Rubbing iron on a touchstone produces its signature "scritch, scritch." Common iron items include long swords, skeleton keys, and most amulets. Most common metal armors, such as orcish helms or ring mail, are made out of iron.

Hitting a brown or black pudding with iron splits it into two.[1] Polypiling iron objects may generate an iron golem.[2]



In UnNetHack, elves do not regenerate health while touching iron with bare skin. Weapons may be wielded without consequence if gloves are worn. Similarly, amulets do not inhibit regeneration if worn over a shirt or body armor.


In dNetHack, iron objects deal an additional d(XL) of extra damage against iron-hating monster. This includes wielded non-weapons made of iron, as well as worn iron rings when fighting unarmed without gloves.[3]

Iron-hating monsters have the MG_HATESIRON in monst.c, and are listed below: