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A wood golem, ', is a type of golem that appears in NetHack. Wood golems take an extra d4 of damage when attacked with an axe or battle-axe, and can also be damaged by rot- or burn-inducing attacks.

A player polymorphed into a wood golem that is rotted away by an attack (i.e., from a brown pudding) will die and revert to their base form, even if wearing an amulet of unchanging. A wood golem that is subjected to stoning will instead become a stone golem.


Wood golems are always generated with 50 hit points and do not leave a corpse, instead dropping a pile of 2-8 quarterstaves upon death.[1][2] [3]


Despite a decently strong melee attack for the point at which they can generate, wood golems are quite slow and unlikely to be a threat to most players who encounter them.


Wood golems first appear in NetHack 3.0.0.


In variants with object materials systems, wooden items may be included alongside the usual death drops.


In SLASH'EM, wood golems are generated with 100 HP, and hit as a +1 weapon.[4][5]

Encyclopedia Entry

Come, old broomstick, you are needed,
Take these rags and wrap them round you!
Long my orders you have heeded,
By my wishes now I've bound you.
Have two legs and stand,
And a head for you.
Run, and in your hand
Hold a bucket too.
See him, toward the shore he's racing
There, he's at the stream already,
Back like lightning he is chasing,
Pouring water fast and steady.
Once again he hastens!
How the water spills,
How the water basins
Brimming full he fills!

[ The Sorcerer's Apprentice, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,
 translation by Edwin Zeydel ]