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Death resistance is a property in SLASH'EM and SlashTHEM that protects against most magical sources of instant death. This property does not exist in vanilla NetHack, where protection against death magic is typically granted through magic resistance.


Death resistance nullifies the instant death effect of the touch of death monster spell and rays from a wand of death and the finger of death spell - being hit with the spell or rays will still inflict damage. This resistance is governed by the MR_DEATH flag in monflag.h.

This property can be found on various monsters in the dungeon, including some of the more powerful ones; while you cannot obtain this specific property as an intrinsic from a corpse or through any external source, you can do so by polymorphing into a monster that has the property.

Death-resistant monsters

The following monsters possess death resistance in each variant, and are listed in rough order of their appearance in monst.c:



In addition to the monsters listed above, the following monsters introduced in SlashTHEM have death resistance: