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A drow mummy, M, is a type of monster that appears in dNetHack and notdNetHack. It is a mummified female drow that is the only mummy not to inflict curses upon death.

A drow mummy has a strong claw attack and a passive attack that traps the attacker in a web.


Drow mummies are generated with droven cloaks, and have a 110 chance of generating with a signet ring that matches their house.

Encyclopedia entry

But for an account of the manner in which the body was
bandaged, and a list of the unguents and other materials
employed in the process, and the words of power which were
spoken as each bandage was laid in its place, we must have
recourse to a very interesting papyrus which has been edited
and translated by M. Maspero under the title of Le Rituel de
l'Embaumement. ...
Everything that could be done to preserve the body was now
done, and every member of it was, by means of the words of
power which changed perishable substances into imperishable,
protected to all eternity; when the final covering of purple
or white linen had been fastened upon it, the body was ready
for the tomb.

[ Egyptian Magic, by E.A. Wallis Budge ]
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