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"Please confirm or debunk that mindless monsters with items in their inventory will (sometimes?) drop them (steal.c#line587), and that they may not equip armor (worn.c#line372)."

A mindless monster does not have a mind (syntactical!). Mindlessness is identified by the macro mindless(ptr),[1] which checks for the flag M1_MINDLESS in monst.c.

Take heed to discern between mindless monsters and brainlessness, a state attainable by unfortunate players not keeping their distance from mindflayers.


Mindless monsters cannot be detected by telepathy.[2] They are also unaffected by the brain-eating attacks of (master) mind flayers.[3][4] This protection does not extend to players polymorphed into normally mindless forms - "no such thing as mindless players".

Further, mindless monsters are incapable of using items; that is, scrolls, wands, potions and horns.[5][6]

List of mindless monsters